Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 5/25/19

Promise Keepers got its start in 1990 as a ministry to, among other things, assist men in becoming better husbands and fathers. Unfortunately, Promise Keepers’ “gospel” message was so watered down that both evangelical and works-righteousness Catholic men could gather at stadiums and sing macho versions of “Kumbaya” together. Promise Keepers was a tool of ecumenism. Catholic men don’t need to stand around singing with a bunch of accommodators and compromisers who tell them they’re just fine spiritually. They need to hear the undiluted Gospel! See more on the problems with Promise Keepers here.

Speaking of ecumenism, pope Francis is encouraging Catholics to join in the “Thy Kingdom Come” international prayer campaign, May 30-June 9. I myself will be praying that week, as I do every week, that Roman Catholics here in the U.S. and throughout the world will hear the genuine Gospel of grace, repent of their sin, accept Jesus Christ as Savior by faith alone, and leave the apostate RCC.

Our state senator and aspiring POTUS, Kirsten Gillibrand, has her opinions as to what makes one view “Christian” over another, but I can assure you, her opinions have absolutely no basis in Scripture. Sixty-million infants have been murdered in the U.S. alone since the inception of the abortion genocide here in 1973. There appears to be some battles looming ahead in the SCOTUS over the abortion issue. However, souls were never born-again or hearts changed via legislation or by a court ruling.

This “news” should not be a revelation to anyone. Back in the day when Catholic prelates were political power brokers in this country, local police agencies conspired with Catholic dioceses to keep cases of abusive priests out of the headlines. I imagine newspapers and other media sources were also willing partners in the “gentleman’s agreement.”

This police raid on the Dallas Catholic diocesan offices is just one more sickening detail in the year-long pedophile priests and cover-up scandal tsunami. Many Catholics no longer have any faith in their priests or their church. They need to hear there is a better Way; Jesus Christ and the Gospel of grace.

The PBS “educational” cartoon, “Arthur,” which is aimed at the 4-8 years-old age group, recently featured an episode in which a teacher character marries his same-sex “partner.” Young children are being indoctrinated into the LGBTQ agenda at school and via television.

To accusations from conservative Catholics that he is subverting foundational doctrines and creating confusion, pope Francis just keeps his head down and continues to cunningly mold the Roman church into a more “progressive” version. In the meantime, conservative Catholics continue to search for the courage of their convictions.

Sozo prayer? Argh. So much bad stuff comes from Bethel Redding church and the New Apostolic Reformation movement.

I appreciate a little humor from the Babylon Bee after another roundup of serious news. I’m not a fan of believers being pushed to identify their spiritual gifts, as I wrote about here.

44 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 5/25/19

  1. I haven’t read everything yet but did want to see what the Sozo prayer is all about…
    I don’t know about you but it sounds like a lot of unnecessary work to me….
    Then I read the comments and I have to agree with this person’s take:
    “Wow. It’s a like Christian seance, making contact with dead Jesus. That’s some powerfully ridiculous BS. How much does one of these healings cost? Maybe I need to get a local franchise.”

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    1. Yes, that bogus Sozo prayer is so wrong on so many levels but just more of the same religious experientialism and emotionalism that Redding and the NAR are always pushing.

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    2. In answer to that comment, Beth: from the Berean Call

      “So, what exactly is the Father Ladder? The Bethel Sozo website doesn’t say. Even the available YouTube clips featuring Dawna and Teresa only entice, not explain. In order to find out, you have to attend a seminar, or purchase their DVD series. The Basic Sozo DVD course is $105, plus a $10 manual. The Advanced Sozo DVD course is $77, plus a $10 manual, which includes the “continuing treatment” course called “Shabar,” sold separately for $45.” (note: shabar is from Hebrew occultism-kabalah)

      Good Roundup, Tom! God bless you!

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  2. Ty. You are alwas informative. Just because a Greek word is in the Bible does not mean one can take it out of context. Wow. Woman should not be leaders in Church, they brought in Yoga, and other strange things, and now Suza. Oh my. This is what I believe.

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    1. Thanks, Bonnie. Regarding bogus Soza prayer, the first red flag was when I read in the article that “another (person) records what God says throughout the meeting.” If anyone wants to know what God says they should read the Bible. These self-proclaimed “prophetic words” that are so prevalent in some denominations have brought chaos into the church.

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  3. Sozo prayer reminds me of when I was in the Catholic charismatic renewal over 30 years ago. We would sit in a circle and meditate or something to see what God was saying. Someone would record. We were also told to visualize. Thank you Jesus for setting me free from that demonic darkness!

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    1. Cathy, thanks for sharing your experiences. I’m very skeptical of all of the Pentecostal/charismatic showy “gifts of the spirit,” to put it mildly. It’s led to all of this Vineyard, Bethel Redding, NAR craziness.

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  4. It is hypocritical to talk about ecumenism with the Roman Church when the anathemas from Trent are still on the books. Evangelicals should read indulgentiarum doctrina for a wake up call on what this apostate institution really is.

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    1. Vatican II declared that it upheld all the teachings of Trent and Vatican I yet turned around and issued UNITATIS REDINTEGRATIO which at least contradicted Trent’s militant approach towards Protestants and opened the doors to the widespread ecumenism we see today. Rome can’t disavow Trent because it claims its councils are infallible, but it has definitely shed the Tridentine militancy.

