Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 8/11/18

There are some secondary doctrinal issues that well-meaning Christians disagree on, but the Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is a sin. With the introduction of such slippery slopes as this Revoice Conference (hosted by a PCA church in St. Louis), it’s not difficult to foresee that many of today’s doctrine-lite “evangelical” churches will eventually cave on this issue.

Catholicism’s saint-making machinery isn’t indifferent to celebrity and public opinion. Well-known candidates for “sainthood” are put on the fast track (e.g., JPII, Mother Teresa, Fulton Sheen), while lesser knowns must wait in limbo indefinitely. The American Catholic church has no Black saints, which is an embarrassment in today’s politically correct culture, so a few Black Catholics are being pushed to the head of the class to appease the plurality police. Bible Christians know that everything about this Catholic sainthood business is anti-Biblical.

On August 2nd, Pope Francis officially changed the Catholic catechism from allowing capital punishment in rare cases to being “inadmissible under any circumstances.” As we can see from the sample articles above, conservative Catholics are already beginning to protest this latest example of Francis’ ongoing efforts to realign the church with liberal/progressive politics and theology. Prior to Francis, conservative Catholics routinely boasted that a pope could never lead their church into doctrinal error. Relatively few, if any, are making that claim these days. Instead, they anxiously hope Francis’ reign will end before he has a chance to overturn another cherished infallible doctrine.

American Catholics were rocked by recent revelations that cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick had sexually abused multiple male children. Overshadowed was the investigation of 300 pedophile priests in Pennsylvania. Sickening. Catholicism explained in a nutshell is,  1) receive the sacraments and 2) try to live a mortal-sinless, holy life in order to 3) hopefully merit Heaven. As these headlines prove, not only do the Catholic clerics fail to live up to their own teaching, they fail in the most heinous fashion. We’re all sinners, folks, and none of us can merit Heaven. If we could merit Heaven, Jesus Christ wouldn’t have had to die on the cross. See more here.

With pope Francis chipping away at their cherished dogmas together with this latest wave of sexual abuse scandals involving pedophile priests, bishops, and cardinals, conservative Catholics feel like their foundation is crumbling beneath them. This Catholic leader advises everyone to keep their head down and just keep trusting in their institutional church, but the current circumstances defy such reasoning. A relativist pope and deviant clerics are the fruit of an absolutely corrupt system. Come out of Catholicism and place your faith in the Solid Rock, Jesus Christ! See more here.

An interesting article on how Catholicism shifted from theological and political militancy in the 1930s to modernism by the 1960s.

During the first year at our new church, this brother usually ended up sitting a row or two in back of us. Hey, it was a blessing!

16 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 8/11/18

  1. 1.) “Al Mohler: Revoice Is ‘Halfway House’ Between LGBT Culture and Evangelical Christianity”
    Response: the compromises among conservative Evangelical denominations is sad.

    2.) Catholic Black American Saints
    Response: Why does this so much like the world, of trying to have social justice representation?

    3.) Pope and capital punishment
    Response: More sign the Pope is heading towards more and more of an unbiblical trajectory.

    4.) “Pedophile Priest “Tsunami” in Pennsylvania: 300 “predator priests” in six dioceses”
    This article a 900 page article going to be released in the next two weeks. I think that is something worth scanning over and making a post about sometime for your blog. 300 predator priests is big news and very horrifying. The Pope’s social justice is all about wanting others to be “good” but he wouldn’t deal with the log in his own “eye” with this pedo crisis. No respect for him at all….

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    1. Thanks for all of the good – and appropriate – feedback! Can’t improve on any of it. Yes, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for that grand jury report. Yup, it’s absolutely amazing that Francis has done NOTHING about this HUGE and ongoing pedo crisis that he inherited. He had a big opportunity to score some PR points by doing something, anything, but his inaction is now coming back to haunt him. Due to these latest revelations, especially with the cardinal, Catholic priests are instructing their beleaguered congregants in their homilies to “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

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      1. So true. Rome tells its people that Scripture is perilous and they need the magisterium to interpret it for them. Rome also tells its people Scripture is incomplete. All of this has allowed Rome to fabricate an amazing number of un-Biblical and anti-Biblical doctrines. It’s a paradox. Rome claims to be Scripture’s authorized caretaker but she is Scripture’s #1 enemy.

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  2. Catching up on my reading. Almost time for the next weekend round-up 😁
    Enjoyed reading all the articles. A great gathering of information. Interesting reading how the Catholic church evolved into modernism.
    Thank you Tom

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    1. Crissy, thank you for the feedback! I love writing and reading others’ posts but sometimes my wife’s to-do list takes priority! 🙂 Yes, I thought the article showed how Catholicism, the church that claims to be “Semper eadem,” always the same, changed quite a bit in that time period.


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