Former Catholics for Christ Conference – May 17-19, Springfield, IL

I’m very excited to be able to pass along this information on the upcoming Former Catholics for Christ Conference scheduled for the weekend of May 17, 18, and 19 in Springfield, Illinois. The event will be hosted by Southern View Chapel at the address below:

Southern View Chapel
4500 S 2nd St.
Springfield, IL, 62703

Scheduled to speak at the conference are Rob Zins, Mike Gendron, Tim Kauffman, and Cecil Andrews. I’ve mentioned all of these faithful servants of Christ in my posts over the years. They have each labored for decades to reach lost Catholic souls with the Gospel of grace and to confront the spirit of compromising ecumenism that’s rampant in the Body of Christ. I’ve provided links to the speakers’ respective websites farther below.

Here’s the conference itinerary in brief:

Friday Evening
Session One – The Bible Alone – Cecil Andrews

Saturday Morning
Session Two – The Glorious Grace of God – Rob Zins
Session Three – Christ Alone – Mike Gendron

Saturday Afternoon
Session Four – Faith Alone – Tim Kauffman
Session Five – Contending Against the Ecumenical Movement and the New Gospel – Rob Zins

Saturday Evening
Session Six – Question and Answer

Sunday Morning
Session Seven – What Roman Catholics Are Really Taught: a Primer – Tim Kauffman and Cecil Andrews
Session Eight – Evangelizing Catholics – Mike Gendron

For more information about the conference, see here.

To register for the conference and for information on hotel accommodations, see here.

I’m very excited to know that this conference is being held and I’m grateful to Senior Pastor, Gary Gilley, and the brothers and sisters at Southern View Chapel in Springfield, Illinois for hosting this event.

Rob Zins – A Christian Witness to Roman Catholics

Mike Gendron – Proclaiming the Gospel

Tim Kauffman – Out of His Mouth/White Horse Blog

Cecil Andrews – Take Heed Ministries

10 thoughts on “Former Catholics for Christ Conference – May 17-19, Springfield, IL

    1. Well, Bonnie, it’s sad to say but I won’t be attending the conference. There’s several factors that prevent me from making the trek. But I’m really hoping the conference proceedings are released via podcast, CD, or DVD down the road. But thanks for your support and kind thoughts!

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  1. That sounds like an excellent conference and may many dear Roman Catholics even attend and be saved by the grace of God through faith alone in Him and in Him alone. Also, didn’t know Cecil Andrews, from our part of the world, was a former Catholic…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the comments! I appreciate your prayers for the event. From what I can find, Cecil, unlike the other three speakers is not a former Catholic. I do know that Cecil was a good friend of Bart Brewer whose Mission to Catholics ministry was a huge help to me after I accepted Christ in 1983.

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