Polish Pottery – Genuine and fakes

My enamorment with my Polish heritage during my long prodigal journey away from the Lord (see here) dovetailed with the trendy popularity of Polish pottery in the U.S. Back in the mid-aughts, you could find displays of Polish pottery in many department and discount stores throughout the country. We even had a shop near us devoted exclusively to Polish pottery called Market Square Polish Pottery located at Northfield Commons at 50 State Street in Pittsford, New York. The shop was opened in 2007 by an enterprising young couple, Danielle and Jim Bonsignore (Danielle was part-Polish), and I bought three pieces, which we still enjoy today (photo left).

During the Polish pottery craze, you could find less-expensive, imitation pieces in discount stores. But all of the Polish pottery actually manufactured in the Bolesławiec region of Poland are stamped with a seal of authenticity on the underside (photo right).

Fads and trends come and go and Polish pottery is no longer anywhere near as popular as it used to be. Market Square Polish Pottery struggled for a couple of years and finally closed its doors. Even the Polish Americans living in the Greater Rochester area wouldn’t support the shop. Polish Americans are generally known for having little interest in their cultural heritage, but that’s another post.

The proliferation of inexpensive knock-offs during height of the Polish pottery craze reminds me of the proliferation of churches that claim to be Christian. There’s churches out there that deny the truths of the Bible, churches that preach works salvation, and churches that preach prosperity in this temporal world. But a true church preaches repentance of sin and the Good News of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. That is the Lord’s authenticating mark. Don’t waste your time on the forgeries because they are spiritually toxic.

Bolesławiec Polish Pottery – Wikipedia article

26 thoughts on “Polish Pottery – Genuine and fakes

    1. Thanks, Beth! The sad addendum to this post that you’re well aware of is that there are churches that preach the genuine Gospel of grace that embrace as Christian churches/denominations that don’t preach the Gospel of grace.

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    1. Thanks, Wally! Just a simple analogy that popped into my head as I was eating clam dip from the smaller Polish pottery dish. Hope you’re all doing okay given the circumstances.

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      1. We are okay, Tom, thanks. After alllmost 3 months of practically continuous caregiving, we are all sort of wondering what our mission is now. I am actually really busy. I am working a full work week, this week, studying for my Real Estate license reactivation, blogging, and trying to get my quartely devotionals done. I need that paycheck LOL, so don’t dare miss a deadline.

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