A small publication that’s well worth reading

Back several decades ago, when I was a young Christian, I used to enjoy getting a few Christian periodicals in the mail, including “Moody Monthly” and “The Sword of the Lord.” These days, there’s so much information available via the internet (good and bad) that periodicals seem quaintly anachronistic.

However, last year I began receiving the Ulster Bulwark quarterly, which always has an interesting collection of short articles, albeit with at least one focused on the activities of the Christian churches in Northern Ireland. Below is the contents listing for the January-March issue that I recently received:

  • The Warfare of the Christian Life
  • Three Weeks in Another Town: The Bern Disputation of 1528
  • Strossmayer and Papal Infallibility
  • The Answer to a Political Crisis
  • Who Do Protestants Say the Pope is and Why Do They Say It?
  • Ulster’s Mission Hall Legacy
  • Short book reviews

Included with this quarter’s issue was the small booklet, “Concerning Papal Infallibility: The evidence proves otherwise,” the infamous speech given by Croatian Catholic bishop, Josip Juraj Strossmeyer, at the First Vatican Council, which debunked the claims for Petrine primacy and the subsequent dogmatic declaration of papal infallibility by that council. Every believer should read this speech. I’ve read a little bit on Vatican I’s and pope Pius IX’s self-serving declaration of papal infallibility, but I need to hit the stacks for some greater detail.

Receive your complimentary subscription to the Ulster Bulwark via the link to the website below:


Postcript: Because of the article in this issue of the Ulster Bulwark about Vatican I and the accompanying copy of Strossmeyer’s speech, I was motivated to download the Kindle ebook version of “Vatican I: The Council and the Making of the Ultramontane Church.” Review to follow in a few weeks.

11 thoughts on “A small publication that’s well worth reading

  1. Thank you, Tom. There are a couple of things in this post that I relate to; Chapel Library publishes an excellent free periodical Free Grace Broadcaster including articles from the Reformers and Puritans. Also, I follow the services of a church in Northern Ireland, since two years ago when Jerry and I were unable to attend our church. I found Magherafelt Free Presbyterian Church on Sermon Audio. They broadcast five hours ahead of our EST so we can attend our church’s services and still watch theirs in the afternoon.

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    1. Fran, thanks for the good feedback! I recently subscribed to a monthly called The Banner of Truth that I’ve been meaning to get for a couple of years. I have a fondness for Martyn Lloyd-Jones so that has led me down a few paths associated with evangelicalism in the U.K.

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      1. No, sorry, it’s not online. I’ve been telling people it’s taking me a long time to get through it because it’s like very thick, triple-chocolate cake. People tend to read the Sermon on the Mount as a social gospel for correcting social ills, but Lloyd-Jones redirects the reader to the sermon’s true, spiritual meaning. Thank you, and blessings to you in your studies as well!


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