Reblog: AfterThought Episode 7 – Interview with Tom from ExCatholic4Christ: Part 2 — Biblical Beginnings

Last week, sister Lauren at Biblical Beginnings posted the second half of our interview regarding outreach to Roman Catholics and the dangers of ecumenism with the Roman church, which can be found via this link:

Once again, I’m very grateful to Lauren at Biblical Beginnings for graciously presenting me with the opportunity to discuss these extremely important topics. I’ve been blessed by her informative blog postings over the past couple of years and I’m excited about her new podcast ministry and the guests she’s lining up for future podcast interviews. Thank you, sister!


I’m so excited to share with you the last half of this interview, beloved brethren! Tom goes further into the differences between Christianity and Catholicism, and the unique ways in which the Roman Catholic Church teaches works righteousness. He talks about his own experience and gives invaluable advice on how to evangelize the Catholics in […]

via AfterThought Episode 7 – Interview with Tom from ExCatholic4Christ: Part 2 — Biblical Beginnings

40 thoughts on “Reblog: AfterThought Episode 7 – Interview with Tom from ExCatholic4Christ: Part 2 — Biblical Beginnings

    1. Thanks, Hope! I’m grateful for Lauren and this new podcast technology and the opportunity to get the information out. I have enough complexity with just blogging at WordPress! Southern accent? Not growing up here in the middle of Yankee country! However, the pastor of the first church we attended after we were saved was from the Cincinnati area and had a heavy Southern accent, so I love me some preachin’ from a good ol’ Southern pastor which is why I enjoy the sermons brother Wally posts every week.

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  1. Thank you, brother, wow I can’t believe we were able to get this information on podcast form. God is so good to open up these venues and platforms! We’ve got to plan another, you’ve got that deep radio voice 😂 it balances out my overly hyper and high pitch ramblings!

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    1. RE: radio voice

      You have an excellent voice for podcasting, sister, while I have an excellent voice for writing posts, and, like I told Wally, I’m a “slow talker” to boot. Oh, well, thankfully, it’s all about Jesus and not about me!

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      1. Amen, brother! I have to remember that when I edit the episodes. I’m not use to hearing myself talk and it’s easy to be critical. As long as God can use the videos for His glory my voice doesn’t matter.

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    1. Thanks, Crissy! You can access part 1 via the link below. I’m grateful to the Lord and Lauren for the opportunity to speak about outreach to Roman Catholics and the dangers of ecumenism. I thought about MANY other things to talk about after the fact, but that’s usually how it goes.

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  2. you’ve had great Revelation and great study and insight into the true word of God and are blessed to have stepped aside and be able to look back Inward and be where you are and I admire you for that .I will go into detail about how we are connected in private if you could leave some contact details in my mom’s email here it is
    Thanks tj

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    1. Thanks, TJ. All praise to Jesus Christ for freeing me from the chains of Roman Catholicism and opening my eyes to the Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ by faith alone! I have sent an email to the addy you provided but deleted the addy from your comment because of spammers.


      1. Hi. This is Darlene, TJ’s mom
        We now share HeresYourHope blog. Tim is working on a book hopefully to motivate readers to become active in calling attention to children abused by priests and how the RC church tends to defend and protect the abusers etc.How have sales of your book been? Tj looks forward to connecting with you.

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      2. Thanks for the info, Darlene! That’s a worthy project TJ has. I will make it a point to respond back to him via email. I don’t have a book in the works, but I am blessed to be able to give out information about the RCC via the blog.


      3. Appreciate your expertise. Too many young boys are abused while those supposedly in charge of protecting them choose instead to protect the guilty. Hard to believe. We are Protestant believers but Tim was trained by Boys Town to work for several years as foster parents/family teachers at a girl’s group home in Fl. Very excellent training.

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      4. It’s encouraging that training and protocols are now used in most places that work with children. When my wife and I volunteered to teach primary age children for a Sunday School class back in the 80s, we were handed a lesson plan and that was it.


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