Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 10/20/18

Ecumenist, Nick Hall (photo left), is staging another “Together” happening this weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas-Fort Worth. The last Together event, in Washington D.C. in 2016, featured a video from pope Francis. Will there be a video from Francis this time? I’m not sure, but there will be plenty of ecumenists and theologically aberrant speakers and performers including Hillsong Worship, Francis Chan, Jesus Culture, Bethel Music, and Brian Houston.

In last weekend’s roundup, I had posted that the number of states that had opened investigations into the pedophile priests and cover-up scandal had grown to thirteen. It was just revealed yesterday that the U.S. Justice Department has now decided to launch its own investigation into the scandal, beginning with dioceses in Pennsylvania and New York. For the Catholic church, the chickens have finally come home to roost and there’s no end in sight.

The Catholic church kept the Bible from the laity for as long as possible, but eventually capitulated to the pressures of the Protestant Reformation by publishing the Douay–Rheims English translation in 1582. There’s been several additional Catholic translations since then, but the church never really encouraged its members to read it. My five sisters and I grew up without ever reading the Bible and I don’t recall there ever being a Bible in the house. Ours wasn’t an atypical Catholic family in that respect. I applaud efforts to encourage Catholics to read the Bible. Some will discover, as I did, that a plethora of Catholic doctrines are incompatible with God’s Word and will be drawn to Christ instead.

The notions of inclusiveness, tolerance, plurality, and relativism are spreading in the church as witnessed by the popularity of “The Shack” book and movie with their blatant message of universal redemption.

Pope Paul VI (d. 1978) was canonized as a saint yesterday. Most older Catholics remember Paul VI as a painfully shy man who tried to keep the Catholic boat afloat after the numerous window dressing changes of Vatican II. He is easily most famous for his 1968 “Humanae vitae” papal encyclical, which forbade Catholics from using any form of contraception. The controversial document spurred millions to leave the church and the millions who remained to question their church’s teachings on other matters. However, it’s beneficial for the church to canonize well-known figures so even a “mediocre” pope makes the grade. If you search the Bible for this canonization process and Rome’s notion of super-holy “sainthood,” you won’t find them.

The majority of young Roman Catholics are pushed through the church’s sacramental system (baptism, first confession, first communion, confirmation) with little or no genuine personal interest in their religion. This article reports that in a 4000-person sample of 19-year-olds Catholics, only 20 percent said their “faith” was important to them. Even those who do have a degree of piety are trusting in Catholicism’s false gospel system of sacramental grace and merit rather than in Jesus Christ by faith alone. The article equates meaningful personal religiosity as “encountering Jesus as Lord and Savior,” but the bottom line for Catholics is they don’t genuinely recognize Jesus as their Savior. They are taught they must, in essence, save themselves by receiving the sacraments and obeying the Ten Commandments (impossible!) and church rules.

Conservative Catholics continue to plot and scheme against pope Francis and his progressive allies. When will they have the fortitude to demonstrate the courage of their convictions and break away?

Most believers didn’t even take notice of the news this week of the politically-motivated schism between the Russian Orthodox church and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. I can understand why jousting tournaments between religious unbelievers wouldn’t interest many, but this is a HUGE deal within Eastern Orthodoxy. Might conservative Catholic observers get some ideas?

I wonder what ecumenical evangelicals would think about this article from a conservative Catholic source that honors those who “helped stem the tide of Protestantism”?

It’s very interesting how society is impossibly two-faced when it comes to desired and unwanted pregnancy.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 10/20/18

  1. 1.) “Together 2018:” Sad to see another compromise.

    2.) Wow the US DOJ is also involved with investigating Catholic abuse? Glad to hear that.

    3.) “Most Evangelicals Believe God Accepts Worship of All Religions, Study Shows”
    Very sad to see this.

    4.) Your post reminded me something: Isn’t it interesting how little Pop Evangelical apologetics address Roman Catholicism these days.

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    1. Thanks for the good comments! Regarding Catholicism, yup, pop evangelical apologetics includes Catholicism as a completely legitimate form of Christianity. It overcomes the irreconcilable differences between Catholicism and Biblical Christianity by ignoring them.

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  2. Great news, Catholics are encouraged to read the Bible. Praise God, may their eyes be opened.
    “Together “ very sad to read.
    Thank you Tom for compiling another great work. The Lord use it for His Glory.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Crissy! Yes, I applaud all initiatives to read the Scriptures. This new translation, like all Catholic Bibles, will undoubtedly have notes giving the Catholic interpretation to various passages, but, despite that, the Lord will use this new Bible to open the eyes of many to the Gospel of grace.

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