Throwback Thursdays?

I’ve been blessed by being a part of the Christian blogging community here at WordPress for the last 44 months. It’s been a joy to read inspirational and informative posts from my fellow bloggers each day (and form some friendships) as well as to write my humble contributions, some serious and some on the frivolous side. We all pray the Lord uses our meager efforts to reach souls with the Good News! of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Seeing as I’ve accumulated over 1200 posts in the archives to this point, I thought it might be a good idea to use Thursdays to take a second look at messages from the blog’s first couple of years (including some revisions if needed). That would serve two purposes: 1) It would bring back to light some older posts that very few folks ever saw when they were first published and 2) it would give me another day off from writing. I used to write every day, but about a year ago, I gave myself Sundays off with the goal of eventually taking another day off as well.

Thanks for your support! Next Thursday, I’ll be queuing up a post from 2015.


A scene from the intersection of Main Street and Clinton Avenue, the busy hub of downtown Rochester, N.Y., during the late 1960s. These days, all of the retail stores are long gone.

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays?

  1. That scene looks like one from the past of our neighboring town called Kankakee! It was busy with stores like Alden’s-Montgomery Wards… *Walgreens with a soda fountainsand a sit down restaurant in it! Much much more!! It was always bustling with people and activities!

    *My grandfather actually managed one of those Walgreens of the past !

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    1. Thanks, Beth! Sure, I’ve heard of Kankakee! In the Rochester photo there’s a Woolworth’s and directly across the street was a Neisner’s. Both had lunch counters with great aromas that I appreciated as a kid. I use to get on a bus and go downtown by myself starting about when I was 11, couldn’t imagine a child of that age doing that today. I really enjoyed visiting all the various stores clustered together along Main Street. I don’t think Rochester got a Walgreen’s until maybe ten or fifteen years ago and of course by then it was located out in the suburbs. That area of Main Street is now pretty much a ghost town. Government agencies and law offices remain in the city center but most everything else is gone. They’re trying to convert many of the old buildings into condos for millennials and empty nesters.

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