Former Catholics for Christ Conference: Session #3: “Christ Alone”

Today, we continue with our video series from the recent Former Catholics for Christ Conference, which was held at the Southern View Chapel in Springfield, Illinois this past May 17-19.

Below is the video of the third presentation of the conference, titled…

“Christ Alone”
Speaker: Mike Gendron
Presented: Saturday AM, May 18th, 2019

Some evangelicals mistakenly believe Catholics worship the same Jesus as they do. However, Catholics worship the false christ that is promulgated by their church; the Jesus wafer. The Catholic clergy teaches that their Jesus merely opened the doors of Heaven and that is up to each Catholic to receive the church’s sacraments and to obey the Ten Commandments (impossible!) and mandatory church rules in order to possibly merit Heaven at the moment of their death. Catholics refer to their Jesus as “Savior,” but THEY must, in essence, SAVE THEMSELVES with the help of their priests, their bishop, the pope, and Mary. Evangelist, Mike Gendron, breaks it all down in this informative video.


30 thoughts on “Former Catholics for Christ Conference: Session #3: “Christ Alone”

  1. He’s right to say it is not compassion to deceive people about the most important matters of life; especially with areas of salvation. A very good lecture. I also like his examples of evangelism he mentioned in this study!

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      1. RE: we actually interviewed Mike Gendron

        Yes, I remember that you interviewed him and I’m grateful that you did. Without naming names, like Francis Chan, some evangelical pastors are not receptive to hearing about the great errors of ecumenism.

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  2. Amen!!
    Mike Gendron is such a blessing!!
    So thankful I listened this a.m.! It makes me want to go across the street and wake my mom in-law up and say PLEASE I BEG YOU TO LISTEN TO THIS!!
    As much as it hurts our hearts for them to reject Jesus TRUTH- Jesus inspired me with the words Mike said about telling them the Gospel so they can hear it-that’s our “job” God takes care of the heart ❤️ (Paraphrased!)

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