Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/2/19

Last weekend, I mentioned that the Governor of New York State, Roman Catholic, Andrew Cuomo (photo left), pushed a new law through the state legislature which allows an abortion right up to the pre-born infant’s delivery date. Reaction from conservative Catholics has been swift, with many calling for the church’s clerics to excommunicate Cuomo, which will NEVER happen. Cuomo retaliated by suggesting the Catholic clergy were hardly in a position to school him on morality as he pointed to the RCC’s longstanding opposition to liberalizing recourse for victims of childhood sexual abuse. Unsurprisingly, 59% of NY Catholics polled supported the new abortion law. I see that Christian nationalist, Franklin Graham, has called upon his “good friend,” Roman Catholic cardinal, Timothy Dolan (photo right) of New York, to excommunicate the governor. Graham should be putting his energy into evangelizing Catholics, but he’s following in his father’s footsteps in betraying the Gospel through ecumenism.

The predatory priests and cover-up scandal tsunami has dominated Catholic news headlines since last June, but pope Francis’ advancement of his progressive agenda continues unabated. Interesting to read that there’s a movement afoot calling for Francis to resign. That’s obviously more bluster than substance. When will conservative Catholics demonstrate the courage of their convictions and break away from Francis and his progressive allies?

The relentless regathering of the Protestant “separated brethren” is a constant priority for the Vatican. The statement by the archbishop of Canterbury highlights another reason why Anglicanism/Episcopalism as a “Protestant” denomination is completely apostate and a whited sepulcher.

Since 2002, when the Boston Globe blew the lid off the RCC’s predatory priests and cover-up scandal, the church’s hierarchy has had more than ample opportunity to comprehensively address the grievous problem, but has made no progress. That is not surprising because, as headlines continue to show, the prelates themselves are connected directly to the wrongdoing. In reaction to the “Summer of 2018” scandal tsunami, Francis called for this upcoming February 21-24 Vatican summit of all the church’s bishops, but is cautioning that the problem of abuse is still unlikely to be resolved. Actually, the problem will never be resolved because Catholic seminaries, with their rule of mandatory celibacy, both attract and foster deviancy.

I couple of weekend roundups ago, I referenced a local news report that identified seven Jesuit priests who taught at the “prestigious” McQuaid Jesuit High School over the years as predatory sexual abusers. I suggested that the seven were probably only the tip of the iceberg. The story above that was published this past Thursday proves me right.

After the serious news this weekend, we all need some (very) far-fetched joviality!

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/2/19

  1. Thanks for this round up! Here’s my feedback!

    1.) “Unsurprisingly, 59% of NY Catholics polled supported the new abortion law.”
    So many Catholics are really Catholics in name; they all need the Gospel still.

    2.) “Graham should be putting his energy into evangelizing Catholics,”
    I wonder if Graham have witnessed to his Cardinal friend…

    3.) ““Who cares?” if Anglicans become Catholic says the Archbishop of Canterbury”
    Wow that’s crazy. But Evangelical conservative Anglicans are frowned upon by the Archbishop of Cantebury…

    4.) ” Actually, the problem will never be resolved because Catholic seminaries, with their rule of mandatory celibacy, both attract and foster deviancy.”
    Response: I don’t even want to know what goes on in these “seminaries…”

    5.) Love the Babylon Bee satire!

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      1) Yup, Catholic sources say only 12% of Catholics go to confession at least once per year which is mandatory.

      2) I very much doubt if Graham witnessed to Dolan.

      3) Yes, there are some Christians within Anglicanism. I know there’s some Anglican branches in Australia that are very conservative. But I wonder why any believer would stay within Anglicanism because it’s getting worse and worse.

      4. Ditto

      5. Thanks! I got a chuckle, too!

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      1. Yeah Anglicanism is more conservative in Australia and Africa than in the West. They are world’s apart! Its crazy how little Catholics believe and practice their faith; what a mission field they are for the Gospel and no doubt God is using your blog to plant seeds!

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      2. RE: Yes, always good to point out the exceptions where the Gospel is still preached within Anglicanism rather than painting with a broad brush. Thanks! Yup, Roman Catholics are a huge mission field.

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  2. Thank you Tom. I am grateful you mentioned Franklin Graham. We had an unpleasant situation between two Christians last week, Aparently Graham is in my country preaching the gospel in many venues around the country. One of the women involved in the incident said that Graham was into Ecumenism just like his father. The other one disagreed and you can imagine the rest. I didn’t know much about Franklin until reading your post.

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    1. Thanks, Crissy. Yes, Franklin is very much an ecumenist like his father, lifting up Catholic bishops and priests as preachers of the Gospel. As we know, Billy Graham is highly venerated by most evangelicals so any criticism of him is usually not well received.

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