Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 3/23/19

At last month’s Vatican “abuse summit,” pope Francis promised “concrete action” to stem sexual abuse by priests and subsequent cover-ups by the hierarchy, but the “concrete action” has turned out to be the same old song and dance.

Last October 28th, CBS’s “Sixty Minutes” exposed Buffalo Catholic bishop, Richard Malone, as a serial abuse-enabler, yet he still retains his position. Malone just sold his impressive mansion as a PR tactic, but has moved into an even larger home, although the neighborhood isn’t anywhere near as swanky. Prior to last Sunday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Buffalo’s Catholics circulated a petition demanding that Malone not participate in the festivities. Malone reluctantly complied, but vowed to be back in the parade in 2020.

It’s getting hard to find a (c)hristian bookstore these days. Is that bad or good? I’m ambivalent about Lifeway and other (c)hristian bookstores. They sell Bibles, which is a good thing, but many of the other books they stock are doctrinally dangerous from TBN-types.

Any parent who allows their child to be in a situation where they are alone with a Catholic priest (such as an altar server) is credulously naive.

This objective article from Roman Catholic church historian, Massimo Faggioli, shows how the RCC canonization process is all PR and politics.

Cardinal Marx of Germany often serves as the vanguard for the progressives in the leadership of the Catholic church, including pope Francis. When Marx floats a trial balloon statement, you can be assured it’s already being discussed in the hallways of Brokeback Vatican.

Conservative and traditionalist Catholics rue the day when progressive Francis was elected pope. But whether Catholics are conservative or liberal, they still don’t know the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Excellent article by evangelical Vatican-watcher, Leonardo De Chirico.

I inadvertently stumbled across this article about a recently published book that focuses on the confrontation between Catholics and Protestants in Lakeville, Connecticut in 1882-1883. Notice that the book totes itself as “a tale of prejudice and nativism.” I take it this is yet another example of a book or article that focuses on Protestant “neuroticism” without taking into account Catholicism’s unbridled militancy wherever it had hegemony. Book ordered and review to follow.

This satire is funny, but also reveals some sad truth about our culture.

27 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 3/23/19

      1. Thanks, Jackie. In reaction to Howse’s attack, I’ll start off by saying I don’t put J Mac on a pedestal. I don’t agree with everything I’ve heard him say or write over the years, but I agree with him on a whole bunch of other things and I think he’s done an exemplary job of defending the genuine Gospel in this era of compromise. I agree strongly with J Mac on his criticism of the social and political gospel. I regularly write my own concerns about the church getting too involved in the temporal (especially via politics and nationalism). But I know that many Christians here at WordPress and elsewhere still believe in the concept of America as a “Christian nation” (Al Mohler who is mentioned by Howse is one who touts this view). I don’t bitterly oppose those folks. The position J Mac takes in regards to politically-minded Mohler and Dever is the same one I take with my more-politically minded brothers and sisters here at WordPress: we disagree but I’m not going to cut ties over it. Insinuating that Mohler, Dever, and Duncan are somehow sympathetic to social-gospel Marxism in some fashion is ludicrous.
        To be honest, I’m not a fan of Brannon Howse. He was pretty nasty to apologist James White a couple of years ago because White had a dialogue rather than a debate with a Muslim imam. I didn’t agree with White’s approach in that one case either, but Howse went too far. In has attack against White, Howse featured Robert Spencer on his show. Spencer is a Melkite Rite Catholic, and the Melkites are in full communion with the pope. Here’s the irony: Howse criticizes J Mac for sitting with Mohler and Dever because they are politically-minded and even socially-aware on such issues as racial discrimination within the church (although calling them proponents of a social gospel is blatant exaggeration), yet he saw fit to consult a Catholic for his attack against White. We would never see J Mac consult a Catholic for anything. For that reason, I tend to stay away from Howse. He mentioned his books throughout this video and I think he’s trying hard to be controversial by attacking J Mac in order to sell books.

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      2. Thank you for taking the time to weigh in on this. I had never heard of Mr. Howse before and wasn’t really sure what to think of this. I have found I am skeptical of just about everyone these days…praying about that. But when you go from Catholicism to nothing really then jump with both feet into a mixture of the Seeker Sensitive, WOF, NAR, Emergent Church…you’re going to have some skepticism. I know the Bible is true and God is sovereign and He will continue to direct my steps. I can have great faith in that simply because of how He’s brought me out of all that mess. So He’s obviously got a plan for me yet…Lol! I pray for continued wisdom and discernment, keeping my eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of my faith. Hebrews 12:2 Thanks again!

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      3. Your welcome, Jackie! Yeah, I had some history with Howse and his views which is why I reacted a bit strongly to his video. Some of these discernment ministries come across as downright nasty. I have to watch out for that attitude in myself as I examine the RCC.

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      1. Thanks, Maria, for bringing Marshall to my attention. I hadn’t heard his name before. I googled him and I see he has quite an influence. I get most of my info from EWTN which could probably be called conservative rather than traditionalist. It’s interesting to see some young Catholics reclaiming pre-conciliar traditionalism in reaction to the vagueries of liberal Catholicism that we see embodied in Francis’s papacy. Perhaps there’s a split coming down the road, especially if the next pope has the same agenda as Francis.

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    1. Thanks. The unregenerated soul who is interested in religion is usually very attracted to ritual and ceremony. One of my sisters is an extreme example of that. She has stated to me that the Bible is “fairy tales” and does not believe Jesus was/is God the Son and yet goes to Catholic mass every once in awhile because the ritual, ceremony, and pageantry appeals to her and probably reconnects her to pleasant childhood memories.

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      1. Tom, so it is still time to pray for your sister and other siblings. Her way is probably common both for Catholics and Protestants, a nominal occasional thing, a loyalty.

        But, brother, somehow despite Catholics’ links to this false institution some Catholics are probably in Heaven, many if we look back to former ages. What do you think? I don’t mean this in an argumentative way. It’s just that long ago there were only the two churches, Western and Eastern, and a small more Biblical scattered church, what Rome called heretics or sects. Does this make sense to you?

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      2. Thanks for your prayers, Maria. My five sisters are all living but the one I mentioned is the only one who occasionally attends mass for sentimental reasons.

        Yes, I believe there were Catholics through the ages who placed their trust in Christ by faith alone in contradiction of the teachings of their church. I’m guessing there were some who despaired so deeply of trying to merit their salvation that they cried out to the Savior in genuine repentance. I think many people on their death beds and facing eternity saw their need for the Savior. I also think about the many monks and clerics who had regular access to God’s Word. I imagine some trusted in Christ but could not leave the church because there were no alternatives.

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      3. Thank you, Maria, and God bless you and your husband and Greta! I often see those large labradoodles and they’re quite regal. Gracie is only 40 lbs. so her poodle parent must have been medium-sized. Have a good night!

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