Two valuable articles from ex-Catholic priest, Richard Bennett

Last week, I highlighted several Gospel outreaches to Roman Catholics, including ex-priest, Richard Bennett’s Berean Beacon ministry.

The Berean Beacon website (see here) is chock-full of resources for curious Catholics who would like to know more about Biblical Christianity and for evangelicals who would like more information so that they might be better able to witness to their Catholic family members and friends.

I was perusing through the Berean Beacon site myself recently and came across the two valuable booklets below. I printed them out and had them spiral bound at Staples for my reference library, but you can easily download the PDF formats and read them on your tablet or another device.

The Roman Catholic-Lutheran Accord
By Richard P. Bennet
Chapel Library, 2000, 17 pp.

The Roman Catholic church had been in ecumenical discussions with liberal Lutheranism (Lutheran World Federation – LWF) for many years and in 1999 the two bodies issued the “Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification” (JD), which proclaimed a “common understanding” of the means to justification before a Holy God. Ex-priest, Bennett, wrote this short critique the following year. As the early church became increasingly institutionalized, the Gospel of grace was replaced with legalism, ritualism, and superstition. Martin Luther and the other early Reformers reclaimed the Good News Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone that was preached by the New Testament church. The genuine Gospel was diametrically opposed to Catholicism’s false gospel of sacramental grace and merit and Rome condemned the Gospel of grace and all Protestants at its Council of Trent (1545-1563). Rome has never rescinded its Tridentine anathemas although it now presents itself in a much more conciliatory veneer. Much of Lutheranism has drifted into Bible-denying modernism so it was quite easy for representatives to co-create and endorse this ambiguous document that’s filled with religious vagueries. The wording is so purposely obscure that a passionate works-righteousness Catholic and a defender of the genuine Gospel of grace could both unwittingly agree with most of it, while still holding to their diametrically opposed gospels. This is a helpful introduction to the JD that critiques the main problems of the document without getting into theological heavy-lifting.

From Tradition to Truth: A Priest’s Story
By Richard P. Bennett
Chapel Library, 1998, 13 pp.

Dominican Catholic priest and missionary, Richard Bennett, was trying to merit his salvation according to the teachings of his church, but began reading the Bible and could not reconcile Scripture with Catholic doctrine. He repented of his sin and accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior by faith alone in 1985 and left Catholicism. In this era of accommodation, compromise, and betrayal of the Gospel by many evangelical leaders, it would benefit many souls to read the simple testimony of this ex-priest regarding the spiritually deadly errors of Catholicism.

These two articles and many others can be accessed free of charge at the Chapel Library website found here.

14 thoughts on “Two valuable articles from ex-Catholic priest, Richard Bennett

  1. Richard Bennett is truly a great resource!!!
    Thank you for sharing this, Tom!
    Have a blessed day!
    ( did you see Bill Buckner passed away 😢💔 He was my baseball crush in my younger day…)

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    1. Yes, Richard Bennett has been a faithful witness for many years. You’re welcome! Thank you and have a blessed day also!
      (Yes, I saw that Buckner passed away. I thought it was so unfair that after playing for 22 years he was largely know for that one booted ball

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  2. There are still faithful Lutheran groups around that uphold the gospel, like the LCMS. But yes, the mainline “Protestant” denominations have gone apostate. 😦

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  3. Looks like excellent booklets from Richard Bennett! I didn’t know Richard Bennett was a former priest. Though I have heard of that name in apologetics’ materials related to Catholicism. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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