Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 12/1/18

Last weekend, I posted that cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, president of the United States Catholic Bishops’ Conference, was strongly suspected of covering up for pedophile priests. This past Wednesday, local and federal law enforcement officers raided DiNardo’s offices in Houston in search of evidence (photo above). Is there a U.S. Catholic bishop who isn’t connected to this scandal in some form or fashion?

For 150 years, Catholic spokespersons branded Protestant exposés of convent abuse as “Puritan porn,” but the current avalanche of reported abuse cases leaves Catholic apologists speechless. Yes, even the nuns who remain in the church are now speaking up about being abused by priests.

I’ll probably watch and review this exposé of the Word of Faith Fellowship Church when it finally broadcasts.

As every Catholic with a modicum of awareness knows, homosexuality is rife among the celibate Catholic clergy. As the investigations and media scrutiny continue, more and more of these personal “indiscretions” by high-ranking prelates will be brought to light.

It’s obvious to all believers who have gone through it that the “dating scene” is a potentially perilous time for Christian teens (and adults), but the rigorous courtship process exemplified by the Duggars and other like-minded Dominionists seemed a bit extreme?

Sadly, I imagine there are more than a few “evangelical” women who admire the popular Held Evans.

Membership in the American Catholic church was already declining, but this latest scandal tsunami will have the church leaking members like a sieve. How many will turn to Jesus Christ and the Gospel of grace and how many will be so disgusted they will shun any form of religion?

A small number of Catholic entertainers wear their legalistic religion on their shirtsleeves like Stephen Colbert, Patricia Heaton, and Mark Wahlberg, although Heaton has stated she won’t give another penny to the church until it substantively addresses the pedophile priests and cover-up scandal. Like all faithful Catholics, Colbert is attempting to merit his way into Heaven. Pope Francis has said atheists are also able to merit Heaven, so what was the advantage of Colbert reverting back to his works religion?

At the place where the tire meets the road, college football and the NFL are bigger priorities for many Christian men than Jesus Christ.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 12/1/18

  1. 1.) “Investigators Raid Offices of President of U.S. Catholic Bishops”
    Seems like this involves a lot more of Roman Catholic leadership than most Catholic Parishoners would like to believe.

    2.) Wow even Nuns are speaking up

    3.) “Cardinal Tobin admits to ‘temporarily’ housing Italian actor known for posing shirtless”
    I think you are right with the internet we will see more of these homosexual priests being exposed for liking men.

    4.) Rachel Held Evans original tweet about Jesus being racists recieved a huge back lash even from her fan based. You know what’s ironic? As much as she said people don’t think Jesus is racists is afraid of embracing Jesus’ humanity I think the one that has fear is her with fear of upsetting her fan base for this time going to far. Do you remember her latest book that I gave a 9 part critique on our blog? In that book she flirts with the idea of Jesus being racists too but wasn’t as overt as her recent tweet. She is terrible theologically, biblically and even plain old common sense.

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      1. Yes, I think were going to see many bishops implicated in the current investigations.

      2. Yes, so ironic that that book come out only a month ago from a Catholic academician that poo pooed the 19th century convent escape narratives.

      3. Catholic conservatives are really working hard these days to expose the queer culture that’s rampant among the clergy.

      4. She’s probably even more heretical than her books indicate (she slipped in her tweets) but she must accommodate her many fans who identify as “evangelical.”

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    1. Hi Jackie, Yup, I have that story already queued up for tomorrow’s post but thanks for the heads up! Abortion is abhorrent at any point of the pregnancy, but they justified early-term abortions saying the baby was just a formless blob. Imagine the abortionist killing the baby a week before it’s due! Argh!


      1. I have heard Catholic apologists talk about this dilemma their church has with liberal Catholic politicians who support abortion. Conservative Catholics would like to see their bishops excommunicate those like Cuomo, but that would create a huge PR problem for the church and provoke the liberal-leaning laity, a sizeable percentage of the membership.

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      2. It seems to me that many Catholics don’t even truly know what their church teaches. So many Catholics and even professing Christians treat their faith like a smorgasbord…they take what they like and pass by the rest.

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      3. Yup, I agree with you that the great majority of Catholics could not explain their religion in any detail. I worked with a Catholic man who said at least part of the rosary every night with his wife and children. He argued very strongly with me that Jesus wasn’t God.


      4. That’s weird! It breaks my heart that so many Catholic’s (many of my own family included) believe that the Catholic Church is the one true faith…started by Jesus. They catch themselves speaking out of both sides of their mouth though. On one hand they say you can’t be saved unless you know the “fullness” of truth which they claim is the Catholic Church but then they have the pope saying even an atheist if he is morally a “good” person can be saved! Ridiculous. Furthermore they are depending on a false “safety net” of purgatory to get them into heaven eventually…and there’s no changing their minds. They have been blinded to the truth. But all things are possible with God! I believe we must pray for blind eyes to be opened. I have also been praying for God to remove the bitterness I feel in my heart about the Catholic Church. I cannot witness effectively as long as I feel such anger and bitterness. It’s a true struggle.

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      5. RE: fullness of truth vs. even “good” atheists go to Heaven

        I think this is a huge quandary for many Catholics. They surely ask themselves why go to mass and all that rigmarole if “good” atheists allegedly go to Heaven? Yes, I get angry at the Catholic hierarchy as well; the pope, cardinals, bishops, and priests. We need to remember they are also lost souls and pawns of the evil one.

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