The San Diego Padres’ 50th Anniversary All-Time Team

In recognition of the San Diego Padres’ upcoming season-long 50th Anniversary celebration, we’ve already taken a look back at the team’s two National League Championship pennant seasons, in 1984 (see here) and 1998 (see here). It’s now time to choose the Padres’ 50th Anniversary All-Time Team.

Compared to the major-market ball clubs with their high payroll$, the small-market Padres haven’t had a lot of big-name stars. Relatively few quality players have had long tenures with a club that can’t afford to keep free-agent All Stars on the roster. With that said, here’s my take on the Padres’ 50th Anniversary All-Time Team:

  • C – Benito Santiago (1986-1992) – The 1987 NL Rookie of the Year wowed players and fans alike by throwing out base-runners from his knees.
  • 1B – Adrian Gonzalez (2006-2010) – The three-time All-Star is second in career HRs with 161 only behind Nate Colbert’s 163.
  • 2B – Mark Loretta (2003-2005) – The Padres were not overloaded with All-Star-caliber players at the second base position, but Loretta was outstanding both offensively and defensively.
  • SS – Garry Templeton (1982-1991) – Gave the Padres ten solid years at shortstop despite sore knees. Had a rifle for an arm.
  • 3B – Ken Caminiti (1995-1998) – NL MVP in 1996. Struck fear in the heart of every opposing pitcher. Leads all Padres hitters in SLG (.540) and OPS (.924). Career tainted by the admitted use of PEDs. Died of drug abuse in 2004.
  • OF – Dave Winfield (1973-1980) – Four times an All-Star before being lured away by Yankee dollars.
  • OF – Steve Finley (1995-1998) – Easily the best center fielder to wear the Padres uniform. Awarded three Gold Gloves in his four-year tenure with the club.
  • OF – Tony Gwynn (1982-2001) – They don’t call him “Mr. Padre” for nothing. 3141 hits, a lifetime .338 BA, sixteen All-Star appearances, and inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2007.
  • Pitcher – Randy Jones (1973-1980) – Won the Cy Young award in 1976 as the best pitcher in the National League.
  • Pitcher – Eric Show (1981-1990) – Show’s 100 wins tops all Padres pitchers.
  • Pitcher – Jake Peavy (2002-2008) – 92 wins and a 3.29 ERA. The winner of the 2007 NL Cy Young Award.
  • Reliever – Trevor Hoffman (1993-2008) – 552 saves and a 2.76 ERA. Six-time All-Star. The best closer of his era. Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2018.

Special mention: There’s too many players to name, but some of my other favorites of the past include Roberto Alomar (2B), Andy Ashby (P), Heath Bell (P), Kevin Brown (P), Joe Carter (1B), Nate Colbert (1B), Steve Garvey (1B), Brian Giles (OF), Goose Gossage (P), Kahlil Greene (SS), Wally Joyner (1B), Terry Kennedy (C), Ryan Klesko (OF), Fred McGriff (1B), Phil Nevin (3B), Bip Roberts (2B), Gary Sheffield (3B), Ozzie Smith (SS), and Greg Vaughn (OF).

Is there a spiritual bottom line to all of this blathering about the Padres? Actually, there is. Tune in next week.

Newsflash!: Yesterday, the Padres signed free-agent slugger, Manny Machado, to a $300 million, ten-year contract. Will Machado be the marquee franchise player the Padres can build a pennant winner around or will he turn out to be the club’s biggest bust?

21 thoughts on “The San Diego Padres’ 50th Anniversary All-Time Team

    1. $30 mil. per year. That’s $82,000 a day for ten years. Makes your head spin. The Padres payroll for the entire team was only $100 mil. last year. But of course we know that kind of money can also invite a slew of temptations and problems.

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      1. It’s early, and I’m still working on my first cup of joe, but I got Machado at $14K per hour!

        $30 mil/52 weeks = $576K per week
        $576K/40 hours = $14K per hour


    1. Thanks, Michael. Yes it’s an uncharacteristically bold move by the Padres. They have several “blue chippers” down on the farm who are scheduled to start coming up this year and next, so I think Padres management is hoping things will gel in two or three years behind Machado’s big stick.

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  1. Baseball is, by far, my favorite sport. We usually ask my husbands company to get cable in our corporate housing, just so we don’t miss any baseball games! It’s probably the only thing left that’s remained genuinely family friendly. I look forward to Machado’s grand slams this year, hopefully he has a great season for your Padres brother! It’s always nice to see recognizable faces on the roaster. The Rangers brought up so many new kids I didn’t hardly know anyone on the field last year!
    I eargerly look forward to your connection with the Gospel, my friend, I always admire you’re ability to bring it back to the most important arena!

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    1. Thanks, sister! Padres fans haven’t had much to cheer about since the last time the team was in the playoffs in 2006. I hope the Rangers have a good season for you! Yes, we can have some fun and relaxation following sports and other interests/hobbies, but it always comes back to the Gospel. My next Padres post will be about three players on the team who were Christians, but who lost their focus, one of them dramatically.

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      1. Thanks for the encouragement, sister! I’m guessing many believers here at WordPress aren’t all that enthused about what they initially perceive to be posts about “secular” topics, but I like to eventually tie most of those “secular” posts back to spiritual truths. For believers, spirituality enters into every aspect of life.

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    1. Yeah, most of that had to do with the Padres signing a big bat free agent for a ton of money yesterday. Very unlike the Padres to spend like that. Maybe the Padres will give “your” Dodgers a little more competition this year as a result?

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      1. Yeah, baseball is so unfair with no salary cap. The large market teams have such a huge advantage. But the players’ union successfully blocked a salary cap so talented free agents like Machado make out like bandits and the teams pass it onto the fans. The average family can’t afford an afternoon at the ballpark anymore.

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