Catholic archbishop accuses pope Francis of covering up abuse, demands he resign.

I normally collect news stories over the course of the week and post them as part of the Weekend Roundup, but every once and awhile a story is so important, like this one, that it cannot wait.

Following closely on the heels of the news of U.S. cardinal, Theodore McCarrick, being stripped of his office due to allegations of sexual abuse, and then the pedophile priest and cover-up tsunami in Pennsylvania, we have another disturbing but unsurprising revelation. According to the story below, which is breaking across all major news outlets, archbishop, Carlo Maria Viganò (above photo, left), the former Vatican nuncio (ambassador) to the United States, claims to have informed pope Francis in 2013 that cardinal McCarrick had sexually abused children, seminarians, and priests, but that Francis did absolutely nothing. Viganò is calling for Francis to resign.

The Catholic hierarchy is corrupt from top to bottom.

I’ll be posting follow-ups to the story in the Weekend Roundup if not sooner.

Pope Francis Long Knew of Cardinal’s Abuse and Must Resign, Archbishop Says

18 thoughts on “Catholic archbishop accuses pope Francis of covering up abuse, demands he resign.

      1. Yes, it’s absolutely amazing! Some conservative Catholic clergy and laity are already so frustrated with Francis, they will be hoping this allegation brings him down. We could not make this up.

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    1. Thanks, Linda. I imagine there were many Catholics who were sitting on the fence prior to these latest revelations and who are now calling it quits. Hopefully, some will be drawn to churches that preach the Gospel.

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    1. I believe that homosexuality and associated deviancies were so ingrained in the RCC seminaries and within the hierarchy that the leadership was incapable of cleaning it up.

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      1. Very true. The fact that we’re seeing this abuse scandal throughout the world confirms the problem is mandatory celibacy as both a magnet and incubator of deviancy.

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