A Loving Warning to All Catholics


In this short, 7+ minute video, evangelist Ray Comfort reaches out to a Roman Catholic college student with the Gospel of grace. Every Roman Catholic would benefit by watching this video. In addition, every evangelical who mistakenly believes the Roman Catholic church preaches the Gospel would also benefit by watching.

I posted another video of Ray witnessing to a Roman Catholic back on July 2nd. Watch it here.

53 thoughts on “A Loving Warning to All Catholics

  1. Who is better exposing false catholic doctrine then a former catholic.
    I have never been catholic but I am learning from your articles.
    Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thanks, sister! Yes, Ray reaches out to Catholics and all the unsaved with both grace and the truth. This young Catholic woman is typical of just about everyone in her religion with her view that she’s a good person and will (probably) merit Heaven.

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      1. Right, her immediate response to Rays question about what God did for salvation was confession. Just heartbreaking to hear. She had never even heard the wages of sin is death. My hubby had that tattooed on his arm when he was a teenager. Not sure how he got away with that! But it was a verse we heard a lot in the WoF movement.

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      2. RE: She had never even heard the wages of sin is death.

        My ears also perked up when I heard her say she hadn’t heard Romans 6:23. I went through 12 years of Catholic schooling and, like my classmates, I would have been hard pressed to name more than a handful of Bible books let alone be familiar with any Bible verses. Of course, the Romans Road, so familiar to so many Gospel Christians, is rejected by the Roman church that teaches souls are “wounded” and can be rehabilitated rather than the Bible teaching that souls are totally depraved.

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      1. Thank you again so much; it was quite jarring enough one of the other brothers in church stayed over at our house armed. We both served in the marines together and he helped descalate things with the other person.

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      2. I’m very glad that particular brother came to help in that situation. I pray the Lord deals with the person and the circumstances so that he is not a threat any longer.

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      3. That’s very understandable. Thankfully, we have the Lord to lean on when we need a break and some peace to clear our heads. I pray you get the peace you need.

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  2. Romans 5:1
    “Therefore since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

    Does one have peace through Romanism? 😦

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    1. Good point, SB! While Catholics claim that they do have spiritual peace, eternal damnation is as close as the next “mortal” sin. Obviously, the whole big sin/little sin distinction is ridiculous. And most Catholics think anything less than murder is a venial sin.


      1. Anything less than murder is venial? Really?
        This doesn’t agree:

        “If one has not gone to confession first,  one must  NOT receive Holy Communion if HE OR SHE IS GUILTY of having committed  the following  MORTAL sins, KNOWING that they are GRAVE and in spite of that, FREELY CHOSE to do it:

        1. Having MISSED a SUNDAY or HOLY DAY MASS WITHOUT a valid reason (i. e., out of laziness, giving priority to sports, shopping, parties etc.)

        2. Having SEX OUTSIDE of marriage, with ONE’S SELF (masturbation) or with SOMEONE else (either opposite or same sex); having voluntarily indulged in pornography.

        3. COHABITING with someone WITHOUT BEING MARRIED IN THE CHURCH and LIVING as if they were spouses (either with opposite or same sex)

        4. Having DESECRATED the Holy Eucharist or committed the sin of SACRILEGE (by receiving Holy Communion without being in the state of grace, i.e., free of any mortal sins)

        5. Having used CONTRACEPTIVES (pills, condoms, IUD’s, patches)

        6. Having committed ABORTION, encouraged someone to abort, or participated in the abortion

        7. Having committed MURDER or participated in the destruction of lives, including embryos and mercy-killing or euthanasia. Having committed acts of violence, physical, verbal, psychological abuse against other persons and their integrity.

        8. Having committed GRAVE INJUSTICE towards one’s subordinates or co-employees etc. or in the exercise of one’s profession (for example, unjust wages, retainment of wages, unjust accusation, false testimony, defamation, calumnies, unjust firing of employees, kickbacks, corruption) 

        9. Refusing to ACKNOWLEDGE or PAY ONE’S DEBTS  when one is already capable of doing so.

        10. Having STOLEN VALUABLE GOODS OR MONEY from someone.

        11. HARBORING HATRED OR deep-seated ANGER towards someone.


        And the list goes on… 
        CLICK HERE.

        If we have committed any mortal sin, let us go first and receive God’s mercy and pardon in the Sacrament of Confession before receiving Him in Holy Communion; by not doing so, and proceeding to Communion in the state of mortal sin, one would commit another sin, which is the sin of sacrilege.”

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      2. SB, you misunderstand me. I obviously was not clear enough. In my comment, I wasn’t referring to official Catholic doctrine. I was referring to the “average” Catholic’s attitude toward their spiritual state. When told the Bible says that we are all sinners and we all deserve damnation, most Catholics on the street will defensively respond, as this woman did, that they didn’t kill anybody and/or they didn’t cheat on their spouse, etc. So, in their minds, they have NOT committed “big” sins worthy of damnation. Seventy-five percent of Catholics choose not to attend obligatory mass every Sunday although they have been told that missing mass is a mortal sin. Again, they do not view skipping mass as on the same level as murder or adultery.


      3. I recall when I was reading the New Testament while still a Catholic, I came upon Matthew 5:21-30 about thoughts – anger and lust – being as sinful as actions, and I thought to myself, “Well, I’m really sunk.” I cleaned that comment up a bit for our purposes but you get the idea. That’s right. No true peace in Romanism. The RCC even teaches that if one assumes they are going to Heaven, they commit the sin of presumption, so a Catholic is ALWAYS on pins and needles.


  3. Thank you for this Ray Comfort clip. Just today I sat with a precious friend whose faith was damaged by evolutionary study in college.
    After watching Christian scientists blow away these theories, we watched Ray Comfort on the UCLA campus, lovingly challenge science professors and students on evolution. Brother Ray confounded their logic and impressed my dear friend as the so called authorities were stumped.
    He has a unique ministry, may the Lord launch him forward in these end times.
    Press on brother Tom!

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    1. Thank you, Crissy! This is such a powerful 7-minute video. It speaks volumes. This spiritually lost young woman and her lack of any Biblical understanding represents millions upon millions of Roman Catholics.

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  4. I watched the video and I am Catholic, but everything I heard seemed universally Christian to me. The video seems fine for Catholic or Protestant teaching to me. I would give the speaker credit for allowing her to do some soul searching.

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    1. Thanks. Catholics and Gospel Christians use the same terminology but the words and phrases mean very different things to those within those groups. When Catholics mention “grace” and “faith” they are generally referring to sacramental grace and faith that the Catholic sacramental system will help them merit eternal life. Catholic apologists unabashedly confirm that Catholics must merit their salvation via good works and obedience to the Ten Commandments and church rules. Gospel Christians believe in the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. The two views are irreconcilable. Please see the article below for further clarification:


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