Oh, quit crying over a silly bee sting, you BIG BABY! 🐝😥

Last week, I submitted a post about some of my wife’s physical challenges and our need to cancel our vacation trip to Germany to visit our grandson. Now, I’d like to tell you about a HUGE medical problem that I had. Er, well, it actually wasn’t such a serious problem, but it was very bothersome nonetheless.

The Friday before last, it was a toasty ninety-degrees outside here in Rochester along with some very oppressive humidity. The forecast for Saturday was the same, so I was determined to mow the lawn and get it over with prior to the weekend. I was mowing the backyard and doing pretty well in the heat, when I suddenly felt a very sharp pain in my right leg. I looked down and noticed about ten angry bees buzzing around me. I had run over the home of some ground-nesting bees with the lawnmower and they obviously weren’t very happy with me. Overcome with anger at being stung, I marched into the garage and grabbed the insect spray and soaked that bees nest like nobody’s business. Not one of my better moments.

I finished mowing the back yard as well as the front and took a shower, especially concentrating on washing the area of the bee sting. I’ve had many bee stings over the course of 63 years and after the initial pain, they always faded away after a day or two. However, last summer I was walking along the Erie Canal path with my wife and a bee stung me in the foot. Over the course of a few days, the sting area swelled up and itched like crazy and I ended up seeing my doctor for some antibiotics. And just like that occurrence, the skin area of this new sting began to redden and swell up. I woke up at 4 a.m. on Sunday morning because the sting site was itching like crazy (photo above). I couldn’t go through another night like that so I went to a nearby Urgent Care facility and asked for some antibiotics. The doctor prescribed some Prednisone instead, and by Tuesday the pain, swelling, and itching had pretty much disappeared.

So why am I now so sensitive to bee stings? Ach, I’m falling apart.  It’s quite amazing how one little sting can have such a huge impact on your days and nights. Bees are a part of the Lord’s intricate creation and they do so much good by pollinating plants and flowers. I’m also a big fan of honey on my morning cereal. The bee population has dipped quite a bit due to insecticides and I surely didn’t help their cause. The bee sting and all of the drama over a little skin puncture reminded me that we live in a fallen world in frail tents of human flesh. Even a “little” accident or illness can thoroughly upset our entire apple cart and rock our world. Thank you, Lord, for reminding me of my flimsy mortality and my dependence on You. And thanks, too, for doctors and medicine!

“The rules of the Lord are true, and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, even much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honeycomb.” Psalm 19:9-10

Postscript: What? There’s more to this whine fest? Just like something out of a bad “Twilight Zone” episode, as I was mowing the lawn this past Friday, I mowed over the same bees’ nest and was stung ONCE AGAIN, this time on the lower left leg (photo below left). I applied some over-the-counter anti-itch lotion, which was ineffective and ended up going to Urgent Care yesterday for another prescription of Prednisone. Must I now wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt when I mow? Needless to say, the underground bees’ nest took a major “hit” involving an incendiary liquid following this second incident (photo of charred remnants, below right).

IMG_0197  IMG_0198

34 thoughts on “Oh, quit crying over a silly bee sting, you BIG BABY! 🐝😥

    1. Thank you, Sally! I’m grateful for the med. facilities and the prescription. It takes a couple of days for the Prednisone to kick in so hopefully I’ll be itch-free tonight.

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    1. Thanks, Beth. Bee stings were never a big deal for me previously. This was a “little” reminder that I’m not as invincible and self-sufficient as I sometimes like to think of myself. Yup, it’s a fallen world. I could not imagine having multiple stings at the same time with this kind of reaction. These single stings spaced a week apart definitely rocked my world.

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  1. I did not know that bees nested in the ground! Wow. The hubby and daughter are extremely allergic, they’d have to be taken to the hospital as well. I’m so sorry, brother! It looks miserable. But I greatly appreciated the connection you made with your experience.

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    1. Thanks, sister! Yes, we have several visible holes in the lawn from those burrowing bees. I’m sorry your husband and daughter are allergic. I know many people have to carry EpiPens with them whenever they go outside. I seem to be increasing in sensitivity.

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    1. I don’t want to go through that again, Bonnie. I’m going to have to wear full-length clothing whenever I mow, which I’m not looking forward to in 90 degree weather.

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    1. Thanks, Jimmy! The Lord gives grace and keeps our marriage working despite our very different personalities. Did I ever tell you we did divorce? Yup, we divorced in 2001, got back together in 2002 and remarried in 2003. One of the strangest chapters in my life. That was during my long prodigal son “season.” It would take about a 3000-word post to outline that whole divorce episode and I wouldn’t want to put out all of the painful details. Anyway, all the glory goes to God! We remarried on our original anniversary date.

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  2. Oh no Tom! I hate insects. A bee stung me in the face once but the worst ever was the wasp. After biting me it kept charging at me like a bull… I shudder at the thought,
    Hope you get better soon.

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  3. Tom, I could write an entire blog series on my interactions with stinging insects LOL. In 10 years of doing satellite TV for a living, I had many, many encounters. I feel your pain, or have felt it, literally! In fact, here you go. This is me after a hornet flew up and stung me inside my nose one day at work:

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    1. Wally, thanks for the support! I’m definitely becoming more sensitive to bee stings as I age. Four days later, it’s still bothering me big time. Thanks for that photo! Wow! You look like you were KO’d by Muhammad Ali. Yeah, I can imagine you encountered bees and wasps quite a bit on the old job. I’m going to have to be much more careful going forward.

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      1. I cried like a baby, Tom. Laid my head in my truck seat and poured water on it. I actually had no idea I was swollen up so until I went in the customer’s house and she practically screamed LOL. So, I feel your pain.

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