Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/23/19

It’s good to see DC Comics has done an about face regarding this comic series, which satirizes Jesus Christ as a failure.

Pope Francis and 190 Catholic prelates from around the world are currently convening at the Vatican to address the clerical sexual abuse and cover-up scandal that pervades their church. The blazing irony is that many of these very same men, including Francis himself, are tainted by accusations of involvement in the scandal.

Conservative cardinals, Burke and Brandmüller, are among many Catholic insiders who are now giving voice to a truth that’s increasingly coming out of the closet; a large percentage of Catholic priests are homosexuals. What they’re not admitting to yet is that Catholicism’s rule of celibacy for its clerics has both attracted and fostered deviancy.

Jeffress needs to focus on spreading the Gospel rather than trying to advance his Christian nationalist “Reclaim America for Jesus” agenda. Christian nationalists (see also Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham, Mike Huckabee, etc.), become so intent on fighting culture battles that they lose sight of the Gospel and readily make compromising alliances with religious unbelievers.

Francis accusing the opponents of the Roman church of being “friends of the devil” reminds me of the religious leaders of 33 A.D. Palestine accusing Jesus of being in league with the devil.

Hillsong has become the mother ship of hipster (c)hristianity. There is “some” Gospel there, but it’s really all about religious experientialism and emotionalism. Mixed in with the deafening music and light shows, this former Assemblies of God-affiliated church pushes ecumenism and the prosperity gospel.

With all of the casinos being built across the nation, bingo halls are definitely on the decline. But forty-years ago, a large percentage of Catholic parishes featured weekly bingo as a fundraiser. A born-again believer would have serious issues with their church’s building being used as a gambling den, but Catholics have always been able to syncretize the profane with the “spiritual.”

We continue to see the pedophile priests and cover-up scandal being played out locally. The arbitrator who works for the diocese has two mandates: 1) hand out compensation to victims as a gesture of “goodwill,” and 2), most importantly, don’t break the bank.

There’s no doubt actor Gary Sinise has done some excellent work on behalf of American veterans, however, he’s also one of a handful of high-profile Hollywood Catholics –  Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Colbert, and Patricia Heaton being others – who regularly use their celebrity to proselytize on behalf of their works-righteousness religion.

This is a timely and very apropos satire from the Babylon Bee in light of the story farther above.

18 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/23/19

  1. Going to read this round up more fully after lunch but wanted to say right away from your headline pic that I”m glad DC canceled that blasphemous series. The company is downsizing with less line of works and to think they were going to release that junk against Jesus among them is totally misplaced priorities.

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    1. Let me clarify my last comment: ” The company is downsizing with less line of works and to think they were going to ORIGINALLY publish that junk against Jesus while other titles are cancelled is totally misplaced priorities.” I am glad that DC decided better not to publish it

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  2. 1.) “he blazing irony is that many of these very same men, including Francis himself, are tainted by accusations of involvement in the scandal.”
    This is one of the reason I don’t think there will be any real change.

    2.) “Pastor Robert Jeffress Calls Evangelical Christians Who Don’t Support Trump ‘Morons’”
    Terrible. This celebrity pastor needs to watch out for whom he call fools, and there’s something Jesus has to say about that…

    3.) “Pope Francis decries critics of church as ‘friends of the devil’”

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    1. Thanks for the good comments! Sorry, I was tied up yesterday and couldn’t get to them right away.

      1. Right. And another reason things won’t change is because the mandatory rule of celibacy is still in place.

      2. Jeffress obviously wouldn’t agree but he’s giving evangelical Christianity a bad reputation in the eyes of the general unbelieving public.

      3. Ditto

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  3. 4.) “Hillsong has become the mother ship of hipster (c)hristianity.”
    I can’t stand hipster “Christianity!”

    5.) Bingo and church…seems like a weird mix.

    6.) “Two more settlements reached for survivors of sex abuse within the Rochester Diocese”
    Wow that’s close to home for you!

    7.) Babylon Bee gives the right level of response for that pastor!

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    1. 4. Every once in awhile as I’m flipping through channels I’ll stop at the Hillsong cable channel. Two observations: Brian Houston is 64 and the old man is incongruous with the hipster scene he’s trying to sell. Also, perhaps I’m wrong but I get the distinct impression that he doesn’t believe a word he’s saying.

      5. The original pastor priest refused to use bingo as a fund-raiser. But as soon as he retired, the new pastor OKd it. RE: weird mix. Yeah, talk about incongruous.

      6. Yup, the RCC scandal shows up as a story on our local news about every 2 or 3 weeks because of this payout process to victims.

      7. Agreed given his outrageous statement and ongoing political soapboxing.

      Hope you have a good Lord’s Day!

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      1. Hipster seeker churches, besides being doctrinally superficial, have a built-in bias against anyone older than 45. A 65-year-old is made to feel completely out of place at a place like Steven Furtick’s church.

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    1. Fran, that’s for sure! I grew up on rock and roll music so I’m no stranger to amplifiers like my parents were. We have CCM music at our church and I even like a lot of it although sometimes the volume does get ridiculous.

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  4. Yes praise God that DC cancelled the blasphemous comics. My husband and I signed a petition, but I doubt if that petition made any difference. One small victory as the world grows darker but the return of Jesus Chrust draws nearer! 🙂

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