The Lessons of the Seven Churches Never Grow Stale

Christ’s Call to Reform the Church
By John MacArthur
Moody Publishers, 2018, 199 pages

If you’ve been a follower of Jesus Christ for a length of time, you’ve probably heard at least one sermon on the Lord’s letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor referred to in Revelation, chapters 2 and 3. Our pastor did a sermon series on the seven churches not all that long ago, so when I first saw publication notices for this book, I wasn’t all that sure about purchasing it, but I’m very glad I did.

Pastor J. Mac examines the the Lord’s letters to each of the churches and provides excellent analysis of what was happening at each fellowship, both the good and the bad. MacArthur then makes applications to Christian churches in our current era. There’s also plenty of life applications for the individual believer. This is a short book, but rich in spiritual exhortation and admonishment. In our current era, when fewer and fewer churches are standing upon God’s Word without compromise, this book is required reading.


  1. Calling the Church to Repent
  2. The Lord’s Work in His Church
  3. The Loveless Church: Ephesus
  4. The Persecuted Church: Smyrna
  5. The Compromising Church: Pergamum
  6. The Corrupt Church: Thyatira
  7. The Dead Church: Sardis
  8. The Faithful Church: Philadelphia
  9. The Lukewarm Church: Laodicea
  10. The Need for a New Reformation




17 thoughts on “The Lessons of the Seven Churches Never Grow Stale

    1. I’d like to see that! With our pastor having done a series on the 7 churches, and then this book, I’m on a 7 churches “roll.” I don’t mean to make fun. Christ’s letters to the 7 churches are sobering for the most part.

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      1. Yes, they are. But, there are some really good lessons in them. My little posts were not eschatlogical at all, but totally written towards and application for today. I never got around to the churches who were pleasing the Lord, and meant to expand the others a bit. Maybe I will now.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about preaching a sermon series on the seven churches sometime. I shouldn’t have been surprised MacArthur has a book on it though for some reason I didn’t hear about this one! Thanks for the review and your thoughts on it!

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    1. My pleasure and thanks for the comments! Maybe two or three times a year I’ll search Amazon for any upcoming releases from JMac and then watch for them, but I’ll only buy those that are geared toward Theology 101 folks. So much exhortation and admonishment in those seven short letters.

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      1. Man this is really firing me to think about doing this sometime next year. But I also need to start getting ready to teach in an overseas underground seminary and that might take away time from it and plus I am still in Romans but I really want to do it sometime with my church. Glad you read MacArthur!

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      2. I hesitated in buying this book because our pastor had just done a series on the 7 churches maybe 6 or 8 months ago, but as it turned out, what I had learned in the sermon series helped me to understand and appreciate even more what was written in the book.

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      3. Doing good, brother, thanks for asking! Hope you had a good day, too. Yes, I give J. Mac credit for calling out false teachers and the Roman Catholic church. These days few nationally known evangelical pastors are willing to take a stand like that.


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