Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 7/28/18

Praise the Lord for these brothers and sisters from the Pioneers mission organization who are bringing the Gospel to lost Catholic souls at one of the major centers of Mariolatry in Lourdes, France.

Pope Paul VI’s “Humanae Vitae” (Latin: Of Human Life) encyclical, which banned all forms of contraception, was issued fifty years ago this weekend. With the possible exception of the pedophile priests and cover-up scandal, nothing has done more to damage the credibility of the church hierarchy in the eyes of its membership than the preposterous ban on contraceptives, including even non-abortifacients.

Elected in 2013 with no obligations to the previous two papal regimes, Francis was in a position to take decisive and comprehensive action in regards to one of Catholicism’s biggest headaches, the festering pedophile priests and cover-up scandal. I believe Francis’ unexplainable failure to act is part of the Lord’s providence by which the Catholic church continues to be marked by this disgrace.

I’ll continue to post these news reports of conservative prelates objecting to Francis’ heterodoxy, such as the lifting of the ban on communion for remarried divorcees and allowing communion to Protestants via the discretion of individual bishops. We’re still waiting for a conservative who has the courage of his convictions to step out and call for a formal break from Francis. However, most pious Catholics would rather take a hot poker to the eye than come out publicly against the pope, even if he is a heretic.

The above story from a Catholic source is not surprising. Catholic pundits concede that 20% to 30% of priests are gay (I believe the percentage is even higher) and point out that the clerical gay lobby, the “Lavender Mafia,” is firmly entrenched within the Vatican Curia.

As European governments became increasingly democratized during the 19th century, Rome reacted in horror and has always maintained its theoretical right to its formerly privileged status, including the limitation of freedoms for other religious groups. Incredulous? See my post on the topic here.

So sad to see these confused children egged-on by their “hipster” parent/s. But, regarding the chewing gum, it’s true, Catholics are not allowed to eat anything 60:00 minutes prior to consuming the Jesus wafer or they incur a mortal sin. And that includes even the flavoring from chewing gum. See my post on the topic here.

If Roman Catholic, Brett Kavanaugh, is confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, that would make three Jews, one Episcopalian, and five Catholics on the SCOTUS, which would have been an unnerving situation for evangelical Protestants sixty years ago (and would have fueled all kinds of conspiracy theories from Jack Chick thirty years ago). But because of changing society, the Catholic church has largely abandoned its political-religious militancy. In many parts of the world, the church can longer even induce its membership to attend mass on Sunday let alone coordinate a political coup. Remember when the Jesuits were known for their political skullduggery on behalf of the pope? These days they’re known for such things as advancing the Gay agenda within the church.

Leave it to the Babylon Bee to once again hit the nail on the head!

20 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 7/28/18

  1. I agree with you, is very sad to see these children so confused about their gender!
    Have you heard of the “gender-neutral” Theybies?😢
    Another great weekend round up! Thank you Tom.

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    1. I kind of suspected but just googled “theybies” to confirm. Argh! What a mess! We have to keep our focus on the Lord. Thanks for the encouragement, Crissy! Have a blessed weekend!

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      1. Thank you for the encouragement in the Lord, sister! We are truly blessed! I hope you’re having a good start to your weekend. I finished my yard work at noon so I’ve been enjoying a good book on the back patio since then.

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      2. It’s a happy thing to offer encouragement to you. Glad you’re now resting and reading on the patio! Yes, it’s a good weekend.

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  2. 1.) “Pope Francis has utterly failed to tackle the church’s abuse scandal”
    For all the Pope’s “virtue signalling” boy he doesn’t deal with something substantial like the abuse scandal.

    2.) “Newly-ordained German priest hosts ‘homoerotic’ service in Catholic church”
    So gross. It seems in church history what is the trend in Germany becomes the trend in Europe and then it crosses the Pond to America.

    3.) “Catholics are not allowed to eat anything 60:00 minutes prior to consuming the Jesus wafer or they incur a mortal sin. ”
    I wonder how many Catholics even know this. I imagine many do not from the General Population. It goes to show that a shallow understanding of Catholicism might make some who are weak on the Gospel think Catholicism is no different than the Bible’s teaching but as you get more deeper into Catholicism even those who are young Christians who know the Gospel firsthand will see just how unbiblical Catholicism is.

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    1. 1 – It’s incredible. Francis would have scored HUGE PR points by tackling this pedophile scandal head-on his first year. Instead he’s done NOTHING except call victims “slanderers.” It was a gift, a low-branch cherry pick, yet he’s done nothing. Any PR firm would have advised him it was priority #1.

      2. Yes, interesting how Germany sets the liberal trends. German cardinals are the ones who pushed hard for intercommunion, now they want affirmation of practicing homosexuals.

      3 – The 60:00 minute fasting rule is a good example of Roman legalistic calculus. Yup, most evangelicals aren’t aware of Catholicism’s strenuous legalism. I don’t know if you remember priest Rick Poblocki who I used to listen to on the radio. Violation of this 60:00 minute rule was one of his pet peeves. If a Catholic ate something 57:00 minutes prior to communion, it wasn’t “close enough.” No, it was mortal sin.

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      1. I suspect the Pope not dealing with the pedophile scandal probably reveals how entrench perverts are within the walls of the Vatican…something tells me the Pope realizes there’s limits to his stunts…

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      2. RE: limits to Francis’ stunts

        There may be some truth to that. Several of the books I recently read about Francis “speculated” that the main reason his predecessor, Benedict XVI, resigned was because he tried to clean up the “Lavender Mafia” in the Vatican, but it ended up with them showing him the door.

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      3. He definitely is crafty! He’s infuriating conservatives, but his bottom line is to make the RCC more ecumenical so he’s filing down the sharp edges.

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      4. I agree although I don’t dwell on it much either. Some people go to extremes with it. By coincidence, I’ve got a book review in the queue in which the author does hypothesize about the RCC’s possible role in the end times. I didn’t know going in he was going to end up there. But he’s not sensationalistic about it like a Jack Chick and presents the material strictly as a hypothesis. I thought it was very well done.

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      5. That post is next in the queue. I’ve got a new system where I try to have 5 or 6 posts in the queue all the time. I like it because I’ve got a wide window to make revisions. What a nerd! 📋

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