Five Legionnaires must decide how to spend their final twelve hours

It’s time to once again climb aboard our fictional time machine and travel to the 30th-Century for another adventure from DC Comics’ Silver Age with the Legion of Super-Heroes in…

“Twelve Hours to Live!”
Adventure Comics #378, March, 1969
Writer and layouts: Jim Shooter, Penciller: Win Mortimer, Inker: Jack Abel, Cover: Neal Adams

5 Stars


A small contingent of Legionnaires – Brainiac 5, Duo Damsel, Karate Kid, Princess Projectra, and Superboy – are gathered at Legion Headquarters in Metropolis for a celebration; Brainiac 5’s birthday. As the quartet shares a toast to Brainac 5, he notices a strange powder coating the lining of his cup. He rushes to the lab and determines that he and his teammates have all been poisoned with a lethal substance for which there is no antidote and have only twelve hours to live (Superboy’s cup was specially treated with a Kryptonite-based poison, the only substance lethal to the Boy of Steel). Brainiac 5 suggests each person use their remaining time as they see fit and that they all reassemble in twelve hours to “face death together.”

Each Legionnaire chooses to spend their remaining hours differently. Braniac 5 returns back to the lab, racking his twelfth-level intellect for an antidote. Superboy returns to 20th century Smallville and his adoptive parents, the Kents, but grief overcomes him and he departs back to the 30th century to perform heroic good deeds as his final legacy. Duo Damsel spends her last hours with her parents, although without burdening them with her impending doom. Karate Kid opts to die battling crime and seeks out the most powerful team of villains in the Universe, the Fatal Five. With “nothing to lose,” the Kid is a formidable opponent, but the Five – Tharok, Mano, the Persuader, the Emerald Empress, and Validus – manage to escape. As for Princess Projectra, she sits alone on a park bench, overcome by grief, but a stranger intervenes who counsels her to “accept the inevitable without brooding about it.” Huh? Easy for him to say.

With time quickly running out, the Legionnaires glumly reassemble at their headquarters and Brainiac 5 sadly informs his teammates that he was unable to find an antidote in the interim. Superboy then writes the quintets’ collective legal will on a huge steel tablet using his “super-hard fingernail.” After Duo Damsel, Karate Kid, Princess Projectra sign the will with a “laser stylus,” they, along with Superboy, weaken and collapse. As Brainiac 5 also begins to feel the poison’s effects, it occurs to him that the mysterious Miracle Machine (featured in Adventure Comics #367, see here) could possibly save the dying quintet. Braniac 5 struggles to make his way to the storage room, but can’t crack the impenetrable “inertron” casing that seals the device. As life slowly ebbs from the collapsed Legionnaires, a shadowy figure enters the headquarters. However, just as the mysterious villain celebrates his victory over the dying heroes, time suddenly stops and all remain motionless.

Is this the end for Brainiac 5, Duo Damsel, Karate Kid, Princess Projectra, and Superboy? Who is the mysterious criminal who poisoned them and what force has stopped time for the dying Legionnaires and their executioner and why? We’ll have the answers to those questions in two weeks when we review the ominously titled, “Burial in Space,” in Adventure Comics #379.


It’s strange that writer, Jim Shooter, chose to use the very same small contingent of Legionnaires that were featured in the preceding issue, Adventure Comics #377. It’s also interesting how Shooter portrays the different ways the fivesome individually attempt to cope with their impending deaths, especially Princess Projectra and the godless advice she received from the “park bench philosopher.” I’ll have more to say about that topic in next issue’s commentary. For the purposes of this review, I only devoted a few words to Karate Kid’s reckless suicide mission, single handedly battling the Fatal Five, but the minor plot line actually consumed eight full-pages of this issue. Superboy using his last ounce of strength to engrave the Legionnaires’ last will and testament on a mammoth steel tablet is a glaring example of over-the-top Silver Age melodramatics.

Dumb question: Am I missing something? Since Superboy and the other Legionnaires are able to time travel, why didn’t Superboy just go back a few minutes in time immediately after the poisoning and destroy the lethal beverage?

Count it down, my friends! Only two more Silver Age Legion tales left to review! and only 33 more days until DC reintroduces the Legion after a six-year hiatus with “Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1,” due in comic shops Wednesday, Sept. 18.

27 thoughts on “Five Legionnaires must decide how to spend their final twelve hours

    1. Thanks, sister! I’ve had some fun with these stories from 50 years ago. As I conclude this long series, I’ll be summing up with some thoughts on how people of all generations are attracted to stories of good vs. evil, the appeal of heroes who vanquish the bad guys, and the notion of how justice will prevail in the end. I think I can make a few spiritual connections out of those themes! 🙂

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    1. Be careful on that roof! That’s dangerous work. I’m working from home today so the steps are suffering, only 3000 so far. I served up that comic review because I figured you needed a break! 🙂

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      1. Yeah gotta becareful. Last year I fell from a ladder cutting a tree the height of our roof…when I was younger in the Marines I felt I was agile enough to always fall on my feet but not anymore

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  1. Wow this cover was done by Neal Adams! He did a lot of Batman artwork back in the day…
    This issue is a cliff hanger! Waiting for the next issue to see what happened.
    Also your dumb question is quite a good point: Why didn’t they go back in time and reversed things??? If not even go after the criminal???

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    1. Adams took over cover responsibilities for Adventure/Legion from Curt Swan about a year previous in Adventure #365. I’m a big fan of Swan but Adam’s art is a bit more fluid and expressive. Yeah, this first installment has a great cliffhanger ending.

      RE: dumb question

      Thanks. Yeah, I wonder how many other readers asked themselves the same question when this comic was first published back in 1969? Superboy traveled back in time 1000 years to say goodbye to Smallville, but he couldn’t go back one hour to nab the assassin and prevent the poisonings? Methinks Legion and Superman writers purposely ignored this obvious time travel option because every story would have ended up with the same resolution!

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      1. That’s a good day! Plus you were working on the roof. I started working on pulling out some old and overgrown bushes in front of the house at my wife’s request. That’s a tough job. A lot of deep gnarly roots. I’m going to have to bring out the big guns tomorrow; my electric chain saw.

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      2. You just can’t beat a chain saw when you have to cut thick tree branches or some roots in my case. Turns an all-day job of exhausting hand sawing and swinging a hatchet (argh!) into 30 minutes.

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      3. You’re welcome! Like that pilot in the book you reviewed, my Dad didn’t boast about his service and would have declined having his photo on the cover of that book if it were up to him.

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      4. What a generation that was…by the way you have a busy morning! I’m about to work on the roof again before it gets too hot and then later work on sermon prep and probably a nap too becuase I’m tired with the roof! Read your blog later!

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