Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 6/22/19

Prior to the Boston Globe’s 2002 investigation, cases of abuse by pedophile priests were treated as infrequent and dissociated anomalies, if they were covered by the press at all. The newspaper not only revealed a large number of predatory priests in the Boston archdiocese, but also exposed the systematic cover-up of the abuse by the diocesan hierarchy. Over the following sixteen years, stories of clerical abuse and cover-up were published across the entire country, but last year at this time, the flood of articles crescendoed into a tsunami, with reports that high-ranking church prelates, such as powerful cardinal, Ted McCarrick, were not only covering up the abuse, but were/had been abusers themselves. He may have been “defrocked,” but eighty-eight-year-old McCarrick is still being generously cared for by the Catholic church.

This story of Catholic bishop and sexual predator, Michael Bransfield, is an increasingly familiar tale of abuse by Catholic prelates.

As pope Francis continues to “flirt” with heresy, Catholic conservatives increasingly flirt with schism. But what is the tipping point? What line must Francis cross before conservatives will say, “No more!”? He has already craftily nullified two doctrines held to be inalterable by conservatives and traditionalists; the ban on communion for remarried divorcees and the ban on intercommunion with Protestants.

The Vatican continues to pursue the possibility of ordaining married men in regions where priests are extremely scarce. This is already a “done deal,” but Francis must go through the motions. Married priests will be yet another reason for Catholic conservatives to squawk. Catholic internecine squabbles aside, the New Testament does not teach a sacerdotal priesthood or mandatory clerical celibacy.

The Catholic dioceses of New York City and Peoria, Illinois (via Sheen’s niece) tussled in court over media pioneer, Fulton J. Sheen’s corpse for decades. As soon as the cadaver is in Peoria, the Vatican will put the wheels in motion for the once-popular Sheen’s canonization.

I’m so glad reformers in America kept chipping away at vestiges of Roman error that continued in Europe, such as the state church.

Looking back over the last seventy years, perhaps the three most significant developments in furthering ecumenism with Rome among some evangelicals were 1) Rome’s shift in its approach to Protestants at Vatican II, from militant opposition to mollification, 2) the pioneering accommodation and compromise of Billy Graham, and 3) the birth of the Catholic charismatic movement.

Popular television shows like “The Bachelorette” are “problematic” for Christian viewers because they condone/propagate a lifestyle that is opposed to God’s Word. Hannah Brown’s self-serving theology is not that far off the mark of some doctrine-lite mega-churches.

It’s quite amazing to me that many of today’s popular politicians are trying to outdo each other as far as who is the most devoted socialist.

33 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 6/22/19

  1. Re: Vatican cardinal calls on Catholic charismatic renewal to share Catholic faith, foster Christian unity

    While the anathemas from Trent are still there LOL.

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    1. I have a post coming up soon that deals directly with the Tridentine anathemas and how Catholic apologists are able to circumvent their impact via a “technicality.”

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      1. Ah yes, us Protestants have no infallible interpreter so we have no certainty, as the accusation goes.

        So the infallible Roman magisterium has to also be interpreted by apologists, I’m assuming you mean people like David Anders and Scott Hahn? The Romanists thus have an interpretation of an interpretation (of an interpretation?), and these “apologists” engage in private interpretation like a Protestant LOL.

        Why is the magisterium unable to offer a defense of their faith, and have to outsource the job to a bunch of laymen? What official authority to these “apologists” have anyway? At least Hans Kung, even though he is treated as a pariah, was an official licensed theologian.

        Seriously, people will call me uncharitable, but I’ve long came to the conclusion that Romanism is really like a cult.

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      2. It’s actually a tricky bit of sophistry they use to navigate over the Tridentine anathemas. I was impressed with the level of double-speak casuistry.


      3. Re:It’s actually a tricky bit of sophistry they use to navigate

        That will be interesting to see.

        Is this the official position of the Roman church though? I always like to remind Romanists that if they cannot produce official documentation backing up their claims, then they are doing nothing but engaging in private interpretation.

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      4. As far as I know Rome has never officially addressed the irreconcilable Tridentine anathemas and the conciliatory approach of Unitatis redintegratio at Vatican II. But my future post will examine the half-truth sophistry that Catholic apologists present.


    1. These competing “reality” shows and their networks feel they must constantly “push it to the next level” in order to stand out and attract an audience. Fifty years ago, as a young teen it was a huge thrill for me to stay up late on a Friday night and watch an old Sophia Loren movie in black and white.


  2. 1.) ” high-ranking church prelates, such as powerful cardinal, Ted McCarrick, were not only covering up the abuse, but were/had been abusers themselves. ”
    Response: What a wicked thing ROmanism does, putting the fox in charge of the hen nest…

    2.) “Catholic layperson asks, “Why should I continue to support the Catholic Church?””
    Answer: They shoudn’t!

    3.) I looked up the article under “Investigation into Catholic bishop finds sexual harassment, gross misuse of funds” and man….a Bishop with ” $4.6 million in home renovations, $350,000 in gifts to clergy?” ANd we’re suppose to allegedly trust them for guidance as the Magistrium?

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      1) We can imagine how it was in Catholic countries for centuries where celibate prelates like McCarrick had ABSOLUTE power.

      2) After this latest scandal tsunami, a person would have to be a really dupable personality to continue supporting this system.

      3) Of course I sympathize for their victims, but I’m glad the truth about these bishops is now coming out.

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      1. Re:2) After this latest scandal tsunami, a person would have to be a really dupable personality to continue supporting this system.

        They definitely exist!

        Maybe you should do a blog post on these Romanist Street Evangelists.

        I chuckled when I read the post below and saw that they were engaging in sophistry with Muslims. LOL

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      2. Thanks for the link. The Romanist “evangelists” have nothing to offer people but the impossible burden of legalistic works in an attempt to merit salvation.


  3. Man so much false theology, even in our pop culture such as the Bachelor…sigh. But…I like this piece from Babylon Bee: Millennial Drops Support For Socialism After Learning How Hard It Is To Get Avocado Toast In Venezuela (satire)

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    1. It’s interesting to me that fifty years ago, any connection to socialism would have been the “kiss of death” for a politician. Today, they’re jostling in line for the distinction of who’s the most ardent socialist!

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      1. On college campuses in California there’s people who openly wear shirts with Che on it and the communists manning tables get a better reception than us Christians manning an evangelistic table. With both parents who escaped from Marxist’s countries I can’t believe sometimes what the average students believe about Communism and socialism…what a world we live in!

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      2. RE: students

        They should visit Western New York, an economic disaster zone due to big government, where college graduates must move out in order to get a job.

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    1. Thanks, Crissy! And thanks for the interesting news item. I’ll include that article next weekend. Yes, Francis is pushing interfaith unity quite vigorously. And he’s purposely smoothing over Catholic distinctives to make the RCC more “inclusive” and “tolerant.” It’s an amazing thing to watch the world move closer to a unified religion.


      1. We are seeing the prophetic Scriptures regarding end times coming to pass. It’s exciting to see how our Awesome God is bringing it all together.
        Have a blessed Lord’s Day

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      2. Thanks, Crissy. Yes, much of what we’re seeing today with inter-religious unity was unthinkable only 70 years ago. Thank you and have a blessed week! Taking my bride to a lakeside restaurant this afternoon for lobster rolls. 79 and sunny today in usually-cloudy Rochester.

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