Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 11/16/19

I somehow missed the brouhaha several weeks ago over John MacArthur (photo left) advising errant teacher, Beth Moore (photo right), to “Go home.” Lauren and Becca at Tulips & Honey brought me up to speed regarding the controversy (see here). Hipster, seeker-friendly, mega-church evangelicalism is so open to the false teaching propagated by Moore and the other TBNers. Among her other aberrant teachings, Beth Moore embraces Roman Catholicism with its false gospel as a Christian entity.

Rapper Kanye West’s conversion (genuine or not) has been joyously reported on by Christian media sources and bloggers. However, tomorrow Kanye will be appearing with Joel Osteen on the platform of Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. That’s disturbing news. Millions of Kanye’s fans who are curious about the rapper’s conversion, whether genuine or not, will be deceived into thinking that Osteen’s “Live Your Best Life Now” prosperity false gospel is Christianity.

Several weeks ago, Italian journalist, Eugenio Scalfari, reported that, in private conversation, his friend, pope Francis, denied Jesus Christ’s divinity. Now, Scalfari states that Francis also denied Christ’s physical resurrection. If you know anything about liberal Jesuitism, none of this is surprising.

Catholics believe…er, well, they’re suppose to believe…that their priests actually transform bread wafers into Jesus Christ (i.e. transubstantiation). Surplus Jesus wafers are then locked up in a tabernacle near the altar to be worshiped until they’re distributed to shut-ins, etc. Catholics are sorely grieved when Jesus wafers are “desecrated” as happened at this Texas church where thieves stole the tabernacle. Catholics worship the temporal/physical but are blind to the spiritual truth of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

Conservative and traditionalist Catholics continue to fume over pope Francis’ accommodation of Pachamama fertility goddess idols at the recent Amazon synod at the Vatican. But what was their reaction when their beloved “saint” pope John Paul II kissed a Quran (photo below) at an inter-religious meeting in 1999?


It’s quite ironic that the bishop sent by the Vatican to investigate Buffalo’s bishop, Richard Malone, for abuse cover-up, has now himself been accused of sexually abusing a former altar boy! The abuse problem is deep in the bone marrow of Catholicism’s mandatory clerical celibacy.

In the interview with arch-conservative cardinal, James Burke, and in his follow-up commentary, Catholic journalist, Ross Douthat, wrings his hands over the impossible Catch-22 dilemma for conservative Catholics: What to do when the current alleged “Vicar of Christ” is a doctrine-bending heretic?

26 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 11/16/19

    1. 👋🏼 Our oldest son and his crew are coming over for dinner tonight as we’re celebrating our youngest granddaughter’s eighth birthday. My wife is like a whirling dervish when she prepares for a party so I try to stay out of her way. But I did make a batch of my clam dip! 8K steps so far. What does your day look like in sunny LA?

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      1. Wow 8th birthday! That’s the age of my oldest! I’m going to be doing translations and hitting the commentaries for most of the day with sermon prep, and trying to squeeze in steps when I read the commentaries. I’m pretty low steps at 1300 for now…

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  1. Re: JP II and the Quran.

    LOL I first found out about this when I read a rant from the Trad apologist, Robert Sungenis, about JP II being made a saint. Since then I’ve used this very picture, as well as Lumen Gentium, when discoursing with Romanists. It shuts most of them up.

    Which is why I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, the best apologists against Romanism are the Trads and liberals like Francis!

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    1. Thanks, SB! Yeah, the feud between Francis and his progressive allies and the conservatives and traditionalists is fascinating and a refutation of the traditional view of the papacy.

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  2. 1.) “Beth Moore embraces Roman Catholicism with its false gospel as a Christian entity.”
    Didn’t know that about Moore. But I’m not surprised to learn it either!

    2.) I pray for Kanye. I hope he is saved and grow to be solid.

    3.) We have a very pagan and even non-Catholic Catholic pope presently….

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      Beth Moore – yes, she has said on her platform that all “Christians,” including Catholics, need to stop their bickering and unite.

      Kanye – I prayed for him also.

      Pope Francis – In their “missionary” efforts, even way back 400 years ago with Francis Xavier (I’ll never forget Stephen Nichols’ endorsement), the Jesuits would purposely adapt/absorb some of the elements of the indigenous people’s native religion in order to make Catholicism more palatable.

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    1. Thanks, sister! Yes, Kanye’s appearance at Osteen’s church is a sad development. I’ve read that Kanye has been discipled by a pastor (Adam Tyson) who had graduated from The Master’s Seminary, so I was hopeful that he would have better discernment than this.

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