Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 4/13/19

Too close for comfort: Headlines of sexual abuse by predatory Catholic religious are rather abstract for most of us, but this recent headline hit close to home for me. Brother Salvatore Ferro (photo above), a member of the Irish Christian Brothers and a serial abuser, taught at Bishop Kearney High School while I attended there in the early 1970s. Thankfully, I never had any classes with Ferro, but I do vaguely remember him. Other members of the same religious order who taught at Bishop Kearney and have been named as abusers include John Chaney, John Heathwood, Andrew Hewitt, and John Walderman. Postscript: John Chaney? Wait a minute, that name rings a bell. Yup, after doing some googling, I now remember Brother Chaney was one of my teachers. Another close call. I also knew Brother Heathwood, although he preyed upon the girls at Kearney rather than the boys. The name of Brother Hewitt was also vaguely familiar, so I googled him and, yes, he taught at Kearney while I was there, but I was not in one of his classes. While these five men are publicly cited, be assured other predator brothers were also abusing the students at Kearney. It was like shooting ducks in a barrel. The Irish Christian Brothers filed for bankruptcy in 2011 because of the numerous abuse claims filed against the religious order.

Capture19    Capture 21_edited  Capture 20

Left to right: Serial abusers, John Chaney, John Heathwood, and Andrew Hewitt

Seriously, what do Catholic “evangelists” have to offer anyone? Become indoctrinated into Catholic legalism, be “good,” and try to merit your way into Heaven? That’s bad news NOT good news, folks.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is trying to blame the pedophile priests scandal on the “sexual revolution” of the 1960s. Absolute nonsense. Catholicism’s mandatory rule of clerical celibacy both attracted and fostered deviancy multiple centuries prior to the 1960s.

Up to this point, we’ve generally only seen headlines of abuse by Catholic priests and brothers, but the whole truth is now coming out.

Catholicism is so enmeshed in superstition. Imagine making a journey to a church in another city to “venerate” a body part of a man who died 160 years ago. John Vianney is the “patron saint” of parish priests.

The recent General Social Survey (GSS) indicates that “evangelicals” make up 22.5 percent of the U.S. population, but only God knows how many souls have genuinely repented and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior by faith alone. Catholicism continues its steady decline, which will only be exacerbated by the current priest abuse and cover-up scandal tsunami.

There’s certainly lots of internecine in-fighting going on between the conservative and liberal camps of the Catholic church and most of it revolves around pope Francis’ progressive reforms. I’ll make sure to tune in tomorrow night to MSNBC to watch conservative Catholic gadfly, Steve Bannon, criticize his pope.

On a segment aired back on October 28th, CBS’ investigative journalism show, “60 Minutes,” exposed Catholic bishop of Buffalo, N.Y., Richard Malone, as a serial abuse-enabler, yet almost six months later, he still retains his position. Now, the president of St. Bonaventure University, Dennis R. DePerro, is speaking up and calling for Malone to resign. Politics aside, in any other organization, someone like Malone would have been gone long ago, but the cesspool that’s Catholicism is so deep that no one, including pope Francis, is fit to play traffic cop.

Yes, Conagra brands must get with the inclusivist agenda!!! I grew up loving Slim Jims and other savory sausage products. Not a nutritious choice these days, especially with my doctor constantly inquiring about my food selections.

25 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 4/13/19

    1. I’m finally sitting down myself after a real busy day. Did some more raking, about 85% done, and brought out the patio furniture. Sunny and 66 in Rochester today.

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      1. I’m currently on a weight loss campaign and all the Spring yard work has been a great assist. Just happened to hit my halfway mark today. Celebrated with one of my favorite dinners (half portion). Will post about it if/when I reach my goal in a couple of months.

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      2. My doctor’s been nagging me to lose weight for ten years. You know what finally got me motivated? My new iPhone and the built-in health app. It keeps track of my steps daily and I also record my weight. Great tool (not to mention all the good Christian apps).

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      3. Nice! You sharing this reminded me of how my last trip overseas I got as a gift a fitbit band that tracks my walks, heart beat, sleep, etc. Great tools we have these days. Also wanted to confirm you got my messages about some comments that might have not passed WordPress filter on your blog…

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      4. Thanks for the comments to the roundup! No it didn’t go into spam, but I was waiting on it to respond when I’m not semi-comatose. Sorry about that!

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  1. 1.) Wow the first posts with names and pictures of abusers really made it shocking of terrible these abuses are; must have been very personal for you and I imagine you might even know the victims.

    2.) “Catholics are evangelizing on campus, trying to bring back the ‘nones’”
    Response: Sad; those who become Catholics from nones goes from libertines to legalists

    3.) “Pope Benedict blames Catholic priests’ pedophilia on free love era”
    Seems like the Pope could not bring himself to responsibility and not play the blame game. And he loves to bash political leaders for being not responsible or for being rich when he himself leads the richest religion and also one of the most irresponsible religious groups. Shame on this pope!

    4.) “Evangelicals Show No Decline, Despite Trump and Nones”
    Surprised to hear that

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    1. Thanks again for the good comments!

      1. Yeah, it was unsettling after reading the names and doing the research and confirming that I knew the three brothers, Ferro, Chaney, and Hewitt. Like abusive priests, they shuffled these predator brothers around to different high schools the order ran on the east coast so I didn’t know the victims who came forward. But I was very familiar with Heathwood’s case. It was in the Rochester newspaper in the early 90s. He coordinated the school’s stage productions and I can remember he always had his arm around the girls, very inappropriate. The victim who came forward was 4 years older than me.

      2. RE: nones go from libertines to legalists. Exactly! Good way of putting it!

      3. Blaming priest pedophilia on the 1960s is so ludicrous and inappropriate. The Catholic church needs to own up to recruiting and fostering deviants via its mandatory celibacy rule, but of course it would like to shift the blame elsewhere. Benedict should just be quiet because he himself was one of the enablers.

      4. I don’t put much stock in these surveys because I think a big percentage of those who identify as “evangelicals” are TBN prosperity gospel types. But the Catholic downtrend is relevant because Catholics identify with and are identified by their infant baptism.

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