Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 1/26/19

Americans were galvanized by the video clip of a 16-year-old high school student confronting Native American activist, Nathan Phillips, in Washington D.C. on Friday, January 18th. The teenager was joined by his fellow Covington Catholic High School (Park Hills, Kentucky) classmates, many of whom “taunted” Phillips and other Native Americans in his entourage, with faux Native American war chants while wearing caps with “Make America Great Again” logos. It’s obvious why politically-liberal media sources sought to exploit this incident. I personally don’t get too excited about most things that high school students do. It was unwise for the teen to engage in a stare-down contest with Phillips, but the actions of Phillips and the other Native Americans accompanying him could also easily be interpreted as confrontational and inflammatory (they approached the students, not vice versa). Phillips claims he was only trying to diffuse an earlier confrontation between the students and Black Hebrew Israelite radical provocateurs (who spewed racist comments at both the Native Americans and students that the media chose to overlook without comment). The two Catholic media articles above, one liberal, one conservative, reflect the opposing camps within Catholicism. I normally don’t post on political matters, but this one is creating quite a buzz among American Catholics. Bottom line: the Catholic high schoolers, Phillips, and Black Hebrew Israelites all need salvation in Jesus Christ.

New York State’s new abortion law, championed by Roman Catholic, Governor Andrew Cuomo, allows full-term abortions right up until the baby’s delivery date. The new World Trade Center building in New York City was lit up in pink lights to “celebrate” the passage of the new law. Cuomo has previously stated he desires for New York to be noted as the most progressive state in the country. An abortion during any point of a pregnancy is horrendous, but imagine, if you can, an abortionist ending the life of a pre-born infant only a week prior to his/her birth.

Few evangelicals understand how important the “sacrifice of the mass” is to Catholicism, whereby the priest allegedly changes bread wafers and wine into Jesus Christ and then offers him up to God the Father as a sacrifice for sins. The Catholic laity then consume the Jesus wafer, believing it imparts graces to help them live a “moral” life so that they may hopefully someday merit Heaven.

Pope Francis has been accused of covering up for sexual predators, bishop Gustavo Zanchetta and cardinal Ted McCarrick, as well as for several prelate enablers.

This story focuses on one particular Catholic seminary to demonstrate how anti-Francis sentiment is growing among conservative Catholic clergy and academicians.

These “Psalms Experts” must be Baptist stoics like me.

I had a 30-something male neighbor who used to live across the street who routinely parked his car in the garage during the winter months while his wife’s car stayed outside in the driveway and collected snow. And who brushed the snow off her car every morning? She did, much to my wife’s consternation. Another blow against toxic masculinity!


As I mentioned above, I try not to comment on political issues, but the recent government shut-down tipped the scales once again. I’ve lived through the administrations of twelve U.S. presidents (with admittedly few memories of Ike), but in sixty-two years I’ve never witnessed the lack of leadership, decorum, civility, and statesmanship that I’ve seen in the last two years. If nothing else, the chaos we’re seeing in Washington should teach people that their salvation is not via government or politics.

13 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 1/26/19

  1. Hi, brother our hope is in Jesus Christ and Him Alone not the Government or the President but most if not many don’t get that but you, me, and others get that. it’s Ephesians 6:12 and Romans 1. I heard that Catholics want the Catholic Church to excommunicate the Governor of New York over abortion can they do they? the Irony is the Catholic Church excommunicates us who are Born Again and believes in justification by Grace Alone through in Christ Alone and they damn us as well based on the Council of Trent Canon 9. MARANATHA!

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    1. Hi brother. The RCC won’t excommunicate Cuomo because they know it would be a disastrous PR move. He probably doesn’t bother going to mass anyway except for funerals and weddings like the majority of Catholics. Yup, the RCC anathematized all believers at Trent and despite the current ecumenical cordiality, never rescinded that.

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      1. Nope, you right they won’t do that it would make them look way worse even now with everything going on with the RCC. Cuomo is probably the Catholic version of a Protestant Christian who claims to be a Christian but only goes to church on Christmas and Easter but has no personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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      2. RE: would make them look way worse even now with everything going on

        Good point. The Roman hierarchy has a lot of trouble presenting itself as the morality police in anyone’s eyes these days.


  2. 1.) “Bottom line: the Catholic high schoolers, Phillips, and Black Hebrew Israelites all need salvation in Jesus Christ.”

    2.) “Catholic clergy have acted more shamefully in Covington controversy than leftist media”
    They were quick to condemn high school kids, but not pedophile priests…

    3.) “Catholic leaders: Excommunicate Gov. Cuomo over New York’s extreme abortion law”
    I can’t imagine living in NY under this governor. More frightening that excommunication is Cuomo facing God on judgment day with everything he’s done…

    4.) “Report: Pope Francis knew about Argentina bishop’s sexual misconduct prior to Vatican promotion”
    Looks like this Pope has some skeletons in his own closet. Shame on him.

    5.) Wow can’t understand that husband who treats his wife that way!

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      2) Ain’t it the truth!

      3) Absolutely. I think with Bernie’s success in 2016, Cuomo is already campaigning to be the progressive front-runner in 2020.

      4) Yes, looks like there’s some evidence his hands are dirty but not enough to force him to resign.
      5) It was one of my wife’s bigger pet peeves.

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  3. Another great weekend round up, brother! The scandals in the RCC are hard to read, made more difficult by the knowledge of what was happening to these children by leadership. I wonder if, being celibate and having no children of their own, it was easier to be cold hearted in that area?
    The satire was so funny! My poor husband has multiple fractures in his lower back, they caused a disk to herniate and now it’s sitting on his sciatic nerve. He has a birth defect so when one fracture heals a new one comes along. He still carries the heavy groceries and refuses to EVER let me drop him off at the front of stores. I’m the, umm victim, toxic masculinity 😂 but in our house we call it being a gentlemen!

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    1. Thanks, sister! Yes, the attitude in the RCC that prevailed for centuries was to protect the church’s reputation at any cost, including the child victims. The rule of celibacy which attracted and fostered deviancy did a lot more damage than the church would ever be willing to admit.

      My wife is very “old fashioned” when it comes to chivalry and was livid at the sight of the neighbor woman scraping off her car windows every day while her husband nonchalantly backed out of the garage.

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