Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/9/19

Nineteenth-century and early-twentieth-century Protestant literature included many convent escape narratives written by ex-nuns that testified of rampant abuse (emotional, physical, sexual) within Catholic convents. Catholic spokespersons of the past (and even in the present, see here) dismissed the accounts as “Puritan porn.” It’s quite ironic, isn’t it, to now see pope Francis acknowledging the abuse (although he didn’t mention nun-on-nun abuse)?

I believe the number of states that are now investigating the Catholic church for sexual abuse and cover-up currently stands at fourteen. In some of those states, like Texas, Catholic dioceses are preemptively releasing the names of abusive priests in an effort to feign proaction. Why didn’t the bishops release the names of predatory priests a year ago? Sorry, that was a rhetorical question. The nation was outraged when the state of Pennsylvania released the name of 300 abusive priests last August, but subsequent revelations in other states are becoming, ho-hum, routine as this scandal tsunami continues.

Why would anyone follow word-of-faith, prosperity gospel shysters like Paula White?

If Catholic bishops and priests are going to start policing who can and can’t come forward for communion, they need to start first within their own ranks of child abusers and enablers.

Several PC Catholic bishops publicly criticized the students of Covington Catholic High School for facing off with Native American activists several weeks ago. Lawyers for the students see dollar $ign$.

Back in parochial school, we were taught Christopher Columbus/Cristoforo Colombo was a great Catholic hero. We weren’t told about the forced baptisms, persecution, and enslavement of indigenous natives that was par for the course in Catholic expeditionary efforts.

Francis once again promoted Catholicism’s ecumenical-interfaith agenda by reaching out to Muslim religious leaders on a recent visit to the UAE. During his stay, Francis repeated the Catholic teaching that Muslims and Catholics are together “God’s children” and that both worship the same God.

In light of the current scandal tsunami, many Catholics are finding it increasingly troublesome to sit in a pew and listen to a priest instruct them on morality. Pray that many of these troubled Catholics will accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and leave the RCC.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/9/19

  1. See, this is why in our work, we believe each church to be an independent body who reports directly to the Lord Jesus Christ. We do not believe in any form of outside ecclesiastical authority. Within the churches, no person has authority over any other, but that is also reserved for the church itself. Abuses are all to common. I believe I understand that if some Bishop says you can’t take communion that you will not merit heaven. How can one many hold the authority to basically revoke a person’s salvation? That’s crazy to me.

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    1. RE: Bishops prohibiting communion

      Yup, receiving the “consecrated” communion wafer is considered very close to essential in Catholicism’s salvation system so by barring someone from receiving communion the bishop or priest is basically consigning them to hell. So much bad theology all the way around.

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      1. Yeah, I thought that was the case. Sad really, to allow one man to have such power. We have one mediator…call no man father….I suppose I could go on. This is the entire problem, though, with ALL works based religious traditions; rules have to be made up to provide structure to the system, then people are in charge of enforcing the rules. The problem is when they just make up rules to reinforce their position of power and exert control over others. This is legalism at it’s abusive worst. You know, we had a church in our town that fell prey to that, and became nothing but an empire for the pastor. They finally realized what he was doing and he was sent packing, It was a really bad situation. Now they are just a regular Reformed Baptist Church. The only one of those around, I am pretty sure.

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      2. Wally, your comments above are a good synopsis of the Catholic religious system; sacramental rites and rules, all tightly controlled by a separate clergy class. The Catholic clerics made themselves indispensable as part of Catholic’s merited salvation.

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  2. 1.) “Pope Acknowledges That Priests and Bishops Sexually Abused Nuns”
    THis sounds so heinous and pornographic and evil to the maximum degree…

    2.) “Catholic Church in Texas Names Nearly 300 Priests Accused of Sex Abuse”

    3.) “Lawyers for students of Covington Catholic High School warn various Catholic entities of possible legal action”
    I personally hope they sue certain celebrities that said they want to hurt the kids and also those spread lies too.

    4.) “In heart of Muslim world, Pope calls for true religious freedom”
    Its crazy where the Pope is going, and going fast, these days…

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      1. Yup, the system has been so corrupt for 1500 years.
      3. These days people will throw their own children under the bus in order to satisfy the PC police.
      4. Despite all the chaos inside the Vatican these days Francis is still making ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue a priority.

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