Four days in the Big Apple! – Part Two

Last week, I recounted our family’s recent trip to New York City, which was mainly to see the Giants-Redskins game, but also to visit several of the city’s attractions. See my post here. I mentioned that I was going to follow up with some additional thoughts on New York City and the trip so here goes…

I live in the suburbs of Rochester, which is a small city (and getting smaller) in Western New York. The size of New York City is OVERWHELMING to a visitor like me. There’s block after seemingly endless block of impressively tall skyscrapers and bustling traffic. We had to wear earplugs while sleeping in our Airbnb on 2nd Avenue and 50th Street to block out the evening traffic noise, but the advantage was the many coffee shops, restaurants, and small grocery stores all within a short walking distance. I prefer living in one of the quiet suburbs of our small city, but many New Yorkers would object to such a “dull” environment.

On Saturday night, we walked from Madison Square Garden to Times Square. Standing in the middle of Times Square in the evening is quite an experience with allfbt of the lights and advertising displays. Times Square in New York City could be the epicenter of our materialistic and consumer-driven culture. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I felt uneasy walking through this shrine to consumerism/materialism. Earlier in the day, we visited The Dakota Apartments on 72nd Street where “Rosemary’s Baby” had been filmed and where ex-Beatle and atheist, John Lennon, had been killed. I’m not a superstitious person, but this foreboding complex with its many devilish gargoyles was disturbing to me. Equally disturbing was our walk past St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue, probably the most famous Catholic church in America. Our tour guide-son asked if we wanted to step inside to see the “magnificent architecture,” but I had no desire to do so. All I could think about were the millions of Catholic souls deluded by the false gospel propagated within those grandiose walls. I also thought about the many girls, women, altar boys, seminarians, and young priests who were undoubtedly abused within that complex by predatory celibate clerics since it was built 140 years ago in 1878.

Our two sons are atheists/agnostics, but my wife and I had several opportunities to bring up the Lord Jesus Christ in conversations with them during the trip. Hunkering down on Saturday evening after walking all day in Central Manhattan in the cold rain, we all sat together in our cramped Airbnb and watched “The Devil’s Advocate” featuring Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves. Please, no hate mail. I certainly don’t endorse this R-rated film without a lot of qualifications, but it does tell a very thought-provoking tale about Satan and his attempt to spawn the anti-Christ. Our two sons pay us little attention when we talk about Jesus Christ to them, but they will voluntarily and even eagerly watch this 144-minute movie, which actually contains a lot of spiritual truth. Most of this film was shot on-location in New York City with Donald Trump’s garishly ostentatious, gilded penthouse apartment that sits atop Trump Tower serving as the home of one of the film’s most “evil” characters.

Yes, my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Big Apple and the time we were able to spend with our “boys.” Whether we live in a megalopolis like New York City or in a 100-person, sleepy country hamlet, Christians must be constantly mindful of the spiritual battle that surrounds us and that we are a part of.

13 thoughts on “Four days in the Big Apple! – Part Two

    1. Thank you, Lisa Beth, for your kind comments and especially for your prayers for our two sons! The trip was a wonderful opportunity for us to bond together as a family. We hadn’t done anything major together – just the four of us – in about twenty years. It was very special for my wife and I, and we were able to bring the Lord into several conversations. Thank you and God bless you and your family as well!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your family with us, brother! And your trip! I’m with you, I felt claustrophobic the entire time we visited NYC. I prefer to see the sky. Isn’t it striking as well how waste is dealt with there? We were told anytime there’s little to no rain folks start getting sick because it’s the only thing that cleans the sidewalks. Gross! Like any materialistic shrine, looks shiny but is full of dead bones. Or in NYC case, dead rat bones.

    Keep watering those seeds with your sons, brother! It seems like our families are the hardest to witness to. Btw, who won the game?

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    1. Thanks, sister! Yup, I’m definitely a suburbia kind of guy. Most people like what they’re used to. There’s an expressway that runs a block from our house, very convenient, and you can hear the loud vehicles (motorcycles, muscle cars) from our backyard. It’s “white noise” to us. Our youngest son’s former in-laws live in a tiny rural village in Germany and when they visited ten years ago, they couldn’t imagine how we tolerated the noise. When we visited Battery Park on our first night in NYC the rats were out in full force. It was an amazing thing to see. Of course, they love being by the water along with all the yummy garbage left behind by careless tourists.
      Thanks for the encouragement regarding our sons! They’re both big fans of Howard Stern and he’s quite a scoffer. The Redskins beat the Giants, 20-13. Our youngest son is sad because his 1-7 G-Men are having a second atrocious season in a row.

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  2. Enjoyed reading about your family being together and sharing your thoughts on NYC. Too much hustle and bustle for me. Anytime we can share the Lord with others is a good day. Our daughter is not a believer either, so I truly understand the anguish in a parent’s heart. I will keep sharing with her and praying God will soften her heart to hear the Good News.

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    1. Thanks, Carlene! I’m a strictly a suburbanite myself, but I enjoyed the Big Apple for those four days. I said a prayer for your daughter. Yes, we long for our loved ones to know the Lord and will keep praying.

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    1. Crissy, thank you for your nice comments and for your prayers. I pray for your unsaved children also. Our sons are very close, texting each other daily, and I think one of their obstacles in accepting Christ is fear of what the other one would say.

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    1. Earplugs: I’m not used to wearing earplugs but they were a necessity. Sirens and truck brakes squealing all night every night.
      Gargoyles: There were so many gargoyles all over the Dakota. Very devilish/demonic.
      Witness: Yup, the trip gave us several opportunities.
      Hope you’re doing well “over there.” Lord bless the work.

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