Session from recent Former Catholics for Christ Conference: “Evangelizing Catholics” by Mike Gendron

As I mentioned before, I was very pleased when I learned about the Former Catholics for Christ Conference, which was held this past May 17-19 at Southern View Chapel in Springfield, Illinois. The conference featured eight sessions over the three days with four guest speakers; Rob Zins, Mike Gendron, Tim Kauffman, and Cecil Andrews. I have often referred to the ministries of each of these faithful servants of the Lord over the years.

I was hoping that some of the sessions would eventually be released as podcasts and I discovered two of them are available via Southern View Chapel’s website.

Below is the MP3 audio of Mike Gendron’s 48-minute talk, “Evangelizing Catholics,” which was presented on Sunday morning, May 19th.


In this talk, brother Gendron provides some excellent practical advice on how to witness to our Roman Catholic family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

The website for Proclaiming the Gospel, Mike Gendron’s Gospel outreach ministry to Roman Catholics, can be accessed below:

Proclaiming the Gospel

Next week, I will be posting a sermon, “The Marriage Feast,” given by Cecil Andrews at the conference.

15 thoughts on “Session from recent Former Catholics for Christ Conference: “Evangelizing Catholics” by Mike Gendron

  1. Most excellent! I was Facebook “friends” with Mike Gendron (when I was on FB!) !!!
    Thank you for sharing this!!!
    To God be the glory!!!

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    1. Thanks, Beth, and thanks for sharing! Praise God for those like Mike Gendron who continue to reach out to Catholics with the Gospel despite opposition, even from within the church!

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    1. Thank you for the reblog, sister! May lost Catholics listen and be moved by God’s Word and may believers listen and become more aware of the irreconcilable differences between the Catholic false gospel and the Biblical Gospel of grace!

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, you won’t hear those messages preached at hipster mega churches. I wish they had the entire conference available via podcast. I’m going to contact the church and see if they at least have CDs.

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