Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 9/14/19

Due to the mounting lawsuits filed by former victims of priest sexual abuse, the Catholic diocese of Rochester, N.Y. (where I live) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this past Thursday. Fifty-nine claims have been filed in Rochester in the last month under the state’s 2019 Child Victim Act and another 100-200 are expected before the legal window closes in August 2020. The Rochester diocese is using bankruptcy protection to shield its financial assets from survivors of priest abuse. To date, nineteen other U.S. Catholic dioceses have filed for bankruptcy protection because of priest sexual abuse. Expect many more to follow. Roman Catholicism is absolutely corrupt on multiple levels including its apostate false gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit.

As members fall away elsewhere, the Catholic church is growing in Africa. As this article explains, unwitting new African converts are attracted to the church’s social welfare programs.

On his plane trip to Africa two weeks ago, pope Francis stated that he felt “honored” to be “attacked” by conservative American Catholics. On his return trip to the Vatican this past week, the pope remarked that while he doesn’t desire that church conservatives break away into schism, he’s not fearful of that increasingly possible development. Wow! We live in extraordinary times with the progressive pope addressing the growing rebellion against him, including the possibility of schism.

This past week, conservative Catholics reacted to pope Francis’ remark that he felt “honored” to be “attacked” by them. Next weekend, we’ll see how they react to Francis’ broaching the subject of the potential schism of conservative Catholics.

What must it take for pope Francis to fire the Catholic bishop of nearby Buffalo who was outed eleven-months ago on national television as a serial abuse-enabler? Francis talks about reform, but the foxes in the henhouse still watch out for their fellow foxes.

There have been statues and paintings of Mary allegedly weeping for centuries. This one occurred in a Greek Orthodox church. These phenomena are either outright frauds, the result of natural causes, or manifestations of demonic activity. Thanks to our sister at “I Once Was Lost” for the heads up!

This article from a Catholic media source discourages the use of crystals, but the church’s sacramentals (medals, statues, holy water, and other jujus) and Catholic mysticism predispose the membership to dabble in New Age practices.

Man-buns and girly spandex skinny jeans on men are de rigueur at hipster mega-churches. Well, okay, man-buns are yesterday’s news and have been replaced by one-hundred-dollar swag haircut$.

28 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 9/14/19

    1. LOL! Well, Wally, maybe if you cut back on your trips to the comic shop you could afford a trendy doo. 🙂 I feel sorry for you poor guys who are still nuisanced by hair on top. I go to the barber every 6 weeks and get a #4 clipper cut all around. I don’t even have to touch a hair brush for the next three weeks.

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  1. “Can Catholics use or wear crystals for healing?”
    Exactly what you said about their sacraments, medals and statues…!! It’s ok if they do it because they “see” it different!
    GREAT ROUNDUP! Praise the Good Lord!!

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, it’s big news here in Rochester, all over the media. I’m swamped today with yard work and some inside jobs and looking forward to getting to your morning post and WordPress in general later. Have a great day!

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      1. In one of the news stories, the Rochester reporter talked to a reporter in a city where the diocese had previously declared bankruptcy. The victims were all paid, but at a severely discounted rate.


  2. 1.) “On conservative American Catholic critics, pope Francis says he doesn’t want a schism but he’s not afraid of it”
    Response: They are reaping what they are sowing.

    2.) “Francis talks about reform, but the foxes in the henhouse still watch out for their fellow foxes.”
    Response: Good analogy.

    3.) “Can Catholics use or wear crystals for healing?”
    Response: Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black…

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      1 – The pragmatic Francis was walking a tightrope: bending doctrine trying to make the RCC more inviting and “inclusive” while at the same time trying not to alienate the doctrinaire conservatives to the point that they threaten schism.

      2 – Thanks! My other favorite analogy for the Catholic hierarchy policing their own is “the inmates are running the asylum.”

      3 – Yeah, it’s a thin line between Catholic superstition/mysticism and New Age superstition/mysticism.

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