Living Biblically 10 – “The Bible is sexist”

CBS is currently airing the last several episodes of its cancelled “Living Biblically” sit-com. I was able to catch up with episode 10 via CBS’s free app that I downloaded to my Kindle.

Living Biblically
Episode 10, “Submit to Thy Husband”
CBS, originally aired 7/7/18


Chip’s wife, Leslie, is pregnant so he decides to start up a weekly poker game with “the boys” before his domestic responsibilities ramp up. When Leslie, a nurse practitioner, comes home from work exhausted, Chip suggests that she should quit her job and stay home to raise the baby, referencing the Bible as the inspiration for his idea. Leslie is angered by what she perceives as Chip’s Bible-fueled aim to dominate her.

The guy crew (priest Gene, rabbi Gil, friend Vince, and the workplace security guard) show up at Chip and Leslie’s apartment for the card game, but Leslie is too angry to play the polite hostess. When Chip’s boss, Ms. Meadows, also drops by, Leslie imposes on her to go down to the local saloon for a “girl’s night out.”

At the bar, Leslie shares her marital conflict with Ms. Meadows. The latter confides she was “raised in the church,” but has no use for the Bible any longer, calling it “sexist” (the character is an unabashed lesbian). She quotes Ephesians 5:22, “Wives, submit to your own husbands…,” as evidence that the Bible is no longer to be taken seriously.

Back at the apartment, a distracted Chip continues to send unacknowledged conciliatory texts to Leslie rather than focusing on the card game. Aware of the details of Chip’s marital troubles, priest Gene advises him that the Bible was written for a different time and needs a “modern interpretation.”

When Leslie returns home, Chip apologizes for his heavy handedness and promises to submit to her as they submit to each other.


Ephesians 5:22 is egregiously offensive to many unbelieving…and believing…women. But taken together in context with the entire passage of Ephesians 5:22-33, we see both husband and wife instructed to love the other with a sacrificial, servant love. Yes, the husband is to be the head of the family. Not a dictator, but a servant leader. Many Christian husbands have abdicated their spiritual leadership role. Yes, there have been some men who have unfortunately used the Bible to justify mistreating their wives. Many Christian wives have followed the world’s example and sought to dominate their husband.

The Lord’s instructions for a husband and wife on how they are to function together does not need a “modern interpretation,” although you can be sure that the culture is not going to agree with that.

It stung me to watch this episode and listen to God’s Word being strongly attacked. The Gospel is not connected with this series in any way, folks. This is all someone’s interpretation of the Bible who doesn’t know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Husbands, Love Your Wives

The Willful Submission of a Christian Wife

15 thoughts on “Living Biblically 10 – “The Bible is sexist”

  1. Tom, thanks for watching and reporting. Sadly it is an attack on truth. We are to expect such things, but they do bring the Bible’s truth right here and now, for all to see. Perhaps even those who do not have eyes to see might come to see as these things are pointed out as you have done so well here.

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    1. Thanks, Jerry! That’s right. We should not be surprised that the unbelieving culture which surrounds us does not accept God’s Word and even ridicules it. Let God be true, and every man a liar. It’s interesting that this show purports to show a man attempting to “live Biblically” yet he and his “spiritual advisers,” the priest and rabbi, have no inkling of the Gospel of grace.

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  2. It’s sad to see the misrepresentation of the Bible here concerning the role of manhood and womanhood. Husband’s leadership is to serve the wife not be a jerk. It grieves me to see CBS air something like this; can you imagine if they did the same mockery for the Quran and the Islamic hadiths and call it sexists??? They probably won’t be alive…just saying

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    1. RE: Can you imagine…

      Good point. Every episode of this show has been disturbing but this one especially for me. The episode could have been written by one of my sisters, the atheist manhater, who also claims the Bible is sexist.

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      1. It’s ironic that a show about a man trying to “live Biblically” has such low esteem for the Bible. But of course Catholics have been doing that for centuries. They teach salvation comes from obeying the Law, realize that that is not possible, so end up saying things to the effect of, “Did God actually say…”

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      2. From your series of review of this show we see that modern Judaism and Catholics all believe we are good, and we get heaven from works. Totally unbiblical…and you are right at the total irony of the whole show with its title and their outlook.

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