Some ramblings on LGBTQ

A short time ago, I posted a message about the Supreme Court ruling on a Christian baker’s right not to create a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage (see here), and I felt led to write ramble a bit more about the subject of homosexuality.

I can remember reading an Ann Landers column in 1969 when I was thirteen-years-old and she was discussing homosexuality. I had no clue what that word meant and had to ask one of my older sisters. My, how things have changed!

The Bible clearly teaches homosexuality is a sin:

“Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.” – Romans 1:26-27

At the independent fundamental Baptist church we attended back in the 1980s, the pastor often railed against gays. This was during the outbreak of AIDS/HIV and everyone was tense. There was a family that attended our church comprised of a father, mother, and four children; two boys and two girls. The two boys were noticeably on the effeminate side and the youngest one, in his early teens, was flamboyantly so. He was actually more feminine in his mannerisms than his sisters and I say that without exaggeration. As the family sat in the auditorium while the pastor railed against gays, I felt increasingly sorry for them. Did the youngest boy turn out to be so effeminate because of biology or because of conditioning? The pastor’s constant harangues against homosexuality was one of the (many) reasons we finally left that church.

Flash forward to 2014. We began attending a small Southern Baptist church and the young pastor was very troubled about an issue. An older couple who were members had a son who was unapologetically gay. He argued that homosexuality cannot be a sin if a person is born with same sex attraction. The parents went to the pastor and asked if homosexuality was a sinful choice or a biological condition. The pastor began scouring through research materials that attributed the documented decline of testosterone levels in males to the rise of toxins in the environment, beginning with industrialization. I pointed out to him that homosexuality was rampant in ancient Greek and Roman societies where modern toxins were certainly not a factor and testosterone levels were probably relatively high compared to our society.

Some rambling thoughts and questions:

  • Are some people born with a genetic proclivity for homosexuality as the LGBTQ community argues or is attraction to the same sex learned/conditioned/chosen? Researchers are still looking for a genetic factor for same-sex attraction.
  • Are boys who grow up in homes with absent fathers or very domineering mothers more inclined to homosexuality?
  • Some heterosexuals resort to homosexuality when they are deprived of opposite-sex partners (e.g., in a prison environment), but return to heterosexuality when conditions change. Isn’t that an example of homosexuality via conditioning?
  • Will the growing acceptance of homosexuality by society result in an increasing percentage of homosexuals as impressionable children and teens are being taught that same-sex relationships are positive and perhaps even preferred?

“Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.” – Romans 1:32

  • Do low testosterone levels in men necessarily equate to homosexuality? I’m guessing many homosexual men have high testosterone levels and strong sex drives. Contrary to my opening observation, I don’t believe it’s accurate to say a more sensitive nature in a male guarantees homosexual inclinations nor does an exaggerated macho nature guarantee heterosexual inclinations.

This is a fallen world and sin abounds, with homosexuality being only one form. Ideally, males should be attracted to females – if in doubt, just check the biological equipment – and sex should follow after marriage. That is God’s plan. But God’s plan is being increasingly ignored and even flouted. Premarital sex abounds and begins at younger and younger ages. Cohabitation is preferred over marriage. Homosexuality is now without restraint. Most everyone has someone in their extended family who is openly gay. Homosexuals are campaigning to be accepted and affirmed within the church. We are inundated with examples via the media of adults and children changing genders. The world is an increasingly disturbing place.

As Christians, we need to firmly stand upon God’s Word and not compromise with sin, but the love of God and the hope we have in Christ must also be part of our message. I don’t condemn homosexuals because I am a totally depraved sinner saved by God’s grace through faith in Christ alone. We must introduce our gay family members and friends to the Savior.

Ramble over. Comments welcomed.

42 thoughts on “Some ramblings on LGBTQ

    1. Thanks, Michael! This post was definitely one of those “thinking out loud” types. Individuals may have a propensity towards certain sins because of genetics or conditioning, but we’re all responsible for our actions. The popular push is to erase sin from the vocabulary.

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  1. “This is a fallen world and sin abounds, with homosexuality being only one form. Ideally, males should be attracted to females – if in doubt, just check the biological equipment – and sex should follow after marriage. That is God’s plan. But God’s plan is being increasingly ignored or even flouted. Premarital sex abounds and begins at younger and younger ages. “~Amen!
    Great post!

