I don’t usually sit around and watch paint dry…

…but when I do it’s because my wife has one of the “Star Wars” movies on the TV in the other room.


Disclaimer: I don’t mean to offend those who do enjoy “Star Wars.” However, I have a reputation for being very closed-minded about the “Star Wars” franchise that I need to uphold and this frivolous idea somehow popped into my head last night that I thought some might enjoy. 🙂

38 thoughts on “I don’t usually sit around and watch paint dry…

  1. One has to be a sci-fi reader from a young age to enjoy Sci-fi movies. I am one of those, altho in recent years most are an initiation into the occult.:(

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      1. Yes, funny how people have their own quirky likes and preferences. When I started reading comics, I had a good friend who loved Marvel and wouldn’t touch DC with a ten foot pole and of course I was the opposite!

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      2. I saw today that DC is also promoting the new Legion series in Superman beginning in August. I’m very curious to see how this version is presented. The last version of the franchise was very dark, dismal, and depressing.

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      3. I hope it will be good but I also won’t be holding my breath. I think of Batman which new stuff at times were ok or seems like filler but other times it’s been really, really good!

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      4. I hear you but I think that the last rendition of LSH was sooooo darkly bad (which turned off many readers) that anything would be an improvement. We’ll see.

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      5. Yeah, it would be like going to Star Wars movies and EVERY TIME the Galactic Empire kicks the Rebels’ butts. Who would keep paying to see that? That’s what the latter day LSH was like.

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      1. FYI Tom. Sunday morning we are going forward at our Son’s church for membership. They need teachers and may be needing a piano player and we need to belong somewhere to serve the way we want. I actually filled in for him teaching Bible study this past Wednesday as they all went to Knoxville for the National Association meeting. They don’t mind the help, but until we are “official” its more of a process for us to serve in any way. If we are members they would simply expect it. Plus, maybe we can close a door from the past. Burn our oxen so to speak.

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      2. Thanks, Wally. I’m very glad to hear you guys are plugging into a fellowship again. Of course, it’s a blessing that it’s your son’s church. Keep an eye on that young pastor and make sure his jeans don’t start getting tight and he doesn’t start getting swag haircuts! In all seriousness, trouble at church can really discourage people (as happened with me) and I’m glad you two are keeping your focus on the Lord.

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