Catholic friend, this short video could be the most important 7:30 minutes of your entire life


Dear Roman Catholic: In this short video, a young Catholic woman hears the Good News! Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. Please watch. It could possibly be the most important 7:30 minutes of your entire life.

Evangelical Christian: Evangelist, Ray Comfort, presents the Gospel to this young Catholic woman who is trusting in her church’s sacraments and in her ability to obey religious law for her salvation, which she honestly admits is not going very well. Please watch, and you will understand that Roman Catholics are a mission field.

31 thoughts on “Catholic friend, this short video could be the most important 7:30 minutes of your entire life

  1. Hi Tom. Thanks for sharing this. When I left the Baptist Church and became a Catholic, I started a Women’s Bible Study. One lady, Agnes, at age 63, was very proud, because she now owned a Bible, the first one she had ever owned. Even today, I am unaware of anywhere in rural Newfoundland where someone can purchase a Bible. Come to think of it, I never saw an actual Bible in a Catholic Church, ever. Looking back on it all, I am unsure why I ever entered Catholicism, except the fact that the candles, the vestments, the decorations, etc. made everything look more ‘holy.

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    1. Thanks, Sally. I can relate. Growing up in a Catholic family and attending Catholic grammar school and high school, I was never encouraged to read the Bible. I began reading the Bible on my own in my early-twenties, which I attribute to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
      There is a huge push within “evangelicalism” these days to gloss over vital doctrinal distinctives and embrace anyone as Christian who professes some kind of belief in or love of Jesus. In this short video, Ray Comfort shows how the differences in belief, especially regarding justification, are extremely important. Yes, the Catholic liturgy definitely appeals to the physical senses.

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      1. How do you keep track of your steps, brother? I have tried apps on my phone, but I don’t bring my phone everywhere I go. I have been considering one of those wrist-watch type devices, but there are so many options and their prices so high, I haven’t yet gone for one. Still getting opinions from others who own one.

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      2. Hi Steeny. I used to have something similar to a fit-bit but it was a pain because I had to change the battery and re-sync it to the laptop each timeI know there are some that can be recharged daily. I use the health app on my iPhone because I always have it with me.


    1. Yes. Sure is, Jimmy. This reminded me so much of myself back in the early 80s. kinda understanding the Gospel, but so reluctant to break ties with all that I knew.
      I pray many Roman Catholics see this video and that the Lord continues to use Ray Comfort and Living Waters.

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      1. I hope so too! Where I live is same place where Ray Comfort live too (same state I mean) and I do regularly witness to Catholics. I have to remind our younger guys to share the Gospel to Catholics and not just assume that they shake their heads in affirmation to Christian things that they are Christians; they need the true Gospel!

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      2. Yes, it can be confusing when witnessing to Catholics because they will agree with what you’re saying, but they mean something entirely different.

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      3. Thanks! I just happened to stumble across this video yesterday when I was checking the Living Waters YouTube channel for videos connected to Catholicism. This one was brand new. As we talked about awhile back, there must be tremendous pressure on Ray to stop exposing the false gospel of the RCC.

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      4. It also occurred to me that because of the work of ecumenists most evangelicals including those here at WordPress would find this video “distasteful” and “intolerant.”

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    1. Thanks for the comments, sister! I appreciate Ray’s ministry and his refusal to cave to the ecumenism that’s spreading through the church. This young woman’s reactions and responses are so typical of Roman Catholics.

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