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    1. Thank you, sister! This was one of those rambling posts that I felt a little uncomfortable putting out there, but I think we’re all affected by the concerted push to make homosexuality acceptable. We must stand upon God’s Word.

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      1. “We must stand upon God’s Word.”
        Because if we don’t we are no better than those that practice this sin…
        If we don’t then what the Good Lord has brought us out of ourselves is for nought…
        Sharing this post with LOVE! GOD’S LOVE! IT IS WHY WE DO T ❤ ❤ ❤

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      2. Thank you, Elizabeth, and Amen! God can break the chains of all addictions and sinful behaviors. That doesn’t mean we will never be tempted or never give into sin again, but through His grace we can be increasingly conformed to the mind of Christ.

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    1. Thank you, Crissy! And thank you for the link to the article and video. I watched half of the excellent video and will watch the entire thing with my wife later today. This manipulation of children is upsetting. I also learned a new term, “gaslighting.” Oh, the times we live in!

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  2. Good post, Tom. Yes, this is a difficult subject, and I fear the churches have not always handled it Biblically. Either they have rolled over and pronounced it is okay, or they have railed against gays as somehow engaging in a sin that is extra special bad so to speak, and come across as hating them. We had a young member once who was quite gay(he has since “left,” the faith. He came in one day and a fellow member asked me, “Why is he her, he’s GAY you know.” Sheesh really? Of course, this was the same guy who asked me why I was going by the store in town and inviting the Muslim guy there to church all of the time. I believe Jesus pointed out something like the healthy don’t need the Physician, but the ailing. Just saying.

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    1. Thanks, Wally! Yeah, somehow homosexuality got to be the ultimate sin. As you mention, our first pastor was downright hateful. No, not an easy topic. I certainly get why parents are not thrilled about the LGB and transgender agendas taking over the public school systems and entertainment.

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  3. Tom, there are lots of sins, all of them bad. I do think some worse than others, but I’m not sure that God does? Except there is that sin unto death that theologians argue about as to its being spiritual or physical? But my understanding of scriptures teaching reguarding sin is that we come to Jesus because it needs the covering of His blood, and then if we really mean that we are sorry for our sin we then Ingage in warfare (prayer) in order to overcome it. Today sin is not a taboo thing in our society. Maybe it never was, but being older and living in a country that was at one time governed by biblical laws where even government aligned the laws with the Bible we feel at a loss when we see the turn around that is taking place. Sin here in America used to be a private thing that Christians battled, and the world around us hid. Today sin is flounted. What was evil is no more. And believers are starting to see persecution for calling it what it is. Even when the warnings are done out of love the world will tread on you. But the Bible says watchman if you see the danger coming and you fail to warn them. You know the rest. We have to stand for what is true even if it means we lose everything.

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  4. This is becoming more and more an issue today with rampant rebellious sin being overt in our culture. I’m not at the place with the fundamentalist church you use to go to, where preaching is always about the pet sin of homosexuality; but at time I do mention in my preaching it is a sin and our church do have believers who have this temptation. Thank you for this post Tom.

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  5. This is a deep post which many people/pastors try to avoid becasue of fear of being persecuted. You have dealt with the subject in a wise and concise manner. This is how we need to deal with it. Homosexuality is a sin similar to fornication and adultery. A man who is promiscuous having sex with many women, would we say he has not sin because he was born with excessive hormones? These subjects need to be taught in the churches and not preached down on the people. May God continue to strengthen and protect you as you teach the Word.

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    1. Beverley, Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes, everyone has had a unique upbringing and has their own genetics and personality but we are still responsible for the choices we make. As I was writing this I was thinking of how some people are more prone to addictions than others. Your example of a serial adulterer who has a high level of testosterone is a good one.

