“God Friended Me” debuts this Sunday, 9/30/18

Several months ago, I had posted that CBS had improbably planned another religious-themed television series, even after cancelling its disastrous “Living Biblically” show. The pilot episode of new series, “God Friended Me,” will be debuting this Sunday at 8 PM Eastern.

The show launches with Brandon Micheal Hall as Miles Finer, an outspoken atheist who receives several Facebook friend requests from God and subsequently has his world turned upside down.

I certainly don’t expect this show to present the God of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Rather, I do fully expect that the (g)od of “God Friended Me” will be the same feel-good, faux deity portrayed in Michael Landon’s “Highway to Heaven” and Roma Downey’s “Touched By Angel.” You know the one. No sin, no repentance, no salvation in Jesus Christ by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, just a lot of Oprah-style religious cotton-candy that will appeal to the all-good-people-go-to-Heaven crowd.

But can the Lord use something like “God Friended Me” to draw a person to Jesus Christ? Absolutely He can! So with that thought in mind, I’m hopeful.

If you’d like to watch the pilot episode before Sunday evening, just click here.

Reviews of each episode to follow.

7 thoughts on ““God Friended Me” debuts this Sunday, 9/30/18

  1. I can’t wait to read your reviews, brother! I actually don’t like watching TV so when there’s a plot I’m interested in I prefer to read the episode samples. That’s kind of weird, probably, but it helps me avoid all the blasphemy that’s in most shows and commercials these days. So you’re episode reviews are AWESOME!

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    1. Thank you, sister! I would much rather read a good book than watch television myself, but I am curious at how they present their concept of God. On one hand, I am encouraged by the theme of an outspoken atheist becoming a “believer,” but the Facebook gimmick is an immediate red flag. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, but I’m expecting Oprah-style religion.

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  2. While anything that makes people think of God may be an okay thing I can say in advance that I find the whole thing an affront to a Holy and sovereign Creator. It’s like Bruce Almighty which makes me want to barf. I actually won’t allow my family to watch that. And I’m the one who tends to let people draw their own boundaries with their conscience but some things I do mandate as the leader and that is one of them.

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    1. Thanks, Wally. Yes, every believer must follow their convictions on something like this. I did watch the pilot last night and it was all pretty much as I expected.


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