Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 4/20/19

Catholics are forbidden to eat meat on Lenten Fridays under threat of mortal sin and eternal damnation, however there are exceptions to the rule. Many of you have read my post about the papal dispensation allowing Venezuelans to eat the meat of Capybara on Lenten Fridays (see here). Now we have the article above which says that Catholics in the diocese of Detroit, Michigan are allowed to eat Muskrat (photo above) on Lenten Fridays due to a papal dispensation dating back to the 1700s. Mmm, Muskrat. One of my favorites! This whole business of forbidding meat, with exemptions here and there, is ludicrous and anti-Scriptural. Catch a video of some Detroiters dining on scrumptious Muskrat here.

The conflagration at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France on Monday evening was undoubtedly the biggest “religious” news story of this past week. The media coverage was massive. I have many observations and questions following this fire, which I will present in a separate post sometime next week.

The Catholic church has been up to its eyeballs in some seriously negative press for the past year, but that has not interfered with its long-term mission to regather the “separated brethren” under its wings. The Protestants mentioned in this particular article are all mainline apostates, but many so-called “evangelical” Protestant pastors and para-church leaders are also cozying up to Rome.

Every year in the week leading up to Easter, Filipino Catholics scourge themselves in a penitential frenzy with a few even allowing themselves to be nailed to wooden crosses. Such practices strike most Western Catholics as overzealous and even hysterical third-world religious piety, but the Catholic church once encouraged this kind of self-mortification in Medieval Europe. See here for an article on the popular Flagellant Movement of the 14th century. But don’t believe for a second that flagellation completely disappeared in the West. Catholic spokespersons confirm that Pope John Paul II whipped himself daily and this practice still persists within monasteries and among traditionalists.

The fact that Buffalo Catholic bishop, Richard Malone, still retains his position six months after being exposed on “60 Minutes” as a serial abuse-enabler is a testament to just how seriously the Catholic church takes this abuse scandal. All talk, no action.

The Catholic media loves to point to historical anti-Catholicism in the United States without ever mentioning the realities that made Protestants extremely suspicious and wary of Catholic immigrants. Countries in Europe and Latin America where Catholicism dominated did not treat Protestants kindly right up into the 20th century, and even longer in some pockets of old-school, pre-conciliar, militant Catholicism.

This guy is definitely a Baptist!

13 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 4/20/19

    1. 😊 Thanks, Bonnie! I’m a Baptist so I can poke fun at myself. Yeah, I love a fellowship where the brethren are encouraging the preacher with some heartfelt Amens! But I’ll generalize and say lifting the hands in the air is a little out of the norm for most Baptists.

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  1. 1.) “Detroit-Area Catholics Permitted to Eat Rodent on Lenten Good Fridays”
    So weird! I remember first learning about this rodent thing from your blog. It pays to read your blog!

    2.) “Catholic Churches Are Being Desecrated Across France—and officials don’t know why”
    Wow that’s weird. No fan of romanism but I wonder if that’s the sign of Europe’s secularism and rising Islamists…

    3.) “Vatican cardinal, 4 Protestant leaders sign joint ecumenical statement”
    Another set of compromises…mainline protestants should just stop calling themselves Protestants.

    4.) “Catholic devotees in the Philippines self-flagellate on Holy Thursday”
    Such a strange practice. As a kid with no Christian background I always thought it was weird and well weird they are doing this though Christ supposedly died for them…

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    1. Thanks for the good comments! I appreciate your feedback.

      1. Weird is right! I enjoy uncovering these really bizarre aspects of Catholic legalism but am saddened by the souls who are enslaved.

      2. Could be radical Muslims behind the vandalism, but France also has a long history of anti-clericalism. Only 10% of the French go to mass on Sunday.

      3. Yup, “Protestant” is now just a generic term and “evangelical” is close behind.

      4. As children the nuns often reminded us to offer up any natural pain or discomfort to God as penance for ourselves or others. It’s been a major theme throughout Catholicism’s history. The next “logical” step for credulous Catholics was to inflict pain and suffering upon themselves.

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