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  6. Greetings Tom,
    The Lord bless you.
    I would like to comment on your question: “Are some people born with a genetic proclivity for homosexuality as the LGBTQ community argues or is attraction to the same sex learned/conditioned/chosen? ”
    I will not enter my life story and testimony here it is quite large, but you can read it on my blog.
    This I will say, the Lord saved me from the sinful gay life, 40 years ago in the month of February, 1978.
    It is a lie that persons are born into it, but there are causes which can cause a child to be led into that awful and painful life.
    I was raised basically in a “Baptist” background, not due to my parents, but through the influences of my father’s Mother, my dear loving grandmother, and aunt, my father’s sister.
    Oh I had said the “sinners prayer” as a child, was baptized, got involved with choir, Sunday school and the Boys Brigade at Calvary Baptist in California, while I lived with my grandparents for a year, but I was not born-again, from above, by the Will of God.
    I have to say that due to the many hateful preaching of “Anita Bryant” back in the 60’s & 70’s against the homosexual’s, which caused some gay people to be hunted down and killed, and her claiming that gay people were nothing but criminals equal to prostitutes, and thieves, was not the Good news Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. She had caused a “witch hunt” which put fear into gay people. I have to say while I lived in it, this made us desire to fight against this hate, because we wanted to live, and as you stated it was hateful.
    Many a pastor back in the day had a self-righteousness which spoke not of Grace and Love for the sinner, but of condemnation. And with all the anti-gay preaching back in those days, “if” they thought this preaching was going to put a stop to the homosexual, why did it work the opposite? Has anyone asked themselves this question? I did, and I believe it worked the opposite.
    I feel for the homosexual, because while I lived in it, I met many a gay man who were brought up in “Christian” households, from Baptist, to Pentecostal. And many had varying stories, and many did not have the love of their father’s or their mothers were the “rulers” of the house.
    I proclaim the Love of the Lord to homosexuals, one in particular who died of aids came to know the Lord, and other’s well only the Lord knows the outcome.
    I feel however that the “church” has been at fault, and due to their failure in teaching the sheep how father’s and mothers are to act towards their children, the church is reaping what it sowed. And due to disobedience of not walking in the ways of the Lord, this present day is the outcome, now they want to make up for their lack of love and obedience to the Word, they are compromising that very word.
    These are thoughts from observing through the years, and I am open to comments.

    I should stop now, thank you for the opportunity in commenting, and thank you for this article, it is time that true born-again believers take stock, and see “if” they be walking in the ways of the Lord before they condemn anyone else who is in the world.

    In His Love,

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    1. Cal, Thanks so much for your comments. Yes, I remember the Anita Bryant days very well. Our first pastor promoted a very hateful attitude toward homosexuals. The evangelical church definitely got sidetracked in the days of Bryant and Jerry Falwell and some of that still continues. Several of the most prominent independent Baptist preachers of that period who harangued the loudest about gays were eventually brought down by sexual scandal themselves. Christians need to emphasize to the lost that we are sinners saved by grace with a message of forgiveness, hope, and love through Christ instead of coming across as a bunch of better-than-thou morality police like Bryant and Falwell.

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      1. Amen!
        Falwell had far more deceit hidden behind the scenes than most Christians knew of.
        You can read some of the info on my article how Mainstream Christianity is assisting to prepare the way for the Anti-Christ.
        It is so sad, and sobering to realize some who said they followed Christ were and are not following the One True Christ.
        And our Lord stated in the Last Days many false Christ’s would arise, saying and preaching Christ is here, Christ is there.
        But thank the Living Lord His Word guides us into all Truths, that will protect us against heretics, false teachers, and shepherds dressed as sheep but are actually wolves in disguise.
        Lord bless YOU!

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      2. Thanks, Cal. Yes, one of my favorite “pet peeves” is how Falwell and Co. steered the church toward culture wars and politics rather than spreading the Gospel and I refer to this error quite often. I understand that my viewpoint is jarring for many believers who have been told to “reclaim America for Jesus” from the pulpits for the last fifty years.

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      3. Yes, you have that correct they have steered the “Church” into politics, and that is so unsound doctrinally, that it reeks of One World Church supporting One World Order.
        If you read this you will see how the Masonic influences infiltrated the church, and the web of deceit that is so enmeshed into Mainstream Christian belief-ism it makes one who is a true believer, tremble and the evil that is at present being called “good” and the true Gospel and the full council of God is now labeled “evil” because it is to narrow in practice…….
        The Lord has given me understanding of what is truly going on since the late 90’s.

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      4. Thanks, Cal. I tend to focus on ecumenism led by Rome but it’s clear there are many factors in this drive to a one world government and religion.

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