No Más: Tapping Out

Darwin Devolves: The New Science About DNA That Challenges Evolution
By Michael J. Behe
Harper One, 2019, 342 pages

I’ve enjoyed our sister’s postings at Biblical Beginnings (see here) regarding the Evolution vs. Creation debate, so as I was strolling through our local Barnes and Noble recently and spotted “Darwin Devolves” in the “Christianity” section, I made a mental note and, sure enough, our library system had a copy.

Author, Michael Behe’s premise is that DNA research creates major problems for evolutionists’ claims. Research supports “speciation,” DNA mutations resulting in variations within a species and even variations resulting in new genera, but never into new families of organisms. DNA mutations could never account for the development of complex biological organisms like the human eye, therefore intelligent design is the only possible explanation.

This post is really a non-review. I began this book with high hopes, but quickly found it was way over my head. The deeper I got into the book and its scientific jargon, the more my eyes glazed over. I’m very anal when it comes to reading. Once I start a book, I am committed to reading it to the end, no matter how bad or difficult it is. But at page 186, I simply could not take the scientific academese any longer. I admitted defeat and closed the book for good. No más! No más!

This book is strictly for those with a very strong science background and especially a strong biology background. It’s definitely not for the general public.

For more information on the Evolution vs. Creation debate (including books geared towards the general public), visit the websites below:

The Institute for Creation Research

Answers in Genesis

Phew! Now where did I put that book that I’ll actually enjoy reading? Ah, yes! Back on track!

19 thoughts on “No Más: Tapping Out

    1. Thanks, Sally! I should have stopped at page 10 instead of torturing myself for another 176 pages! 😦 Oh, well. I have two books going currently that I’m really enjoying. What a difference! 🙂


    1. Thanks! Every reader has their forte and mine is definitely not science. If you try it I would definitely be interested in your opinion.


  1. Brother, this made me laugh so much! I can not understand why they take these topics and write books that difficult to read. The public would eat the information up if it were written with a flowing dialogue. Sad, but I suppose there are others who enjoy it. I might push it further down on my list after reading this 😂

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    1. Thanks, sister! Argh. It (quickly) got to the point where I was reading strictly with eyes glazed over; turning pages but unable to summarize what I had just read. Glad it brought you a chuckle though! 😊

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  2. Finally got to your blog!
    Initial comment: “so as I was strolling through our local Barnes and Noble recently and spotted “Darwin Devolves” in the “Christianity” section, I made a mental note and, sure enough, our library system had a copy.”
    I thought that’s interesting I do the same thing like that with comic book store then I look it up on my phone if the Library has it…lol.

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    1. Yeah, I try REALLY hard to not buy a new book. There’s too many good books at the library and/or used books from Amazon 3rd-party sellers to pay that $30 price tag for new. But I will buy new if I that’s the only way to get a book I really want.

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  3. Sounds like a heavy book! I appreciate Behe’s scientific background. Sounds much needed yet sometimes things are too much for me to read too. Props to you, I didn’t even consider reading this book lol

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