Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 10/27/18

All Souls Day falls on Friday, November 2nd on the Catholic liturgical calendar this year. On All Souls Day, Catholics are instructed to pray for all of the souls who are allegedly suffering in purgatory (see photo above). All of these notions are un-Biblical.

Pope Francis’ accuser, archbishop Vigano, states the obvious; homosexuality is rife within the ranks of Catholic clerics and much of that is due to the mandatory rule of celibacy.

This rambling article from American Jesuits’ official magazine hopes the common dislike for the current POTUS will unite anti-Trump evangelicals and politically progressive Catholics.

The Catholic hierarchy always put its clerical abusers above their victims.

Pope Francis knows his church’s mandatory celibacy rule for its clergy is untenable. He’s going to rescind the rule in limited areas in order to “break the ice” and then roll it out everywhere.

For the last several years, Francis has been issuing thinly veiled criticisms of his conservative Catholic critics by referring to them as rigid, hypocrites, Pharisees, etc., etc.

Ray tells the blunt truth about Roman Catholicism and rightly identifies the biggest problem with the Catholic church is its false gospel. It’s rare to see such forthrightness these days in “mainstream” evangelical news sources such as The Christian Post web site.

22 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 10/27/18

  1. Ray Comfort is my evangelical hero. When I get the chance to share with people one on one, or even in groups, I use his Good Person test often. In fact, I got to speak again Wednesday night and the topic was balancing God’s love with God’s justice. A sub them was built around translating our “Christianese” lingo into words and analogies people not in faith can actually understand. I used some of Ray’s stuff as examples, because they are just that good.

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  2. 1.) “Ray Comfort: Furious Man Rants About Pedophile Priests”
    So glad Ray is faithful with the Gospel and speaking about the error of Catholic Theology

    2.) “Will the Trump presidency lead to renewed dialogue between Catholics and Evangelicals?”
    Sad to see that political leftist ideology is the basis of ecumenicalism.

    3.) Babylon Bee is more right on that some of today’s mainstream media. I do think Politics really is now Nation’s Fastest Growing Religion for some!

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    1. Thanks for the good comments! I really appreciate Ray Comfort not compromising in regards to Catholicism. The pressure on him to cave has to be tremendous. His partner, Kirk Cameron, appeared on a Catholic radio show promoting one of his movies as if he was conversing with fellow Christians.

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      1. So many examples these days of evangelical pastors, theologians, and para-church leaders saying “close enough” when it comes to Catholicism, which is decidedly untrue.

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      1. BTW, I’m currently vacationing in New York City but I’ll post something on this soon. Every bishop in America is probably guilty of the same thing.


      1. Thanks, Beth! My wife and I spent 4 days in the Big Apple with our two forty-something sons. Only very limited time for WordPress. We had fun but ready to go back home.

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  3. Great post, brother! Another fantastic round up. It’s interesting that Mormons seem to have borrowed the Catholic prayer for the dead. They baptize for the dead. I wonder where that all started from? In the third book of the Institutes, I hope to review this Thursday, Calvin went through the history of confessing sins to the priest. It was pretty fascinating! He mentioned one ‘pope’ that had stopped it altogether due to its unbiblical application (some young lady was using ‘confessions’ as means for adulatory with her priest) I’m terrible with names, but another ‘important’ man brought it back years later. The history of these heresies are pretty interesting, particularly how far back they go!

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    1. Thanks, sister! The Mormons misinterpreted 1 Cor. 15:29 to formulate their practice of baptizing dead souls. Looking forward to your next review of Calvin’s Institutes. Yup, auricular confession didn’t become standard until the 12th century. For the last 800 years priests have been directed to ask prying, very personal questions of men and women to ensure they were making “good” full confessions and not concealing anything. Of course, this led to all kinds of abuses and at the least introduced naive souls to sins they weren’t even aware of.

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