TBN’s Rogues’ Gallery

I don’t watch a lot of television, but when I channel surf, I usually scoot right past channel 50, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). The cable channel is a cesspool of heterodoxy with its stable of prosperity gospel and Rome-friendly televangelists. The other day, I got the idea in my head to list all of the TBN “entertainers,” so using my limited Microsoft Excel spreadsheet skills, I copied and sorted all of the shows scheduled on the cable channel during a week’s time span and came up with the list below. Based upon my own knowledge and/or with a little Google research, I categorized each televangelist as to whether they were propagators of the prosperity gospel and/or supporters of ecumenism with Rome. A “Y” means Yes, an “N” means No, and a “?” means I could not determine the status. Generally, prosperity gospelers are too busy picking out their next Mercedes or airplane to care about doctrinal differences with Rome. There are also several on the list who, while not flagrant prosperity gospelers themselves, make a habit out of hanging out in prosperity gospel circles.

A quick glance reveals this list of TBN’s 60 televangelists is heavy with prosperity, word-of-faith shysters and Rome-friendly ecumenists. BTW, Father Cedric on the list is, in fact, Roman Catholic priest, Cedric Pisegna. There are only a few on this list who I could recommend, like Charles Stanley and Ray Comfort. Several I have never heard of.

This listing is obviously not set in stone so any challenges or help with the “?”s will be appreciated. Forgive the wide columns, but incorporating an Excel spreadsheet into a WordPress post is a little messy.

Prosperity Ecumenical
Mark Batterson ? ?
Irvin Baxter ? ?
Reinhard Bonnke Y Y
John Bradshaw ? Y
Jonathan Cahn Y ?
Christine Caine Y Y
Ron Carpenter Y ?
Alicia Britt Chole ? Y
Ray Comfort N N
Kenneth Copeland Y Y
Gregory Dickow Y Y
Creflo Dollar Y ?
Jesse Duplantis Y Y
Tony Evans N Y
Karl Faase ? Y
Jentezen Franklin Y Y
Steven Furtick Y ?
Louie Giglio ? Y
Billy Graham N Y
Jack Graham ? Y
John Gray Y Y
John Hagee Y ?
Allen Jackson ? ?
T. D. Jakes Y Y
Robert Jeffress N Y
David Jeremiah N Y
Mark Jeske ? ?
Daniel Kolenda Y ?
Greg Laurie ? Y
Hal Lindsey ? ?
Max Lucado N Y
James MacDonald ? ?
Guillermo Maldonado Y ?
James Merritt ? ?
Joyce Meyer Y Y
Beth Moore ? Y
Robert Morris Y ?
Joel Osteen Y Y
Father Cedric N Y
Fred K. Price Y ?
Joseph Prince Y ?
David Rives ? ?
Pat Robertson Y Y
James Robison Y Y
Samuel Rodriguez Y Y
Sid Roth Y ?
Rabbi Kirt Schneider Y ?
Bobby Schuller ? ?
Jay Sekulow Y ?
Priscilla Shirer ? Y
Kerry Shook N N
Erick Stakelbeck ? ?
Charles Stanley N N
Perry Stone Y ?
Tommy Tenney ? ?
Holly Wagner ? Y
Don Wilton N ?
Andrew Wommack Y Y
Ed Young Y Y
Michael Youssef N ?

23 thoughts on “TBN’s Rogues’ Gallery

    1. Thanks Crissy! Many of these guys I wasn’t sure about and had to Google them regarding both categories. Prince appears to be soft on ecumenism with Rome rather than an outright promoter. We could probably reclassify him with a “?.”

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  1. I believe if any can be classified even “softly” I believe they go in that category. Fence riding. What say you? Great job on this list 👍🏻 🙏🏻

    I know Jimmy Swaggart is not on TBN -he has his own channel- but I believe he falls in the prosperity category and even the ecumenical category/ I have heard Donnie go soft n the RCC.

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    1. Thanks, Beth! Some of these people I was able to categorize very easily regarding prosperity and ecumenism from my personal observations over the years. There’s no guessing with people like Copeland or Myers. But, there were some that were hard to categorize even after a google search. I saw a few things on Google that pointed to Prince being soft on ecumenism, particularly his strong ties with Hillsong, but nothing directly so I changed him to a “?” on Ecumenism after reading Crissy’s challenge. I’m trying to be as accurate as I can.

      Yes, Jimmy and Donnie Swaggart are definitely prosperity. I watched an old video of Donnie calling prosperity gospelers “prosperity pimps” in a sermon, but I’ve seen recent sermons in which he tells listeners to get all they have coming. Yes, I have heard Donnie myself praise the Catholic Charismatic Renewal as a great Holy Ghost movement within Catholicism.

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      1. Thanks! Yes, Prince is very dangerous with his prosperity false gospel AND hyper-grace heresy. He along with Joel Osteen may be the two biggest “stars” of the TBN stable.

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    1. In my journey back to the Lord, say around 2013, I actually began watching Prince now and then. He’s definitely an entertaining speaker, but he’s also definitely a prosperity guy and is one of the leaders of the hyper-grace movement, teaching believers don’t need to confess their sins to the Lord. By the way I changed him from “Y” to “?” on ecumenism because I could only find indirect references.

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    1. Sad to think many people are getting there theology from TBN. No, Comfort is not a TBN regular. I believe there was some sort of special during the week which he hosted. He has been a guest several times on TBN’s flagship show, “Praise,” with Matt and Laurie Crouch.

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