Former Catholics for Christ Conference: Session #1: “Scripture Alone”

I’ve frequently referred to the Former Catholics for Christ Conference, which was held at the Southern View Chapel in Springfield, Illinois this past May 17-19 and I’ve already posted a couple of audios from the conference. I was bemoaning the fact that I was unable to find videos of the eight sessions, but yesterday I discovered that conference speaker, Cecil Andrews, had posted videos of all eight sessions on his website!

Praise God!

I already had several post drafts queued up and ready to go for the rest of this week and the next, but these sessions from the Former Catholics for Christ Conference are so important that I’m “clearing the deck” and publishing one of the sessions each day for the next eight days beginning with the video of the first session…

“Scripture Alone”
Speaker: Cecil Andrews
Presented: Friday PM, May 17th, 2019

Roman Catholicism does not accept “Scripture Alone,” but teaches that its “Sacred Traditions” and “Magisterium” (teaching office of the pope and his bishops) are equally authoritative with Scripture, which has led to a false gospel and many, many false doctrines.

46 thoughts on “Former Catholics for Christ Conference: Session #1: “Scripture Alone”

    1. I appreciate the support! I can listen to each individual session at work during the AM and put together the short post during my lunch break. Two down and seven more to go! I pray some Catholics are led to watch!

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      1. Nice! I’m going to listen to them after my nap; went to prompt VBS for our church earlier and the walk and the sun has beaten me; will listen to it when I work on my sermon

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      2. Re: the Sola Scriptura presentation

        I know we’ve discussed it before, but Catholicism’s claims for its Magisterium are insane. Catholics boast that its Magisterium keeps its doctrine pure, but those guys have been fabricating bogus “sacred traditions” for 1500 years.

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      3. True. Believers (should) know from the Gospels that the Roman imperial model adopted by the increasingly institutionalized church was the antithesis of what Jesus taught the church should be.

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      4. My experience when debating with Romanists is that they follow this common pattern:

        1. They will twist and pervert the scripture and when you confront them with more scripture that contradicts their claims, they will–>

        2. Claim thats it’s tradition. When you confront them with quotes from the fathers that utterly contradict their claims, they will –>

        3. Claim Newman’s development of doctrine. When you show them Pius IX or Leo XIII apostolic constitutions that state the immaculate conception or papal supremacy was ALWAYS believed by ALL, they know that you have backed them into a corner, and that’s when they will –>

        4. Start to argue from a philosophical standpoint.

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      1. Thanks, brother! Just some OMS…Old Man Syndrome. Can’t even blame it on the dog. Just woke up at 3 and was wide awake! I remember when I was younger hearing about older gents getting up at those hours and couldn’t imagine it, now I’m living it! 🙂

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  1. Re: Catholicism is a case study of how sin affects even church leadership structure

    Yes, but they will say that sin can happen to anyone anywhere at any church. This doesn’t prove that the Roman Church is not the one true church and this doesn’t prove that their teachings are not true.

    Even when you show them Matthew 7:15-20 and Rev 2 and 3, and point out the various teachings all over the scripture about UNREPENTANT sin (which their apostate institution and Bishops are guilty of) , that doesn’t faze them. You see how easy it is to be a Romanist? Just name it and claim it.

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