Question: What kind of guy washes windows when it’s 30F outside and snowing???

Answer: A husband whose wife is currently not working and needs a hobby.


The two photos were taken on Monday, November 11th. Check out the gargantuan snow-covered leaf pile in the foreground of the second photo and ALL of those leaves STILL clinging to the oak trees in the background! Sheesh! What kind of short-sighted ignoramus would consent to buying a heart-attack trap like that?


26 thoughts on “Question: What kind of guy washes windows when it’s 30F outside and snowing???

  1. 🙂 That’s funny, looks cold too! I was just shoveling a bit of snow this morning. We are getting a small winter storm here in CO today. It has been in the 60s and real nice. Today it is 28 degrees. Man, you guys have a big driveway! Hope you have a snowblower. 🙂 Mine is broke, so I’m back to shoveling old school style. Stay warm, God bless!

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    1. Hey Ryan! We’ve been around 40F in Western NY since Monday. I was able to drag four more tarps of leaves to the curb yesterday. All the leaves should be down in another ten days or so. Yeah, I bought a next-to-new Ariens snowblower 15 years ago for only $300 when we first moved in and it’s served me well. New ones are so expensive. Pretty much all of my neighbors have a plow service. Thanks and God bless you, too!

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    1. Thanks! We had a week of 40+ weather so all of that snow is now gone. Myself, I could have easily put up with slightly dirty windows until May. No rain this weekend so I get to work on leaves some more. Hope you have a nice weekend!

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    1. Too much work for an old guy! My wife really loves the snow and all of the seasonal trappings. I can live with it. A percentage of Rochester retirees head south for the winter or permanently.

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      1. Did I say R&R? Well, I worked on the leaves, did my 20-minute workout that I should have done Friday, went through the bills, did the wash, and researched/wrote a difficult post in response to a Catholic apologist. Phew! Finally, it’s couch time! Have a good week!

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      2. Thanks, Crissy! Yes, I’m finally having some nice R&R on the couch after a filling dinner. I have just started submitting job applications after six weeks of dizzying “career transition” training. How are you doing with your health challenges?


      3. Great ! The right job is waiting for you Tom.
        My death sentence? 😃 I am on injections that have horrendous side effects …(so far I haven’t had any that I am aware of) plus I began an exercise program to increase bone density . 🙏🙏
        We are immortal until the Lord calls us home.

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