Gospel Outreach Ministries to Roman Catholics

Did the title of this post, “Gospel Outreach Ministries to Roman Catholics,” catch your attention? Some of you may be thinking, “Why do we need to reach out to Roman Catholics with the Gospel? Aren’t they Christians, too?” In our current era of plurality, tolerance, and inclusiveness, it’s seen by many as uncharitable to speak the truth about Roman Catholicism. After all, many say that “Catholics love Jesus, too.” But the truth is that the Roman Catholic church teaches many doctrines that are quite different from Biblical Christianity. Most importantly, Catholics are taught that salvation comes through sacramental grace and merit rather than by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. Catholics need to hear the genuine Gospel rather than the false gospel they are taught in their churches.

Below, I’ve provided links to the websites of some of the most effective ministries that specifically reach out to Catholics with the Gospel. All of these ministries provide abundant resources for Catholics who are curious about the Biblical Gospel or for Bible Christians who desire to witness more effectively in their encounters with Catholics.

Berean Beacon – Director, ex-Catholic priest, Richard Bennett
Website link here.

Reformanda Initiative – Director, Leonardo De Chirico
Website link here.

Proclaiming the Gospel – Director, ex-Catholic, Mike Gendron
Website link here.

Just for Catholics – Director, ex-Catholic, Joe Mizzi
Website link here.

Christian Resources – Director, William Webster
Website link here

A Christian Witness to Roman Catholicism – Director, ex-Catholic, Rob Zins
Website link here.

In addition to the six ministries listed above, there are many other organizations that offer excellent resources regarding Roman Catholicism. Refer to my Links page here. I hope these resources are a blessing to you!

39 thoughts on “Gospel Outreach Ministries to Roman Catholics

  1. William Webster and David King wrote a three volumes series doing a biblical and historical defense of Sola Scriptura and pointing out the errors of the Romanists. It’s very polemical, a breath of fresh air in this day and age of ecumenism.


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    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve read Webster’s “Church of Rome at the Bar of History” and have been contemplating ordering his “The Matthew 16 Controversy: Peter and the Rock” for quite awhile.

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      1. Christianbook had Vol 1 for a very good price. I got the other volumes used from amazon. All three were worth every penny. I’ve learned a lot from both Webster (grew up Romanist) and King, especially King.

        King often debates Romanists on blogs like here , under the name “D. T. King”. Look at some of the exchanges between him and some folks who are part of the called to communion blog. It is an eye-opener to witness the sophistry and mental reservation of Romanists, and how they are dumbfounded when they meet someone who can call them out on it.

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      1. Thank you! I am very grateful for these ministries that reach out to Catholics with the Gospel out of sincere love for the Lord and for the lost.

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      2. When we love we tell the truth… because of Who He IS- not because of who we are-but because of what He is making us through His TRUTH- Jesus- the chain breaker/ the way maker!!!!

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      3. Lol! Thank you!!
        This post was so great I shared it with a few that struggle with the reality that Roman Catholicism is not Christian- they themselves have been brought out too-I love them and feel once they understand the totality of this they will witness more truthfully to the ones we love that poo-poo this WHOLE TRUTH 💕🙏🏻

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      4. I’m grateful for your sharing the information and I said a prayer for those you shared with. May they may benefit so that more lost Catholic souls will hear the genuine Gospel.

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      5. Good thoughts! Yes, Jesus can break every chain! And how could we keep such great love and salvation in Christ to ourselves, hidden under a bushel?

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  2. It is my belief that the Romanists are Roman, not catholic. They are not catholic in any true or full sense, and upon examination, their dogmas are vehemently anti-catholic.

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  3. Thank you for these recommendations of Gospel ministries to Roman Catholics. Much needed resource. I imagine there’s more Catholics than professing atheists yet there’s more apologetics’ ministries dedicated to answering atheists than there are to cults and catholics…

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    1. Good observation. It’s somewhat strange to me. When I became a believer there were many outreach ministries to Catholics and few devoted to answering atheists. After returning to the Lord after my Rip Van Winkle prodigal season it’s the reverse with much of evangelicalism embracing the RCC as a Christian entity.

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