Wacky cult – World’s Last Chance (WLC) – buys full-page newspaper ad

The other day, I was perusing through the local newspaper. Yes, I’m one of those old fogeys who still receives a newspaper, although I’ve cut delivery to Thursday through Sunday because of the rapidly escalating price. Anyway, as I was leafing through the various sections I came across a full-page advertisement from an outfit calling itself, World’s Last Chance (WLC). A quick scan of the ad revealed some religious content, always of interest to me, so I read through the entire text.

Briefly, the WLC’s ad claims our solar system is in fact geocentric, with the Sun and the other planets revolving around a FLAT Earth. The WLC claims the Jesuits are responsible for imposing the false, round Earth and heliocentric model of the solar system theories upon the credulous masses. Why would the Jesuits do such a thing? To pave the way for an apocalyptic alien invasion, of course, in which the aliens will actually be demons in disguise. As all humankind teeters on the brink of total annihilation, the Roman Catholic pope will negotiate a false peace with the alien/demon invaders and take his place as the worshipped anti-Christ. A long quote from Revelation (9:1-6), was also included in the ad.

Argh! Such nonsense!

I showed the ad to my wife and she said anytime Scripture goes out into the world, it’s a good thing. My take? The average Joe or Sally who saw this ad is going to conclude, “Hmm, there go those crazy “Bible-bangers” again, espousing insane flat-Earth, geocentrism and Jesuit conspiracies involving the invasion of the planet by demonic Martians!” However, I do strongly believe that the pope will play a major role in the endtimes, and we have already seen the pope’s influence and popularity rise dramatically throughout the world in the last forty years, with Protestants and evangelicals deferring more and more to the pope and Roman Catholicism.

I did a little research and found that World’s Last Chance (WLC) is a break-away group from the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA). There’s all kinds of goofy cults out there, but perhaps the most dangerous is the “respectable” Roman Catholic church. Unfortunately, such groups as the WLC and Chick Publications, with their outrageous Jesuit worldwide conspiracies, have made credible Gospel outreach to Roman Catholics more difficult.

Additional thoughts:

In the early-17th century, scientist, Galileo Galilei was famously condemned as a heretic twice by the Roman Catholic Inquisition for postulating heliocentrism. “Infallible” popes, Paul V and Urban VIII, both signed off on the Inquisition’s rulings. See my post here. As heliocentrism was later proven to be true, Catholic apologists have attempted to explain how popes, who are purported to be infallible in all matters of faith and morals, could have erroneously condemned Galileo on such an important matter, which certainly touched upon faith. Robert Sungenis, who at one time was one of Catholicism’s leading apologists, rightly determined that if Paul V and Urban VIII were wrong in condemning Galileo, the claim to papal infallibility was totally fallacious. Sungenis has since devoted himself to proving geocentrism, thereby exiling himself to the fringes of serious theological debate.

13 thoughts on “Wacky cult – World’s Last Chance (WLC) – buys full-page newspaper ad

  1. I’m familiar with the Flat Earth Society (thanks to my teenage kids), but was surprised to read that this wacky cult believes in that nonsense too!!! People will believe the most ridiculous things (“They exchanged the truth about God for a lie…”). And, did you know that David Koresh and his Branch Davidian cult was also a break-away from the Seventh Day Adventists?

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    1. RE: David Koresh and his Branch Davidian cult

      Thanks! Yes, I had heard about Koresh’s previous ties to the SDA. Some evangelicals consider the SDA to be orthodox with some obvious quirks while others still consider it a cult. But “mainstream” evangelicalism is getting so loosey-goosey these days that it doesn’t matter what any group teaches.


    1. A full page ad must cost a fortune. About a year ago an SDA blogger kept sending comments trying to pick a fight about Saturday being the Sabbath. Who would possibly fall for flat-earth geocentrism?

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  2. It can be tough to get a handle on the Seventh Day Adventists. They resemble Baptists in that there is much variance in what an SDA church is. Some are quite orthodox with quirks. and some are quite cultish.What you described above is on the far side of nutty, though, and makes Christians looke stupid.

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    1. Thanks, Wally. Yes, I’ve also read there’s a wide range of belief in the SDA. Some of them say if people worship on Sundays it’s like the mark of the beast. Some say Ellen White’s writings are on par with Scripture, others don’t. But from what I understand, there is enough of the Gospel preached in some SDA churches for people to accept Christ by faith alone.

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  3. It amazes me that people will believe lots of nonsense and crazy stuff , such as the story you are sharing Tom, but when told the truth they fight back with sticks and stones.

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    1. Thanks, Crissy. Yes, this WLC cult is blatantly false, but some people STILL get sucked in. Most other cults are much more subtle.


  4. I have yet to find an orgisation which has the semblance of the original church today.its easy to be swayed away from truth.these organisations have elements of truth and obvious falsehood.
    You have to have an astute and discerning mind to pick out What is noteworthy in researching history of which so much has been suppressed to come an understanding.


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