Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 10/26/19

I somehow missed this news report from back in July about how LGBT radicals vandalized the Reformation Wall monument in Geneva, Switzerland with the requisite colors of the LGBT rainbow. LGBT activists will not rest until Gospel Christians deny/ignore the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality. As a side note, the men who are memorialized by the monument – John Calvin, William Farel, Theodore Bèze, and John Knox – would have strongly objected to being glorified in such a fashion.

Liberal Catholic prelates are using the current three-week-long Amazon synod at the Vatican to push their progressive reforms. The synod has featured some “interfaith” events promoting the syncretism of Catholicism and indigenous Amazon paganism that included pope Francis blessing statues of naked “Pachamama” Amazon fertility goddesses (see photo below). Some conservative Catholics, offended by the accommodations to the pagan idols, absconded with them and then unceremoniously dumped them into the Tiber River. Hmm, the Vatican is already home to thousands of idolatrous and blasphemous statues and paintings including many naked characters. What’s a few more? Can anyone imagine Jesus Christ or even the apostle Paul “blessing” pagan idols?

Pope Francis “blessing” Pachamama fertility goddess idol

The U.S. Catholic bishops were counting on Hispanic Catholics to pick up the slack as non-Hispanic Catholics increasingly abandoned the church, but newly-released statistics show that Hispanics are also stepping off the legalistic religious treadmill.

The Vatican’s finances are once again under scrutiny. Expect this latest financial scandal to mushroom.

As pope Francis and his progressive allies pragmatically institute their liberal reforms in an effort to make the Catholic church more “relevant,” they bend Catholic doctrine to suit their agenda. Catholic conservatives, heretofore passionate defenders of the papacy, are caught in a dilemma from which they cannot extricate themselves.

Besides many other important doctrinal differences, Gospel Christians and Roman Catholics are irreconcilably opposed in regards to the doctrine of justification. Catholics claim souls are justified by sacramental grace and subjective sanctification, i.e., actually becoming intrinsically “good enough” to merit Heaven. Gospel Christians proclaim the Biblical teaching that souls are justified only by the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ, imputed to them at the moment they accept Christ as their Savior by faith alone. Despite the accommodations and compromises of modernist mainline “Protestant” denominations, the Reformation continues. Unfortunately, Christians who attend “seeker-friendly” McMega churches hear very little (or nothing at all) about the Reformation or comparative theology.

Secular society is elevating ludicrousness to new extremes.

33 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 10/26/19

  1. “Secular society is elevating ludicrousness to new extremes.”

    Ain’t it the truth?! And what’s happening in the RCC makes this a very weird, but interesting, time to be alive. Thanks again for all your effort in helping alert us to what’s going on.

    I am so grateful God rescued me out of the Catholic Church so that I can know when he returns to claim his own, I will be among them. And not among those who will be judged for their failure to see.

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    1. Caroline, thank you for your encouragement in the Lord! Yes, the current ideological tug-of-war within the RCC hierarchy and also the cavalcade of scandals makes this a very “interesting” time. The RCC that I grew up with was a sanitized Hallmark fantasy.

      Yes, praise God that He delivered us from the impossibility of religious works-righteousness.

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    2. Amen, Caroline!
      ( I have to tell you when I saw your name it reminded me of the song: “Sweet Caroline “! We have a set of identical twins that were born with Down syndrome (❤️❤️) One of the boys busts out in song when he hears it 😂)

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  2. Lots of good “food” here!! Thank you, Tom, for following the leading of God’s Holy Spirit to take the time it takes to post this each weekend!

    As far as allowing married men to be ordained as priests it will never solve the problem of pedophiles ( that problem is rampant everywhere!) and most importantly it will never Christianize the practice of Roman Catholicism.

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    1. Thanks, Beth! I completely agree with you that allowing priests to marry won’t eliminate pedophilia, although mandatory celibacy did attract and foster a disproportionate number of sexual deviants in the RC priesthood. But, yes, the most important issue is that the RCC does not teach the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

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      1. “although mandatory celibacy did attract and foster a disproportionate number of sexual deviants in the RC priesthood. “
        VERY TRUE!!!

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    1. Thanks, sister! Between the scandal tsunami and pope Francis’ doctrine-bending reforms, the last three years have been calamitous for the RCC, but ecumenism still rolls along. In fact, Francis’ assault on doctrine benefits ecumenism.

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  3. Wow Tom. So much happening in the works scene these days . The pope is always up to something . And next year is going to be quite remarkable. Thank you for your faithfulness sharing these links .
    May Our Lord continue to bless your work with wisdom and revelation.

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    1. Thanks so much, Crissy! Yes, we are witnessing many extraordinary developments within the RCC. Francis’s “reforms” are furthering the efforts towards a one-world religion. May the Lord bless you and encourage you in your service to Him! How is your health? Are you still dealing with complications from your wrist?


      1. It’s exciting to see how things are developing .And thank you for keeping us updated and then in turn we can share the information with others .
        Thank you for asking about my health . My wrist is getting better slowly. Doctor is now concentrating on my bones . 😄. I begin second part of the treatment today .
        Hope your job hunting is going well.
        I am beginning to see that getting older takes a lot of courage and faith .🙏

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      2. Crissy, I pray the treatments help strengthen your bones! Thanks for the job hunting wishes! I’ve actually been receiving training on how to navigate the virtual job market. Boy, did I need help! Things have changed so much with the internet. I didn’t have a clue because I worked at one company for 43 years. Yes, as we get older we face more and more challenges. There are times I get a bit discouraged but this is when our faith in the Lord gets deeper and sweeter! 🙏🏻

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      3. Haha I can relate ! I worked for the same company for 35 years . It can be a strange world out there when applying for a job, even just doing a resume. My instructor tells me I have to sell myself in paper as well as during the interview . I am not very good at it . Love your last and true statement . 🙏
        Thank you for your prayers .

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