Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 12/8/18

It’s interesting to watch pope Francis’ progressive allies taking potshots at the conservative EWTN Catholic media conglomerate and vice versa. These are indeed fascinating times when conservative Catholics feel they must oppose their pope.

Here in Western/Central New York, the dioceses of Buffalo and Syracuse have recently come out with their “limited” lists of abusive pedophile priests. The diocese of Rochester last updated its list of abusive priests in 2012. Expect more priests to be identified in all three cities, along with their bishop-enablers, following current investigations by the State of New York and the U.S. Department of Justice. We’ve already seen evidence of Buffalo’s bishop, Richard Malone, covering up for abusive priests. He still defiantly clings to his office six weeks after the airing of the “60 Minutes” exposé in late-October.

It’s ironic that, only now, during this current pedophile priests and cover-up scandal tsunami, are Catholics beginning to acknowledge and react to the phenomenon of the large percentage of homosexuals in the ranks of their priests. Catholicism’s mandatory rule of clerical celibacy both attracted and fostered deviancy.

These testimonies by disaffected Catholics are heartbreaking. Understandably repulsed by the corruption of their church’s priests and hierarchy, they’re abandoning religion altogether. Where are the evangelicals pointing them to Jesus Christ and the Gospel of grace?

When every Catholic in North America reads a headline like the one above, they say to themselves, Who are the bishops to tell us what is sinful when they’ve been covering up for pedophile priests for decades, if they haven’t been abusing children themselves?

I got a good chuckle out of this satire from the Babylon Bee. I remember, as a new convert to Christ, going through the sometimes “awkward” process of giving up old habits and acquiring some new ones.

22 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 12/8/18

    1. Thanks, Caroline! Yes, it’s a wonderfully expressive photo. Maybe I’m wrong but I couldn’t help but think that the expression and hand gesture are things Francis learned from his Italian mama. 🙂

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      1. Some days I am mad about it and some days I am discouraged and some days my heart aches for those that just won’t listen to God’s reasoning. Yes we were one of “them” but now that I know the Truth I feel the proverbial clock ticking faster for the lost. The more the days go on the more darkness is creeping in. There is still hope though and I must not let the devil tempt me into thinking anything the Holy Spirit gives me to share is for nought! He is a liar!

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      2. Thanks. Yes, I share all of your heartfelt sentiments. One of the things that bothers me the most is how many evangelicals are embracing Roman Catholicism as Christian. The poor disaffected Catholics who are disgusted by the scandals in their church are dropping out and see no other option because so many evangelicals now support/embrace the Catholic church. I have to remind myself (actually the Lord reminds me) that the widening compromise and betrayal are all part of God’s plan leading to the end times.

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  1. 1.) ” fascinating times when conservative Catholics feel they must oppose their pope.”
    Fascinating times indeed; I think God is judging Romanism by showing how inconsistent it is.

    2.) “Syracuse diocese releases list of 57 sexually abusive priests”
    Wow that is so evil…57 abusive priests…and more to follow? How many victims?? How evil are the Cover up! I’m glad the FBI is investigating!

    Took a lot longer to get to your post since I had a busy weekend!!

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    1. Thanks for the good comments! The current situation in the RCC with the battle between conservatives and pope Francis’ progressives AND the scandal tsunami is momentous. Several observers have said the RCC hasn’t faced this much adversity since the Reformation.

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  2. Sorry..! I’ve read that many researchers shown that protestants have more pedophile than Catholic……BTW…I’m a convert catholic (ex protestant) I’ve read your post…Now,you’re putting your soul in danger..believe me,Protestantism is nothing but a denominations lot of heresies and lies…..they are men believing,…I know that Catholicism is affected by modernism but that doesn’t make it less a Church ,founded by Christ…my dear brother..think once again ,you’re putting your soul in danger…..prolong Protestantism leads to agnostic and atheism which I was before .


    1. RE: I’ve read that many researchers shown that protestants have more pedophile than Catholic

      Nonsense. Show me the research.

      RE: I’m a convert catholic (ex protestant)

      But you never accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior by faith alone when you were a “Protestant” or you wouldn’t have desired the shackles of Catholic legalism.

      RE: Now,you’re putting your soul in danger

      But your pope says even atheists will merit heaven if they follow their conscience and are “good.” You are the one who has put their soul in danger by following Christ-less (c)hristianity. You cannot merit your salvation as your institution teaches. Read:

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