Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 5/26/18

Is Jesse Duplantis (photo left next to a Dassault Falcon 7X jet) the only big-name prosperity gospeler on TBN who still doesn’t have a private jet? Of course, such flamboyant ostentatiousness doesn’t bother the credulous folks who send in money via their maxed credit cards. Those mansions and jets are proof that they can also live their “best life now” if they only send in their seed money and pray with enough faith.

Pope Francis is guilefully opening the door to intercommunion with Protestants just like he guilefully lifted the ban on communion for remarried divorcees. Conservatives are upset, but Francis knows that slavish devotion to sectarian doctrine limits Catholicism’s ability to retain members and captain the ecumenical and interfaith movements.

Despite Francis’ heterodoxy, conservative prelates like Burke are still reluctant to openly call for schism or rebellion, so they couch their words in carefully coded euphemisms.

Mike Gendron’s warnings about Catholicism and Islam are spiritually sound, but this left-wing virtual rag interprets them as far-right religious wackiness. What a surprise.

I would hazard a guess that C.S. Lewis is quoted more often from American evangelical pulpits than any other modern figure because pastors think that quoting Oxford academicians imparts an air of intellectual superiority. The author of this article rightly points out that Lewis deviated from Biblical orthodoxy on several counts, but is still too tolerant in my opinion. See my “the emperor has no clothes” post on Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” here.

Pope Francis seems to be in good health for an eighty-one-year-old, but for how much longer? In the mean time he’s “stacking the deck” for the next papal election so that a like-minded progressive will carry on his reforms.

I was aware of the “Pope Francis: A Man of His Word” documentary, which was released in theaters on May 18th, but not “Beyond the Sun” starring Francis as himself, which was released on May 15th. My, Francis continues to enhance his celebrity throughout the world (except among Catholic conservatives).

Francis is publicly acknowledging the Catholic church’s plummeting vocations to the priesthood because he’s greasing the skids for future reforms: married priests and female deacons.

Relatively few Catholics could explain their church’s complicated and un-Biblical indulgence system, which allegedly shortens the time a soul has to suffer in un-Biblical Purgatory. Stay tuned for a post on Purgatory next week.

Some people absolutely abhor the “turn around and shake some hands” moment at Sunday service. A few people defiantly take a seat so they don’t have to participate. I rather like the greeting time myself. How about you?

52 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 5/26/18

  1. KEEP SPEAKING TRUTH, TOM! God has given us THE ROCK to stand on! I appreciate Mike Gendron, too! He is VERY SOUND and also loves the people that practice but not the practice itself!

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    1. Elizabeth, than you for the encouragement in the Lord! Yes, praise the Lord for Mike Gendron and all others who reach out to the Catholic lost with the Gospel despite the opposition they face from evangelical “co-workers in Christ.”

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  2. I don’t like the greeting time, but it’s probably a good idea. Maybe not. It all depends on the individual’s personality. It can make some persons feel welcome, but turn the shyer, more introverted away. If it were up to me I’d probably nix it.

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    1. Thanks, Caroline. I’m an introvert myself so I don’t usually go for such “staged” friendliness (e.g., forcing retail shop employees to welcome every customer with a canned greeting is a pet peeve), but I’ve grown to like the greeting at church.

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      1. I thank our Father for your blog Tom. May He continue to Bless your work as you expose the lies of the enemy and replace them with God’s Truth from His Word. May the Lord open the eyes of your readers and set the captives free.

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      2. Thank you very much for the encouragement and prayer, Crissy! I pray for you and your ministry as well that the Lord will continue to use your outreach to bring lost souls the Good News!

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  3. I love greeting, Tom! We don’t have an official thing or anything, but there are about 10 of us who make a complete circuit of the sanctuary every Sunday morning and greet and shake hands with everybody. Even some hugs from some. It’s awesome.

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    1. Thanks, Wally! Yes, I enjoy greeting my brothers and sisters in the Lord! I don’t go to a service to worship the Lord by myself and the greeting emphasizes that it’s corporate worship.

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  4. Wow Mike Gendron being mocked and pointed at by liberals…that must mean he’s doing something right (which he is). I appreciated him some years back willing to be interviewed on our blog.

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    1. Right. It’s no surprise Norman Lear’s folks don’t like Mike Gendron. The sad thing is that the majority of evangelical pastors wouldn’t want him to speak at their churches. Have a good Lord’s day!

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  5. Particularly good round-up this week Tom! Being, like CS Lewis, from Ulster, we have a particular interest in those who challenge the myth of something approaching sainthood which surrounds him. Well done on continuing to highlight his heretical conduct and further puncturing the misplaced faith many have in his writings

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      1. Your welcome. Thank you I know He is with me it just hurts I miss them so much.
        i ask you why is it

        Catholics say they don’t pray to Mary when they do don’t they and why don’t Christians and Catholic read the Council of Trent Canon 9?

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      2. Lord sustain you.

        Thanks for the questions. Catholics are very aware of the Biblical commands against idolatry, so they qualify their worship of Mary by calling it “hyperdulia” veneration as opposed to “latria” worship of God, but the line between veneration of Mary and worship of God is indistinguishable. Catholics who say they don’t pray to Mary aren’t knowledgeable about their own religion. Catholic authorities readily admit that they pray to Mary. What those people mean to say is they don’t worship Mary.

        RE: Council of Trent Canon 9

        Catholics still hold without apology to Canon 9’s declaration that salvation is based on faith (in their sacramental system) and works. They circumvent passages about salvation by grace through faith such as Eph. 2:8-9 with the qualification that “sacramental grace” enables them to obey the Ten Commandments to be able to merit Heaven.

        I am as stymied as anyone by evangelicals who embrace Catholics as Christians even though said Catholics openly admit they believe works are essential to salvation.

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      3. Yes it’s like have Christian forgotten that The Catholic Church damns us We damn them based on what Galatians 1:6-10 says about another Gospel and on and on it goes. What about the millions of Christians that the Catholic Church killed over the centuries most don’t talk about that.

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      4. Like on Fox News they have a Catholic priest on to answer questions. Catholic priests call themselves father Jesus said call no man father except your Father who is in heaven correct?

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      5. Is there any anti Catholic bigotry against them down through history are they correct. I have studied Catholicism that didn’t go over well. Do they have a different Jesus or the same We worship?

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  6. I have heard that verse of scripture read by a “reader” when I was practicing Catholicism, Tom and Bibleguy, and it just doesn’t seem to mean to them what it means to those of us that have had our eyes opened by the Good Lord. Makes me wonder how much I really paid attention to when it just came to hearing the Word of God vs. DOING the sacraments????

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    1. Hey, Elizabeth! Your comment didn’t line up with one of the previous comments, but I’m going to assume you’re referencing Luke 1:47 when Mary rejoices in God as her Savior? I’ve heard Catholics run rings around this verse, saying, yes, Mary also needed God’s grace to “save” her in the sense that it was by God’s grace that she was conceived with no sin and never sinned in her life so she was “saved” in that sense. Jesuit sophistry.

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      1. Yes! That is the scripture I meant! Too many words to justify the cause for me to wrap my brain around! But I get the jist of what they are TRYING to say…


      2. They try to tie Scripture into knots to justify their heresy. Mary would not have needed to bring a purification offering to the Temple in Luke 2 if she was sinless.


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