Oh, yes! She’s going back to work today! 🤗

On Mondays, we normally continue our examination of passages from Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong’s book, “The Catholic Verses,” but today we’re going to put our regular series on hold and celebrate a special occasion.

As many of you know, this past November 16th my wife fell in the bathtub and broke her left femur. She had badly fractured the same bone previously in 1984 while demonstrating to our two sons how to skateboard and the bone was never 100% afterwards.

My wife’s been undergoing physical therapy for the last thirteen weeks and has graduated from using a walker to a cane and now walks without a cane half the time.

After a three-month recuperation, my wife is returning back to work today, where she’s an RN at an outpatient headache treatment center. She’ll be working just three days per week initially.

My wife was REALLY getting to enjoy the retirement lifestyle, but, realistically, retirement is still a couple of years away for us. She has mixed feelings about returning back to work, but of course she’s grateful for her job and looking forward to seeing her work friends again.

I thank the Lord for helping my wife through this difficult time and continuing to heal her leg. She’s come a long way in three months and it’s all because of our Shepherd. We both had to “readjust our lifestyles” in light of the circumstances, and not always gracefully, but the Lord walked us through it. Thank you all for your prayers on her behalf!

30 thoughts on “Oh, yes! She’s going back to work today! 🤗

    1. Thanks, Jimmy, and thanks for your prayers! She is absolutely pooped. She is off tomorrow, back to work Wednesday and Thursday and off Friday. She said she really needs the day off tomorrow.

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      1. Many retired Rochesterians go to Florida or other Southern states for the winter months. But many are also moving out permanently because of the sky high property taxes.

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      2. Because manufacturing moved out decades ago and the ceiling-high taxes discourage new businesses from moving in, Trump told Upstate New York residents in 2017 that they live in a toxic economic region and they should get out. He repeated the statement to reporters this month. Of course, he’s digging at N.Y. Senator Chuck Schumer, but it’s also the truth. Young people who graduate from colleges here can’t find any jobs here. The top businesses in this once-booming manufacturing center are now the two hospital systems.

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      3. I try to stay out of the political fray, but it amazes me how the state has been downspiraling for decades with people moving out in droves, yet the residents who remain keep voting for the same politicians. Louise Slaughter, our congressperson from 1987 until her death last year at age 88, was the primo example.

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      4. True. And very strangely the economic miasma of the region is not an election campaign issue. Neither party would have the guts to implement a major tax-cutting austerity program which is what’s needed. We’re probably past the point of no return economically which is what Trump is alluding to.

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