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      1. Speaking of infallible councils, I wonder how Romanists spin this one 😉

        Council of Constance SESSION 5 – 6 April 1415

        In the name of the holy and undivided Trinity, Father and Son and holy Spirit. Amen. This holy synod of Constance, which is a general council, for the eradication of the present schism and for bringing unity and reform to God’s church in head and members, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit to the praise of almighty God, ordains, defines, decrees, discerns and declares as follows, in order that this union and reform of God’s church may be obtained the more easily, securely, fruitfully and freely.

        First it declares that, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit, constituting a general council and representing the catholic church militant, it has power immediately from Christ; and that everyone of whatever state or dignity, even papal, is bound to obey it in those matters which pertain to the faith, the eradication of the said schism and the general reform of the said church of God in head and members.

        Next, it declares that anyone of whatever condition, state or dignity, even papal, who contumaciously refuses to obey the past or future mandates, statutes, ordinances or precepts of this sacred council or of any other legitimately assembled general council, regarding the aforesaid things or matters pertaining to them, shall be subjected to well-deserved penance, unless he repents, and shall be duly punished, even by having recourse, if necessary, to other supports of the law.

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      2. Yes, Constance is problematic for the RCC. Of course the situation with three popes had to be “dealt with” somehow. We drove by the Council building in Constance three years ago and also wanted to stop at the Jan Huss house/museum but there was absolutely no place to park hard as we tried.

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    1. Hi Lisa Beth! Glad to have you back! I have inadvertently hit the “Following” button on a few blogs myself over the years. Thanks and hope everything is going fine for you in the Big 🍎

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  5. Oh boy, I hadn’t heard of Sozo. I’m going to have to write about it, from the articles description it sounds like Christianized psycho-babel. Jesus Calling, but with long term mental implications. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, brother!
    The abortion discussion has become the most discouraging, with so many professed Christians flat out against the anti-abortion laws. It was the Baptist’s in Oklahoma, lead guy for the Pro-Life movement, who worked the hardest to stop the anti-abortion law being passed there. It’s insanity. Same thing for Texas. There’s something rotten in the Pro-Life leadership, Christians should be cheering the move to end legalized infanticide. I don’t understand how this could be happening.
    My friend, I’m going to be joining you in that prayer, this week and every week. How sad that there is even a call for prayer, for only a week. As believers, no one should need to call us to prayer.

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    1. Thanks for all the good comments, sister!

      Yes, I thought of Sarah Young immediately when I read of that Sozo prayer. More of the same from Bethel Redding.

      I’m happy to see these state legislatures challenging abortion. This will definitely be going to the SCOTUS. I’m torn over this however because over the last 50 years the church put a great part of its focus on political battles and culture wars and made the Gospel and evangelization a secondary. Culture wars also prompted evangelicals to ally with conservative Catholics and other religious non-believers leading to increasing ecumenism. Those qualifications aside, what believer could not hope and pray that the genocide would stop? Up here on the Northeast it’s not even on the radar. Yes, it’s somewhat strange to see some of the pro-life leadership and politicians now waffling a bit.

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    2. I sense they’re being politically pragmatic because these state laws are perceived to be “extreme.”

      Thanks for your prayers, my friend! Yes, we pray constantly. The pope can count on me to pray often for his salvation.

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  6. 1.) Promise Keepers ought to have three letters before it: Com. If you get what I mean.

    2.) “This police raid on the Dallas Catholic diocesan offices is just one more sickening detail in the year-long pedophile priests and cover-up scandal tsunami.” Wow. Fact that the police has to make a raid speak volumes.

    Ok gotta go to sleep at this retreat for now!

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    1. 1 – Good thought and very true. The Promise Keepers were a good example of the compromising spirit that was sweeping through the church at that time which also included ECT.

      2 – Yeah, Francis talks about full disclosure and total transparency while they’re shredding evidence at diocesan offices.


      1. 2. Shredding of documents were not just limited to Dallas, but also done internationally like Australia, Chile and Germany. Shows that this is systematic.

        About two months ago on Catholic radio, I listened to a Bishop (I think his name Joseph Strickland) beg the faithful not to leave the church. This was after the poll that 37% were thinking of quitting. He said that the church was full of sinners but was still holy! How twisted!

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      2. RE: Barron

        No it wasn’t Barron, though I know Barron has been in the media begging people to stay. Now that I recall, it was Strickland.

        I guess the Bishops are in panic mode!

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      3. RE: I guess the Bishops are in panic mode!

        It seems that Strickland and Barron are reading the same script. Yes, the polling statistics are extremely grim for them. While I’m pleased with that, many of these disaffected Catholics do not see a clear alternative because so many evangelical churches have embraced Catholicism as a Christian entity.


      4. Thanks, Jimmy! Hope you had a good Lord’s day. We had family over and were very busy so today’s just going to be R&R and watching the Yankees play the visiting Padres on tv.

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  7. Interesting to see you pick up on the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative. You may have seen our articles on it last year and now it’s got official, incontestible proof that it has the Pope’s backing there is no excuse for any professing Christian taking part in any events linked to it.

    PS Always enjoy the weekend round up, just sometimes takes me a while to get round to catching up on reading!

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    1. RE: ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative.

      Yes, ecumenically-minded believers who desire “unity” among all “Christians” are amazingly ignorant that unity for the pope means everyone under his authority.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement!


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