Spiritual lessons from raking leaves???

We have many oak trees on our property, as do our surrounding neighbors, so the entire month of November is devoted to removing the massive amount of fallen leaves. I’ve already hauled seven tarp-loads to the curb and anticipate around another forty or so by the end of the month. I thought this might be a good time to re-blog this post from last year. Thank you, Lord, for my leaf blower!


After a very tumultuous period in our marriage, the Lord miraculously brought my wife and I back together in 2002. We then lived in an apartment for a couple of years and in 2004 we were looking for a new home. We were both in our late-forties at the time. Our two sons were adults and on their own and after having a house and a yard for twenty-two years, I was thinking in terms of a condominium. But my wife and her realtor sister went looking at houses “just for grins” and called me at work one day, saying to come quick and check out the “dream house” they had found. I pulled into the driveway and gulped hard. Argh! The house was on a heavily-wooded lot (13 mature oaks and 3 locust trees) with a long, double-wide driveway. All that meant A LOT of outdoors work ahead for myself at a point when I…

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7 thoughts on “Spiritual lessons from raking leaves???

    1. Yup, the leaves consume most of my time and energy usually right through the first week of December. I’m VERY grateful for the leaf blower. I wouldn’t even attempt to rake the lawn again.

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