Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 6/29/19

Cardinal Raymond Burke (photo left), was initially supportive of Steve Bannon’s (photo right) plans to rally conservative Catholics in opposition to pope Francis and his progressive brand of Catholicism until “Sloppy Steve” endorsed “In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy,” by Frédéric Martel, which specifically names Burke as a member of the Vatican’s “lavender mafia.”

Joseph Bernardin (1928-1996) was one of the American Catholic church’s most powerful prelates of the previous generation. As the Catholic clerical abuse and cover-up scandal tsunami continues, more abusive practices by prelates, past and present, will surface.

Thanks to Crissy from down under for sharing this example of pope Francis’ and the Catholic church’s ongoing efforts towards a worldwide religious confederation based upon a mutual belief in a “higher power” and merited salvation.

As previously noted, conservative Rhode Island Catholic bishop, Thomas Tobin, stuck his neck out and warned all Roman Catholics in the state not to participate in LGBT Pride Month events. Just about all of his fellow American bishops took a big step back by allowing Tobin to catch the predictable flak all by himself. Jesuit crusader, James Martin, is pressing for full church acceptance of the gay lifestyle.

The title of this article is disingenuous. ALL knowledgeable conservative Catholics ARE unsettled by Francis’ doctrine-bending “reforms,” but they’re reluctant to oppose him publicly because loyalty to the papacy is one of conservative Catholicism’s “prime directives.”

Catholics and non-Catholics who are not aware of the great reverence the Roman church accords religious relics should read these two articles. This reverence and worship of objects is sheer religious superstition. All of the relics that are purported to be from New Testament times, such as a shard from the “true cross,” a fragment from the crown of thorns, and a patch from one of Mary’s veils, are all fraudulently bogus. This particular relics “tour” is largely confined to the Midwest at this point. Check out the schedule here.

As the priest abuse and cover-up scandal tsunami continues to unfold, expect many, many more Catholic dioceses to declare bankruptcy in order to “protect” their assets from victims.

This piece from the Babylon Bee may be satire, but society is already heading down a path we couldn’t have imagined fifty years ago.

20 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 6/29/19

  1. Thanks for another informative post. I always look forward to the ending BB satire- a laugh/cry moment. For me, today’s is more cry than laugh.
    I knew about Drag Queen Story Hour but when I ‘happened’ to be in the library when it was scheduled, I was grief stricken. Seriously, I saw parents of all ethnicity and background, even wearing hijabs, bring their toddlers & preschoolers before Molech.
    Press on Tom, may the Lord continue to inspire and encourage you.

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    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Lisa Beth! Yes, society is like a runaway train picking up speed! Well, we know we should put no faith or confidence in the temporal. Thank you and may the Lord bless all of your ministries.

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    1. So true, SB. Unlike most Catholic conservatives, Voris enjoys taking public potshots at the prelates. But by exposing the hierarchy is totally corrupt, the whole works-righteousness house of cards comes tumbling down.


  2. 1.) “Cardinal Burke cuts ties with institute, citing its alignment with Steve Bannon”
    Wow seems like Burke is exposed!

    2.) “Pope seeks more freedom in theology, dialogue with Islam”

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    1. 1 – An interesting twist in the conservative vs. Francis tug-of-war with the conservatives fighting amongst themselves.

      2 – Yeah, I would like to know how ecumenists like Lane Craig and Zacharias would explain Francis’ and his modern predecessors’ recognition of Islam and other religions as legitimate pathways to God.

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      1. 1.) “An interesting twist in the conservative vs. Francis tug-of-war with the conservatives fighting amongst themselves.”
        Yep. It seems this fight is only going to get worst with the passing of time; so much for Catholic Apologist argument of the unity of Rome, eh?

        2.) Yeah it would be interesting to see these contemporary evangelical apologists explain or comment on that. DOn’t think that’s happening anytime soon…

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