Pope Francis once again at the center of a maelstrom

I usually try to save news items for the Weekend Roundup, but the two stories below were going viral this afternoon and demanded immediate comment:

All of Chile’s Catholic Bishops Offer to Quit Over Sex Abuse Scandal

During Francis’ visit to Chile this past January, the pope committed an incredible blunder by reacting in anger to victims of priest pedophiles who have gone public and referring to them as “slanderers.” Chilean Catholics are livid over the church hierarchy’s cover-up of abusive priests and the pope’s gaffe added fuel to the fire. The Vatican has been in damage control mode ever since.

Last week, the Chilean bishops were summoned to the Vatican (photo above) and Francis accused them of “failing to investigate complaints of abuse, allowing evidence to be destroyed, and covering up for abusive priests by moving them from place to place.” Francis said the systemic failures had left him “perplexed and ashamed.” On Friday, all 34 of the national bishops offered their resignations, an unprecedented occurrance in the history of Romanism. How many resignations will Francis accept? Stay tuned. The takeaway is that Francis needs to throw some bishops under the bus in an attempt to exonerate himself after his misstep. This pedophile scandal has been dogging the Catholic church for twenty years but is uncorrectable because celibacy both attracts and fosters deviancy. One of the commentators on the Catholic radio show I was listening to today stated that it’s well-known that the Chilean Catholic clergy are rife with homosexuals, but that’s no different than here in the U.S.

In addition to dressing down the bishops, Francis met with some of the victims of the abuse in Chile including the main whistle-blower, Juan Carlos Cruz, a self-professed homosexual.

Pope Francis Reportedly Told a Gay Man ‘God Made You Like This’

It’s reported that Francis told the man: “Look Juan Carlos, the pope loves you this way. God made you like this and he loves you.”

The statement is contrary to official Catholic teaching, which teaches that homosexual inclinations are unnatural and sinful if pursued.

The conservative Catholic pundits I listened to were quick to point out that the statement was only alleged, but given Francis’ radical comments in the past they hedged their bets and added that the pope’s private conversations are not official teaching and are not binding on anyone. For many conservative Catholics, Francis’ papacy can’t end soon enough. LGBTQ organizations are reacting to the pope’s alleged comments with high praise.


18 thoughts on “Pope Francis once again at the center of a maelstrom

      1. Thanks, Jerry. Satan has created a masterful counterfeit which also speaks of “grace,” “faith,” and “Jesus the Savior” but de facto denies all three.

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    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I could hear the distress in the voices of the Catholic radio hosts yesterday. When you follow mere men, you’re house is built on sand. When you follow Jesus Christ, your foundation is unshakeable!!!

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  1. Wow so that’s the context of the pope allegedly privately saying that God is ok with the guy being gay, didn’t know it was one of the victims. Seriously Catholicism these days seems like a reality TV show…

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      1. True, if so much at stake it would me comical but its not; I see it also as God’s judgment since unbelief is always irrational when it is lead to its logical conclusion (in this case, authority of the pope instead of Sola Scriptura).

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      2. Agreed. It’s actually most wonderful to see the claims of the infallibility of the pope and the impossibility of the pope leading the church into doctrinal error being invalidated by Francis.

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