Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 6/15/19

The U.S. Catholic bishops met this past week to give the appearance that they are decisively confronting the clerical abuse and cover-up scandal. Only the most credulous of Catholics trust their bishops after twenty years of scandalous clergy abuse headlines. The chairman of the U.S. bishops, cardinal Daniel DiNardo (photo above, middle), who led the proceedings, has been accused of covering up for abusers, himself.

Catholic laypersons rightly ponder to themselves, “The priests and bishops teach us that holy living is the key to meriting salvation, but they are more messed up than anybody else.” The truth about works-righteousness religion has been laid bare for everyone to see. Turn from institutional religion, repent of your sin, and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior by faith alone. Jesus Christ will NEVER disappoint you!

The abuse and cover-up reaches up even to the pope.

Last weekend, I posted that pope Francis had affirmed his approval of intercommunion with Protestants via statements made at another one of his famous in-flight press conferences. Conservative Catholics view intercommunion as rank heresy. What’s a Catholic to do when their pope is a heretic?

Conservative cardinal Burke is at it again, trying to counter Francis’ heterodoxy. Conservative Catholics have been calling Francis’ reforms “confusion” for quite awhile, but some bravehearts have now switched to calling them outright “heresy.”

All Catholics must be missionaries? Hmm, what message would they proclaim? That the sacraments and obeying the Ten Commandments MIGHT merit you salvation? That is NOT good news, folks. Why would a Catholic want to proselytize on behalf of their works religion when their pope says even atheists can merit Heaven?

The Catholic works-righteousness salvation system is based upon priests and their administration of the sacraments. The RCC is going to have to allow priests to marry to keep the ship afloat.

Pope Francis is a progressive on many political and social issues, but he’s not yet on board with gender identity. Jesuit arch-progressive, James Martin, and his pro-LGBTQ agenda cohort will continue to try to teach old dog, Bergoglio, new tricks.

Many Catholics are opting out of Catholic funerals including a funeral mass with all of its pomp and ceremony. Catholicism teaches a funeral mass and burial at a “consecrated” Catholic cemetery will shorten time in purgatory.

Leave it to the Babylon Bee to note the increasing gender-bending, emasculation going on in our culture.

24 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 6/15/19

    1. Thanks, Sally! Yes, our High Priest and Mediator is enough and more! A Rock more reliable than Gibraltar!

      RE Babylon Bee
      Yes, I can always count on the Babylon Bee for a chuckle after the serious news! 🙂

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  1. Re: All Catholics must be missionaries

    Have you heard of group called “St. Paul’s Street Evangelization”? LOL. I really wonder why these Romanists bother. They have no good news to share anyway. LOL.

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    1. RE: St. Paul’s Street Evangelization

      Yes, I have heard of that organization. They pass out rosaries at public events mostly and try to get people to come to mass when 70% of the RCC’s membership can’t be bothered with Sunday mandatory mass.

      RE: They have no good news to share anyway.

      Exactly. Their religion only appeals to legalists and ritualists, and sadly there are those who seek after that.

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      1. I can imagine how a conversation might go.

        Roman Evangelist: Sir would you like to hear some good news?

        Person on the street: What good news?

        Roman Evangelist: Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us.

        Person on the street: How do I get saved?

        Roman Evangelist: Through the sacrements of the church, cooperating with grace, you can receive this by attending mass.

        Person on the street: Well, I guess 70% of people at your church didn’t think it was good news since they don’t attend mass regularly.

        Roman Evangelist: …………….

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  2. 1.) “The chairman of the U.S. bishops, cardinal Daniel DiNardo (photo above, middle), who led the proceedings, has been accused of covering up for abusers, himself.”
    Wow seems like no one in the leadership is taint free.

    2.) “Quarter of U.S. Catholics say they have skipped Mass because of abuse crisis”
    Now is the time to witness to Catholics…

    3.) “Essential Oils For Men Now Available (satire)”

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      1. RE: No one in the leadership is taint free

      This past year, the scandal has taken on an even more insidious dimension with several cardinals revealed to be predators. We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. I imagine that every bishop who’s been in the office for at least five years has been involved in the cover-up to some degree.

      2. Yes, Catholicism in the U.S. is in deep, deep crisis. Catholics can’t trust their priests or their doctrine-bending pope.

      3. I have to be careful what I say these days because the once-unacceptable is becoming acceptable. When my son and his family were over one day, I was making some kind of critical remark about hipster millennial men getting manicures. My son’s girlfriend’s daughter from a previous relationship (oy, so complicated these days) was offended and piped in that her father regularly gets manicures.

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      1. We live in an age where people are super sensitive and triggered, while great heinous evils occur and covered up and Popes being non-Pope like in terms of doctrines and conservative Catholics question the Pope…what a time.

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